Super Street Fighter IV/Universal Abilities/Quick Stand

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Taking a Stand

Quick Stand, also known as "Quick Rise," is a way to prevent your character from being on the ground at all after being struck by a Known-Down. Anytime you get hit by a Knock-Down, you can cause your character to immediately start getting up off the floor one of two ways: by hitting any two attack buttons right before or right as you hit the floor, or tap Down on the joystick right before or right as you hit the floor.

You actually have a very small window to perform the Quick Stand, but only by a few frames. This means you can actually alter the timing during which you perform a Quick Stand by a couple of frames, though it probably won't make too much of a difference. Also, if you hit the buttons even slightly after you've hit the ground, you can no longer perform the Quick Stand. So it's very easy to mistime a late Quick Stand.

No Quick Rising

There are classes of moves, however, that prevent any possible Quick Stands even though they knock you to the floor. The moves that you cannot perform a Quick Stand are:

  • Throws
  • Command Throws
  • Sweeps
  • Super Combos
  • Ultra Combos
  • Moves that contain a "No Quick Stand" property

Examples of the last option are moves such as Sakura's Sakura Otoshi (all three hits), El Fuerte's Tostada Press (if you are hit while on the ground), M. Bison's EX Head Press, and Ibuki's Raida. Also note that some moves look like Sweeps, but are actually not classified in the game as a Sweep so you can Quick Stand after being hit by them. Dudley's Crouching Hard Kick and Cammy's Razor's Edge Slicer from the Hooligan Combination are two examples.

It is worth noting that, although it's hard to tell, you can actually perform a Quick Stand on a Crumple Stun (see Crumple Stun section in Game Systems).

To Quick Rise or Not to Quick Rise

Some may wonder why you wouldn't do a Quick Stand if you have the option: isn't it always worse to stay laying on the ground for a period of time after being knocked down? The answer really is that many characters actually bank on your performing Quick Stands to take advantage of mix-ups that are perfectly timed against them. For example, Cammy can perform Hooligan Combinations into a Fatal Leg Twister on people who Quick Stand on certain Knock Downs. If you choose to remain on the ground, you can prevent yourself from getting caught by these situations and throw off the Cammy players timing a bit.