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Projectile Property

Many of the past games in Street Fighter history have had moves that are designed to pass through Projectiles. However, in the past games, this was usually done by Hitbox manipulation. Projectiles only hit in a small range and most moves designed to go through Projectiles had the areas at where they could be hit altered so that they avoided that small range.

In Street Fighter IV, however, the developers decided to take a much more direct route. Projectiles are considered their own property and moves are assigned that property in order to be considered a Projectile. Moves like Ryu's Hadoken and Guile's Sonic Boom are obviously given the Projectile property, but other moves like C. Viper's Seismic Hammer, M. Bison's EX Psycho Crusher, Rose's Soul Satellite, and Chun Li's Kikosho are all moves that contain the Projectile property.

Projectile Invincible Moves

Because they now have moves that are tagged with this property, it makes it that much easier for them to tag moves with a counter "Projectile Invincibility" property. This allows moves to be able to pass through Projectiles without having to fiddle with Hitboxes at the risk of affecting how they behave in relation with other attacks.

Examples of moves with the Projectile Invincibility property are Zangief's Double Lariat, Blanka's EX Rolling Attack, T. Hawk's EX Condor Spire, and Rufus's Big Bang Typhoon. These moves will pass through any move considered a Projectile. For example, if Chun Li performs her Ultra II, the Kikosho, Zangief can perform the Double Lariat and slide right through it and hit her. Blanka can just EX Rolling Attack right through it and hit Chun Li. Rose can activate Soul Satellite and if Rufus activates the Big Bang Typhoon, he can just slide right into Rose and the entire time Rose is blocking the Ultra, the Soul Satellites will just spin right through Rufus. And if M. Bison does the normal Psycho Crusher vs. T. Hawk's EX Condor Spire, the characters will trade hits. But if M. Bison does the EX Psycho Crusher, which now has the Projectile Property, T. Hawk will beat M. Bison every time.

It's important to know which moves count as Projectiles and which moves have Projectile Invincibility. Knowing things like the initial dirt spray from Cody's Last Dread Dust Ultra or the first hit from C. Viper's Burst Time Ultra count as Projectiles could help you avoid those moves with your own Projectile Invincible moves.