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Armored Tactics

Focus Attacks aren't the only moves in the game that have the ability to absorb a single hit in Super Street Fighter IV. There are a few other moves that are considered "Armored." The behavior of these Armored Moves are nearly identical to a Focus Attack during the Focus Phase (see Focus Attack in Universal Abilities).

They have the ability to absorb a single hit during the move. For example, if you perform Balrog's EX Dash Straight, which has Armor, you can plow right through something like Ryu's Hadoken or a Crouching Medium Kick from Ken and nail the opponent. Of course, if you get hit by more than one hit, you will be knocked out of your move. When you absorb the attack, you take the damage the move would have given in White Damage instead of regular damage. And Armored Moves lose instantly to Armor Breakers.

Examples of Armored Moves are Balrog's EX Dash Straight, Abel's EX Change of Direction, Zangief's EX Flying Power Bomb, and Gouken's Kongoshin. Some other moves technically have Armor, but have slightly altered behavior. Juri's Kasatushi has all of the behavior of an Armored Move, but she does not take any White Damage or regular damage. Dudley's Cross Counter also behaves like an Armored Move, except he takes the regular damage immediately upon hit instead of taking White Damage. And lastly, El Fuerte's Habanero Dash (both the forward and backward versions) and Guy's EX Run actually have the ability to absorb two hits instead of one.