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Thought to have been killed in the Shaolin Tournament, Sub-Zero mysteriously returns. It is believed he traveled into the Outworld to again attempt to assassinate Shang Tsung. To do so he must fight his way through Shao Kahn's tournament.

Move List Showcase

Move List

Close HP : Quick Strike [Hits high]

Iceball : D, F, LP 0%

Ground Ice : D, B, LK 0%

Slide : B+LP+LK+Block 8%

As almost everyone knows, follow up a jump kick with a slide. Great against the computer, only works against humans if you do a very late LK for your kick, or if they're stupid. Follow a jump kick with a ground freeze occasionally - if they don't expect it, they'll slip (leaving themselves open for an uppercut and slide.) If you freeze someone, don't uppercut. Do a turnaround kick then an immediate ground freeze, then uppercut. Most people will fall for it, but someone who knows will jump away. If they do that, just uppercut next time, or try a turnaround kick then deep freeze. They will jump back into the freeze. Alternate randomly between these and you'll confuse the hell out of most people.


Fatality 1 : (Sweep) F, F, D, HK, (Close) F, D, F, F, HP

Sub-Zero freezes his opponent and shatters them with an uppercut.

Fatality 2 : (Full) Hold LP, B, B, D, F, Release LP

Sub-Zero creates a small iceball and throws it into his opponent's chest. Soon after, their upper body explodes.

Babality : D, B, B, HK

Friendship : B, B, D, HK

"Buy a Sub-Zero doll!"

Pit II/Tomb : D, F, F, Block

The Basics

Pros: -His ice puddle is great for tripping up anyone, especially the AI. It can take you a long way through the roster, especially if you're close enough to the point where the puddle will spawn right under them.

-Shooting his iceball causes him do duck, low enough to hit Scorpion and Smoke if they shoot their hand-spears, as well as Liu Kang if he does a super kick.

-His iceball can thankully freeze Kintaro and Shao Kahn, which will give you a ton of breathing room.

-Johnny Cage's Shadow Kick leaves him right open for a freeze.

-If Rayden does his Flying Thunder God attack, Sub-Zero ducks to the perfect height to freeze him.

Cons: -When shooting the iceball, Sub-Zero can easily be taken out with a well-placed jump-kick, remember to use this on the AI as well.

-The same applies for his ice puddle, because the animation takes so long.

-Jax has an extremely powerful ground-game, and his ground punch will stop Sub-Zero in his tracks.

-Since Johnny Cage's green ball now has an arc, if he's far enough away, it can connect with Sub-Zero before the iceball hits Johnny.

-This attack, like all other projectiles, will go right through Jade if she goes momentarily invincible

Advanced Strategies

Uppercut: Weak

Jump Kick: Good

Roundhouse: Awesome

Sub-Zero is another fighter who lacks high power offense. His Iceball is easily blockable. The Ground Freeze is easily avoidable. You must bait your opponent into jumping towards you then get them, either with the roundhouse or the Ground Freeze. If you do hit your opponent, always do the Ground Freeze underneath them. They will have to jump away in order to avoid slipping on the ice. Sub-Zero is a good close range fighter, with good low jabs. The Slide is still a great move, good for close range fighting and at the end of a combo.


Basic Combos

Jump Kick - Slide

Same as Reptile.

Jump Kick - Ground Freeze - Uppercut - Slide

Jump kick the opponent then perform the groung freeze. If playing a human opponent, kick them below the waist otherwise the ice won't reach them. When they slip, uppercut them and quickly slide into them.

Jump Kick - Iceball

Jump kick them when they are in midair and throw the iceball. Timing is crucial here.

Advanced Combos

1. (mid-screen) aaFreeze, HP, JP, Slide (3 Hits, 25%)
2. (corner) JK, d+LP, d+LP, HP, Slide (5 Hits, 39%)
3. (corner) JK, d+LP, d+LP, LK, Slide (5 Hits, 47%)
4. (corner) aaFreeze, SUJK, d+LP, Uppercut (3 Hits, 48%)
5. (mid-screen) JK, Ground Ice, TAK, Jump Kick (4 Hits, 48%)
6. (near corner) Ground Ice, RH, JK, HP, Slide (5 Hits, 49%)
7. (corner) aaFreeze, SUJK, RH, HK (3 hits, 58%)
8. (near corner) Ground Ice, Uppercut (Land on Ground Ice), JK, Uppercut (4 Hits, 66%)

1. (corner) RH, RH, RH, RH...

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