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After Shang Tsung's tournament the martial arts superstar disappears. He follows Liu Kang into the Outworld. There he will compete in a twisted tournament which holds the balance of earth's existence - as well as a script for another blockbuster movie and rescue Sonya Blade before Jax.

Move List Showcase

Move List

Close HP : Solar Plexus Strike [Hits crouch block]

Shadow Kick : B, F, LK 19%

Shadow Uppercut : B, D, B, HP 17%

Low Blow : LP+Block 20%

High Projectile : F, D, B, HP 12%

Low Projectile : B, D, F, LP 12%

Front Rising Kick : Close LK or HK

You can shadow-kick right after a jump-kick or turnaround-kick. This is probably the easiest combo in the game. The computer will almost always get hit by a properly timed nutcracker, and against the computer, you can follow one with a shadow kick.


Fatality 1 : (Close) F, F, D, U

Cage decapitates his opponent with an uppercut.

Hold D+LP+LK+Block to knock off three heads.

Fatality 2 : (Close) D, D, F, F, LP

Cage rips off his opponent's torso and throws it to the ground.

Babality : B, B, B, HK

Friendship : D, D, D, D, HK

Cage gives an autographed picture.

Pit II/Tomb : D, D, D, HK

The Basics

Pros: -His green energy ball that he lobs flies at an arc, which can knock enemies out of the air if placed right. Notably, it's great against Rayden's Flying Thunder God and Liu Kang's bicycle kick.

-If there was ever a move for a good laugh, it's Johnny's groin punch. It will also stun an enemy for a free hit, just like in the first game!

-Shadow Uppercut is even greater for enemies who feel like jumping out of range of the hreen energy ball.

-The Shadow Kick delivers a fairly swift blow to an opponent to knock them back, also useful if they're part-way in the middle of a jump.

Cons: -The Shadow Kick and Shadow Uppercut can easily be ducked under when exprected and can be punished in a variety of ways, especially an uppercut.

-Because the energy ball has an arc, is can be ducked under and punished if the opponent is too close. You shouldn't find yourself in this situation to often though.

-Don't spam the groin punch, or the game (or human opponent if you're playing with a friend) will have no problem punishing you, as it leaves Johnny wide open.

Advanced Strategies

Uppercut: Awesome

Jump Kick: Good

Roundhouse: Good

Cage is a great close in fighter. He has excellent low jabs, good for punching crouching opponents. Combine that with the Ball Breaker and the Shadow Kick and he is powerful. The Shadow Kick is best used as part of a combo, or for hitting an unsuspecting opponent. Every once in a while the Shadow Kick will be red, and make a crackling sound. This a random occurence and does nothing special. The Shadow Uppercut is good for hitting jumping opponents and using with combos. Be careful, though, it will leave you handing in the air if you miss. The Fireballs are good at long range. Mix the high and low to keep your opponent guessing. The High Fireball can be used to hit jumping opponents. The Ball Breaker. Everyones favorite. Very good against male opponents. It has suprising range and takes off great damage, but if blocked, is easy to retaliate against.


Basic Combos

Jump Kick - Shadow Kick

Jump kick your opponent(below the waist if standing, or kick faster if the opponent is in mid air) and quickly perform the shadow kick.

Jump Kick - Shadow Punch

Jump kick you opponent below the waist and quickly execute the shadow punch. The shadow punch must be done quickly in order for a connection to take place. This is easier if the opponent is in the corner.

Jump Kick - Low Green Ball

Jump kick the opponent and immediately throw the low green ball.

Crotch Punch - Turning Kick - Shadow Kick

Perform the crotch punch. While the opponent is doubled over, quickly perform the turning kick. If the opponent is not blocking the turning kick, you then can shadow kick the opponent(or shadow punch).

Advanced Combos

1. (corner) Rising Kick, JP, LP, Low Fireball (4 Hits, 40%)
2. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, JP, Shadow Kick (4 Hits, 42%)
3. (mid-screen) TAK, JP, Shadow Kick (3 Hits, 45%)
4. (corner) Rising Kick, JK, Shadow Kick (3 Hits, 47%)
5. (corner) aaJP, d+LP, JP, HP, Shadow Uppercut (5 Hits, 49%)
6. (corner) Rising Kick, RH, Shadow Kick (3 Hits, 51%)
7. (corner) JK, d+LP, d+LP, HK, Shadow Kick (5 Hits, 62%)
8. (corner) JK, JP, HP, Shadow Kick, Shadow Kick (5 Hits, 70%)
9. (corner) SUJK, D+LP, D+LP, aaHP, Shadow Kick, Shadow Uppercut (6 Hits, 71%)
10. (against the corner) aaHPx2, JK, Shadow Kick, aaLP, Shadow Kick, Shadow Kick (7 Hits, 91%)
11. (corner) SUJK, D+LP, D+LP, aaHP, Shadow Kick, aaHP, Shadow Kick, Shadow Kick (8 Hits, 97%)
12. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, JP, JP, aaHP, Shadow Kick, Shadow Kick, Shadow Kick (7 Hits, 100%)
13. (corner) SUJK, JP, D+LP, aaLP, Shadow Kick, aaHP, Shadow Kick, Shadow Kick (8 Hits, 100%)

1. Glitch Infinite - Nut Punch Shang Tsung while he is morphing into female ninja (Kitana/Mileena)

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