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As Shang Tsung's personal protector the elusive Reptile lurks in the shadows stopping all those who would do his master harm. His human form is believed to disguise a horrid reptilian creature whose race was thought extinct millions of years ago.

Move List Showcase

Move List

Close HP : Quick Strike [Hits high]

Acid Spit : F, F, HP 10%

Slide : B+LP+LK+Block 8%

Forceball : B, B, HP+LP 10%

Invisibility : U, U, D, HP

  • Repeat the move while invisible to reappear.

After the energy orb, most people uppercut, but you can do more damage by doing two high punches (knocking them in the air) followed by a hop kick and then a slide. If you turn invisible, try just ducking in place. Usually, the opponent will jump at you, letting you roundhouse them out of the air. If they walk up to you, sweep and move back, then begin ducking again. Also, you can jump-kick or slide (or both) if the opponent throws a projectile.


Fatality 1 : (Jump) B, B, D, LP

Reptile removes his mask to reveal a lizard's head. He then lashes his tongue out, catching his opponent's head and pulling it back into his mouth.

Fatality 2 : (Close) F, F, D, HK [You must be invisible]

Reptile disappears. Soon after, his opponents's torso is ripped from their body and falls to the ground as Reptile reappears.

Babality : D, B, B, LP

Friendship : B, B, D, LP

"Buy a Reptile doll!"

Pit II/Tomb : D, F, F, Block

The Basics

Pros: -Reptile can turn invisible, giving you a large upper hand. Fight as you normally would with him this way, you're guaranteed to get blocked and dodged far less.

-Reptile can use the Force Ball to not only deal damage, but to fling the character in his direction so that an easy uppercut can be performed on your opponent.

-Acid spit, like all projectiles, takes priority over Scorpion's hand-spear.

Cons: -Is extremely vulernable after shooting a Force Ball, begging to be hit by a jump kick or Scorpion's hand-spear

-Sometimes the AI feels like being godly and will read your moves, regardless of invisibility.

-Invisible just means you can't be seen, not invincible, so you still have to be careful. make sure to be keen on your own placement or you may lose yourself!

Advanced Strategies

Uppercut: Weak

Jump Kick: Good

Roundhouse: Awesome

Reptile is a finesse fighter. You have to know how to play him to be effective with him. His Acid Spit takes off little damage but can come out very fast and often. It comes out high, which is good against jumpers. The Forceball comes out painfully slow. If the opponent gets hit with the Foreceball, they will get knocked into the air towards you, where you can combo them. An effective move is to do the Foreceball then fire the acid after it. The Slide is still a great move, good for close range fighting and at the end of a combo. Invisibility is his greatest asset, just as long as you keep your opponent guessing as to where you are. Once your are hit, even if it is a blocking hit, the invisibilty wears off. You can reappear by doing the invisibilty move again.


Basic Combos

Jump Kick - Acid Spit

Jump kick your opponent below the waist and perform the acid spit. Begin the two forward motion while you are kicking.

Force Ball - Punch - Punch - Jump Kick - Slide

If the opponent is hit by the force ball, do two punches as they fly into you. Then quickly perform a jump kick into them and then slide.

Jump Kick - Slide

Jump kick the opponent below the waist so you will touch ground first, then slide into them.

Force ball - Uppercut

If the opponent is hit by the forceball, uppercut them as they fly into you.

Advanced Combos

1. (mid-screen) Forceball, RH, Slide (3 Hits, 38%)
2. (mid-screen) Forceball, HP, Forceball, HP, Acid Spit (5 Hits, 43%)
3. (full screen) aaAcid Spit, Forceball, JK, Slide (4 Hits, 44%)
4. (mid-screen) Forceball, RH, HK (3 Hits, 45%)
5. (corner) aaSUJK, HP, Acid Spit, HP, Acid Spit (5 Hits, 52%)
6. (corner) Forceball, JP, JP, HK, Slide (5 Hits, 58%)
7. (corner) Forceball, JP, RH, HK (4 Hits, 60%)
8. (corner) SUJK, aaHP, Forceball, Uppercut (4 Hits, 62%)
9. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, Forceball, aaHP, HK, Slide (5 Hits, 70%)
10. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, Forceball, aaHP, Forceball, aaHP, Forceball, Uppercut (7 Hits, 93%)

1. (corner) RH, RH, RH, RH.... (check lying frames)
2. (foe against the corner) Forceball, aaHP, Forceball, aaHP, Forceball...
3. (mid-screen) aaForceball, aaHP, Forceball, aaHP, Forceball...

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