Street Fighter EX3

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Street Fighter EX3 is a 3D fighting game developed by Akira and released by Capcom in 2000.


Game Mechanics


Throw Escapes

Surprise Blow

Super Combos

Meteor Combos

Meteor Tag Combos


Super Cancel

As the name implies, you can cancel into super moves. You can do this from any normal attack, special attack or super attack so long as you meet the qualifications to perform the super in the first place.

ie if you are Ken and perform a shoryuken, you can supercancel into a shoryu reppa when he is on the ground during the move. If you wait too long and perform it when he is in midair, it won't come out since he can not perform that move in the air.

Momentary Combo

Certain special moves allow you to perform an additional attack by pressing Punch or Kick when the initial attack connects. Each characters Momentary combos will be specified in their sections.


Change or tagging is done by pressing Fierce and Roundhouse at the same time. Your tag bar must be full (says "Stand By"). You can tag/change anytime your on the ground and not commited to a super move. You can cancel on hit specials and normals into tag.

Tagging also gives you some invincibility (good to fend off meaty attacks).

Also after tagging, any button that is held after the tag animation ends will be executed. So say you tag and then press and hold Fierce. upon the tag animation completing you will perform a fierce punch. You can use this to your advanced to perform reversal throws since throws in EX3 have no start up if you are close enough to perform it.

Critical Parade

In tag mode, both of your characters must be alive, tag bar is full and both have at least 2 super bars. When that is achieved you can perform a crtical parade. To execute it press Down then Down Forward then Forward plus Fierce and Roundhouse. Basically a fireball motion with hard punch and kick.

When that is done, the tagged in character will perform a preset super move and your other partner will run it. For about 2-3 seconds you can control both characters and have infinite supers. When it is over the tag partner will run off.

Emotional Flow

When one of your characters gets KO'd in a tag match, your remaining character will take over the KO'd characters Super Gauge. This allows your last character to potentially have a Level 6 Super Gauge.


In Street Fighter EX 3 damage is very consistent. The majority of the time it will not vary due to which strength Punch or Kick you use in a Special or Super move. Most throws(LP+LK) do 35 damage. Surprise Blows(MP+MK) do 17 damage. Certain characters take less damage then others.

  • Characters who take the normal amount of damage:
    • Sagat
    • Jack
    • Shadow Geist
    • Garuda
    • Pullum Purna
    • Kairi
    • Area
    • Vulcano Rosso
    • Doctrine Dark
    • Skullomania
    • Vega
    • Ryu
    • Sakura
    • Hokuto
    • Nanase
    • Guile
    • Chun Li
    • Ken
    • Blanka
    • Dhalsim
    • Sharon
  • Characters who take less damage:
    • M.Bison
    • Darun Mister
    • Zangief

The damage taken by each move will be shown in each characters section. The damage taken by the majority of the characters will be on the left, while the damage taken by the stronger 3 characters will be on the right(ex. 35/32)

Game Versions

  • Playstation 2

The Characters

Hidden Characters