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Samurai Shodown is the first game in the Samurai Shodown series developed by SNK.

Game Mechanics

A = Light Slash

B = Medium Slash

AB = Heavy Slash

C = Light Kick

D = Medium Kick

CD = Heavy Kick

66 = Run

44 = Back Dash

66 Slash or Kick = Dashing Normals (Most of these dash attacks appear to have the same properties as the character specific close normals, but all have awkwardly slow startup for some reason).

4 or 6 B or AB = Slash Throw

4 or 6 D or CD = Kick throw

8 = Neutral Jump

7 = Back Angled Jump

9 = Forward Angled Jump

Blade Catch: (when unarmed) press button of same strength of the opponent’s incoming slash before it strikes.

Dizzy: When you get hit too many times, your character will get dizzy. Wiggle joystick to recover more quickly. some characters are more susceptible to being made dizzy than others.


When the Rage gauge is full, your damage is increased.

Rage gauge is increased when you take damage.

Rage gauge goes back to 0% after certain time period has passed.

This is the only SamSho that has no WFT (Weapon Flipping Technique) when you reach max rage.

Weapon Clash

Weapon clash is initiated when weapon hitboxes collide. Weapons must collide at the same time. Characters enter a state where they push each other, and the one who presses more buttons will cause opponent's weapon to drop. There is also randomness factor. When neither character wins the weapon clash, both characters drop their weapons.

Weapon clash can also occur when both characters run at each other. In this case, if character was unarmed, he performs the weapon grab technique on opponent. If both characters were unarmed, both are pushed back and they take minimum damage.

Weapon clash can't occur when timer is 9 seconds or under.

Weapons take damage when they exchange hits, and they can be broken.

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

on this iteration of SamSho, you can’t jump while running

Tier List

Game Versions

The Characters