Samurai Shodown/Earthquake

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Fat Buster

4 or 6 Medium Slash or Medium Kick

Go to Heaven

4 or 6 Light Kick + Medium Kick

Command Normals

Sankaku Tobi (AKA Wall Jump)

(In Air, Near Corner) 6 or 9

Special Moves

Fat Bound

(In Air) *Mash* 2 Kick. Earthquake bounces off his ass.

  • On this iteration, regardless of strength of kick, Earthquake will always bounce 4 times and stay in place, the stronger the kick, the slower the repetition of his bounces are.

Fat Chainsaw

Mash Slash. Earthquake teleports in place then rolls into a ball.

  • From Light slash to Heavy slash, each version travels further than the other and has more hits on block.

Additional Notes

on this iteration, Earthquake cannot be thrown.

The Basics

Advanced Strategies