Samurai Shodown/Jubei Yagyu

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Special Moves

Kattotsu Suigetsutou

236 Slash. Jubei's projectile.

  • From A version to AB version, each version traverses the screen slightly more quickly than the other.

Nikkaku Ratou

623 A, B, or AB. Jubei yells “Ikuzo” then charges forward and does a skyward slash.

  • On this iteration, Jubei will always charge towards the other end of the screen, regardless of the strength of the slash, and still do his rising slash part of the special, even on whiff.


6 Mash A, B, or AB. Jubei does a barrage of thrusts with his swords.

  • From A version to AB version, each one stay active longer than the other.
  • Despite appearances, this special of Jubei's has a deceptively long startup and is completely harmless until his swords start making noise.

The Basics

Advanced Strategies