Street Fighter EX3/Pullum Purna

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Moves List

Normal Moves


Odin's Fate

  • LP+LK

Neck Factor

  • Back + LP+LK

Dance Wind

  • (In Air)Down + MP or HP

Command Moves

Alacer Ankle

  • MP+MK

Alacer Wrist

  • Forward + MP

Alacer Wrist

  • (In Air)Down + MP

Reverse Ankle

  • (In Air)Back + MK

Special Moves

Drill Purrus

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick
    • Can be performed mid-air

Pullum Kick

  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Kick

Ten'el Kick

  • Quarter Circle Back + Kick

Femina Wind

  • (In Air)Quarter Circle Back + Punch

Super Move

Praec Larum

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + Kick

Res Arcana

  • Double Quarter Circe Forward + Kick

Kind Wind

  • (In Air)Double Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

Meteor Combo

Gradus Par

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + All three Punches

Meteor Tag Combo

With Darun

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + All three Punches

The Basics

Advanced Strategy