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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, released in 2005, is SNK-Playmore's counterpart to Capcom's Capcom Fighting Evolution. Boasting a massive roster of over forty characters, SNK combined numerous fighters from their various fighting universes (and even some new characters and non-fighting game characters), making NeoGeo Battle Coliseum the super-clash that SNK fans have been waiting for. Featuring a unique tag-team gameplay system and a special timer that takes the place of the traditional "ladder", Battle Coliseum is a refreshing fighting game in a time where SNK-Playmore seemed to be running out of ideas.

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Basic Commands

Move Name Command
Taunt Press Start
Frontstep/Dash Press forward, forward (hold forward to run)
Backstep Press back, back
Super Jump Press down-back/down/down-forward, up-back/up/up-forward
Just Defend Block the opponent's attack at the last possible moment
Fallbreaker Press AB when knocked down
Throw Escape Press CD when grabbed
Tactical Step Press AB (requires half of a stock)
AC Tactical Step Press AB during normal attack (requires 1 stock)
Guard Cancel Front Step Press forward, forward during block (requires half of a stock)
Just Defense Front Step Press forward, forward during Just Defend (requires a quarter of a stock)
Tag-Out Press E
Double Assault QCF+E*
Guard Cancel Tag Attack Press E during block (requires 1 stock)

*The message "D-Assault OK" must appear above your stock gauge before you can activate a D-Assault.

Game Mechanics

Ultimate Juggles

These specific moves allow you to juggle the opponent at any point their feet are off the ground, be it from a reset situation, a two-in-one anti-air, a sweep, etc. Not all characters have an Ultimate Juggle.

Below is the list of characters and their Ultimate Juggle move (if applicable):

Character Move
Ai Last Resort
Akari None
Asura C, Rojeref (Belphegor), B Natas (Satan)
Athena None
Cyber Woo Laser Gattling
Fuuma None
Geese Howard None
Genjuro Kibagami None
Goodman None
Hanzou A Kouryu Ha, A Iga Ninja Okugi Banten Senkoujin
Haohmaru Ougi Shippu Kogetsu Zan
Hotaru Futaba Soushou Tenrenge (2nd turn)
Iori Yagami A 100 Shiki: Oniyaki
Jin Chonrei None
Jin Chonshu Tenji Ken
K' Minute Spike (aerial)
Kaede None
Keiichiro Washizuka None
Kim Kaphwan Kuu Sajin, Hou'ou Kyaku [air]
Kisarah Westfield Snapping Stamp Kick, Hearty Brandisher Type A, Jealousy Bomber
Kyo Kusanagi A 100 Shiki: Oniyaki
Lee Pai Long Shinkuu Kuuten Tsume
Mai Shiranui Kuuchuu Gekka Botan
Marco Rossi Metal Slug Attack, Metal Slug Back Attack
Mars People Tungus Incident
Mizuchi Kaijo, Katakenawa
Moriya Minakata Kassatsu Izayoi Gekka
Mr. Big None
Mr. Karate None
Mudman None
Nakoruru None
Neo DIO None
Robert Garcia Ura Ken, Kuzuryu Sen
Rock Howard: None
Shermie: Thunder Leg Lariat
Shiki Meika
Shishioh None
Terry Bogard B Power Dunk (2nd hit)
Tung Fu Rue Ressen Kyaku EX
Yuki Beast Buster (power up), Submarine Screw (power up), Lightning Fist (power up)

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Tier List

Please note this tier list may not be up-to-date.

God Tier/Banned:

S Class:
Mr. Big, Kim, Hotaru

A Class:
Marco, Iori, Robert, Lee, Haohmaru, Mizuchi, Hanzo, Kyo.

B Class:
Mai, Fuma, Shiki, Kaede, Moriya, Washizuka.

C Class:
Tung, "Master" Athena, K', Shermie, Mr. Karate, Neo Dio, "Master" Tung, Cyber Woo, Shishioh, Terry, Akari

D Class:
Rock, Geese, Mudman, Asura, Mars People (and Rising), Chonrei, Ai (and Rising)

E Class:
Yuki, Chonshu, Nakoruru, Genjyuro

Game Versions

The Characters


Final Boss