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Released in arcades in 2004, Capcom Fighting Evolution is Capcom's latest 2D fighting game. With a roster of over 20 characters, Capcom has combined various characters from a variety of their fighting games to create a "dream match" game. Evolution introduces a unique team system where the player gets to choose which fighter they want to use in the next round out of their team of two. The individual characters each represent one of five styles and they all come equipped with unique abilities (so the characters representing Street Fighter II use single-stock super bars whereas the Street Fighter III characters use a two-stock Art bar and have the ability to parry).
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Game Mechanics

Street Fighter 2

Tactical Recovery

  • To perform a Tactical Recovery, hold 2 punches while grounded. Tactical Recovery allows you to delay your characters automatic wake up. It is great for confusing characters who are trying to perform cross-ups,as it completely changes the timing. It also allows you to avoid meaty attacks on wake up and can increase your chances of performing a successful reversal.

Rapid Fire Chains

  • You can chain two or more light attacks together until your opponent is out of range. You can do them in any combination, such as LP>LK, or LK>LK>LP, Crouching LP>Standing LK, etc.
    • In Capcom Fighting Evolution you cannot chain Rapid Fire attacks into special or super moves. To get around this you must switch between high and low attacks or between LP and LK attacks
      • Example:(With M.Bison)Crouching LP, Crouching LP, Crouching LK > LK Double Knee Press

Super Meter

  • The Super Turbo-style meter system is back,though it has a few changes. The meter will carry over from match to match, and each character has two super moves(as opposed to one like Super Turbo).

Street Fighter 3

Super Jump

  • Tap Down then Up-Back, Up, or Up-Forward. This increases your jump distance by quite a bit. Great for cross up and punishment situations from across the screen.


  • Tap Forward, Forward or Back, Back quickly. Great for changing position quickly. Also great for applying pressure after a knockdown. All four Street Fighter 3 characters dash forward and back at different speeds.

Quick Standing

  • Tap Down just as you reach the ground after a knockdown. Causes you to roll backwards just after you hit the ground. Good for avoiding wake up attacks. Be careful in the corner though, as Quick Standing's recovery is vulnerable to attack.

Universal Overhead

  • By pressing MP+MK you will perform an overhead attack that must be blocked high. They have a very short hit stun. Universal Overheads work best when performed as a meaty attack.


  • To parry high attacks press Forward just before the attack hits, to parry low attacks press Down just before the attack hits, and to parry in the air press Forward just before the attack hits. You can parry any attack that isn't a throw. After parrying an attack you leave your opponent sort of frozen for a bit, giving you a pretty hefty frame advantage to counterattack.

EX Special Attacks

  • To perform an EX Special Attack you must press two of the attack buttons(punch or kick) as opposed to one. It takes roughly half one bar of your super meter to perform. An EX move usually adds an extra hit or two to the regular, or does more damage. Not even attack has an EX counterpart. The EX attacks will be listed in each character's section
    • Example:(With Urien)
      • Metallic Sphere:Quarter Circle Forward + Punch
      • EX Metallic Sphere:Quarter Circle Forward + Two Punches

Super Meter

  • In Capcom Fighting Evolution all four Street Fighter Three characters always have access to all of their super moves. Each characters gets two stocks of meter. Each super move takes on stock of meter to perform. This allows combos and options that weren't available in Street Fighter Three(such as Urien being able to finish an Aegis Reflector combo with a super).

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ES Moves

Chain Combos

Guard Cancel

Follow-Up Attacks


Front/Back Move Rising

Street Fighter Alpha

Aerial Guard


Alpha Counter

Custom Combos

Red Earth

Aerial Guard

Super Jump

Roll Wake-Up


Follow Up Attack

Ultimate Guard

Ultimate Counter

Gem Super Meter System

Capcom Fighting Evolution/Ingrid

Roll Wake-Up


Guard Cancel

Super Jump

Mid-Air Counter

Wrap Around

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Tier List

NOTE: This is an actual match-up chart, which is just going to list the characters by number of favorable matches under Win/Lose/Draw taken from Psychochronic's Capcom Fighting Evolution Breakdown FAQ located at Gamefaqs. Does not include Pyron and Shin Akuma.

1) Leo: 15-1-4

2) Anakaris: 15-4-1

3) Urien: 13-5-2

4) Jedah: 12-2-6

5) Karin: 12-5-3

6) Demitri: 12-6-2

7) Hauzer: 12-8-0

8) Kenji: 10-4-6

9) Rose: 10-6-4

10) Alex: 9-5-6

11) Guy: 8-7-5

12) M. Bison: 8-8-4

13) Guile: 8-10-2

14) Ryu: 7-9-4

15) Ingrid: 7-10-3

16) Chun-Li: 6-9-5

17) Zangief: 5-10-5

18) Yun: 4-14-4

19) Sakura: 2-14-6

20) Hydron: 2-15-3

21) Felicia: 2-17-1

Game Versions

  • Arcade (System 246)
  • Playstation 2
  • Xbox

The Characters

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter III


Red Earth/Warzard

Hidden/Boss Characters

  • Ingrid
  • Pyron (Boss, banned)
  • Shin Akuma (Boss, banned)