Mortal Kombat 3

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MK3 introduced a sixth button,the "Run" one, accompanied by a "Run" meter, allowing the character to run.

Also new finishing moves as Animality with a Mercy and they are exclusive for the third and last round, along with the Khain Kombos and Kombat Kodes for Versus Mode.

However, due to the lack of popularity because ninjas abscence and lots of inifinite combos (Sub Zero and Shang Tsung mainly) and glitches, they decide to make a revision a year later (and the best for eSports): Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 .


F = Forward
B = Back
D = Down
U = Up
LP = Low Punch
LK = Low Kick
HP = High Punch
HK = High Kick
BL = Block
R = Run
JK = Jump Kick
JP = Jump Punch
SHK = Standing HK
SLK = Standing LK
RH = Roundhouse
aa = Anti Air
TP = Teleport Punch
Inf = Infinite
otg = Off/on the Ground
gc = Glitch cancel


The Characters


  • Kabal: Former Black Dragon mercenary grievously wounded in Shao Kahn's invasion
  • Nightwolf: Shaman and warrior defending Earthrealm under Raiden's guidance
  • Sindel: Kitana's mother resurrected and brainwashed into serving Shao Kahn
  • Stryker: An average police officer suddenly caught in the middle of the invasion
  • Sektor: Cyborg ninja prototype and loyalist to the Lin Kuei
  • Cyrax: Sektor's subordinate in the Lin Kuei tasked with hunting down Sub-Zero
  • Sheeva: Devoted Shokan warrior assigned as a bodyguard to Queen Sindel


  • Liu Kang: Two time Mortal Kombat Champion and prime target of Shao Kahn's extermination squads
  • Kung Lao: Liu Kang's pacifistic best friend rejoining the defense of Earthrealm
  • Kano: Black Dragon leader now serving as a weapons dealer for Outworld's armies
  • Unmasked Sub-Zero: Shamed of his clan he became unmasked and hunted down by the cyborg ninjas
  • Shang Tsung: Shao Kahn's second in command given yet another chance to make up for his failures
  • Jax: Jackson Briggs, Sonya's commanding officer now augmented with cybernetic arms
  • Sonya: Special Forces officer returning to battle after she and Kano escape from Outworld imprisonment


  • Robo Smoke: Sub Zero's brother in arms unwillingly converted into a cyborg ninja


  • Motaro: Leader of the Centaurian race and general in charge of Shao Kahn's extermination squads
  • Shao Kahn: Emperor of Outworld forced into taking a more direct approach in his conquest of Earthrealm

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Tier List

1. Sub-Zero

2. Kabal

3. Jax

4. Kano

5. Nightwolf

6. Smoke

7. Sindel

8. Sonya

9. Cyrax (no dp for throw and bombs allowed while net is visible!)

10. Kung Lao

11. Liu Kang

12. Stryker

13. Sektor (or 14)

14. Shang Tsung (or 13, corner inf!)

15. Sheeva


Kabal's Wrong Sweep Frame Glitch

If Kabal is swept, and that sweep is the last attack; meaning you KO Kabal with a sweep, he will lie on the ground in the wrong frame. If you sweep him without winning, he lies down normally.

No Shadows

In the Kombat Temple background when you jump your shadow disappears behind the second background layer.

Reset Machine

In version 2.0, choose Kabal and when it says "Finish Him!" perform his Animality without Mercy (Hold HP, F, F, D, F, release HP). This will reset the game. In the next version (2.1) this glitch has been taken out. Free Game

There is a bug in the program that will give you a free game. You must hit the start button during the cast of characters when Kano and Kabal just touch the ground...and the machine must be one of the first 2.0 versions (NOTE: This glitch may affect the programming of the game.) (NOTE: This glitch has been taken out in Revision 2.1) Smoke's Glitch

1. If you can defeat Smoke by letting the time run out, you will fight Kano on that same stage. 2. Try perform some of Smoke's finishing moves while he is invisible.

Note: This glitch works on Sega Genesis too. Cyrax' Glitch

If you throw a net just after Cyrax does his helicopter slice fatality, the opponent will reform and you can pummel him, or perform a stage fatality. (NOTE: This glitch was taken out in Revision 2.1) Mercy Bugs

1. Just throw a grenade with Cyrax while performing mercy and see what happens. 2. Release a regular missile when playing as Sektor and perform Mercy. 3. Hold Low Kick, if you play with Liu Kang, Jax or Kano, while doing Mercy and release it. 4. Perform Sheeva's Teleport Stomp.

Note: This glitch works on SNES, Sega Genesis, PlayStation and PC too. Sektor's Fatality Glitches

1. Throw rocket with Sektor and at last moment perform his dead press fatality. The victim will move away from the crush hit by the rocket, and crush will smash him without touch him.

Note: This glitch works on SNES, Sega Genesis, PlayStation and PC too.

2. Play Sektor vs Sektor in 2 player games, and while before you win, let the other Sektor throw a regular missile. Then kill him and while the rocket is flying over perform crash fatality. The screen goes black but you'll be hit by the rocket and you can still do moves or stage fatalities.

Note: This glitch works on SNES, Sega Genesis, PlayStation and PC too. Buggy Sprites

When Kung Lao runs, if you take a closer look you will notice a small arrow next to his hand. The same can be seen when you hit Jax and make him stagger back or when Stryker do Baton Throw. Obviously someone forgot to remove them :)

Where Is The Hat

1. Perform Kung Lao's Hat throw Fatality on very close distance. Try (Hold BL, F, F, B, D, release BL, HP). He will throw his hat but it will disappear.

Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis and SNES.

2. Sometimes performing (1) on Cyrax or Sektor will make them freeze not in the frame above, but in a different one (looks blue for Sega Genesis).

Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis. Nightwolf Fatality Glitch

Perform Nightwolf Light fatality on Cyrax, Smoke or Sektor, when in the corner and see what will left oft from the cyber ninja.

Run Through Me

Choose Liu Kang as your opponent. Sweep him and immediately run. You will be able to run through his body.

Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis, SNES, PC and PlayStation. Stage Fatality Bugs

1. Spin with Kabal the opponent when it says "Finish Him/Her" and perform Stage Fatality while the opponent is still spinning. This will count as a Fatality but you will just uppercut the victim.

2. On the "The Pit III" stage, play with Shang Tsung. As it says "Finish Him/Her" do Ground Eruption and quickly perform the Stage Fatality.

Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis, SNES and PlayStation. Wrong Damage

Performed during "Finish Him/Her" Jax's or Shang Tsung's fireballs result in really high damage. Jax's fireballs sometimes will take up to 74%. Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis, SNES, PC and PlayStation. Backside Sweep

Sometimes when your opponent jumps over you, you will still be able to sweep him, no matter that you will do the sweep facing the wrong direction.

Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis, SNES, PC and PlayStation.

Smoke's Invisible Glitch

Choose Smoke and a character who can throw in the air (Kano for example). If Smoke is thrown in the air, while invisible he will not appear as it is supposed to be. You can also perform Finishing Moves on him, while he is invisible. Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis, SNES, PC and PlayStation. Kung Lao's Background Move

This is really a very rare glitch. The conditions needed for it's performing are not completely clear yet. Sometimes, when you perform Kung Lao's Hat Throw fatality in the corner, the camera will simply move and put you in the middle. Late Animality Glitches

If you perform a late Animality, aka in the last moment but with your opponent already ded, there are two glitches that happen sometimes:

1. The Animal will not perform the move.

Kombat Kodes