Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Ken

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Ooooo baby. EXA Ken came to party. Easily the coolest shoto in Street Fighter EX.

Ostensibly honest... Ken mixes you senseless with his iconic commando roll, chucks plasma uncomfortably close, and anti airs you for 40%. In a spinoff series that's become so oppressive over time, Ken boldy plays the same cards he always has. I love him for that.

Press HP to select Banana Ken!

The Basics

In a roundabout way, every change Arika made to the core Street Fighter formula in their EX series buffed Ken.

  • Fireballs are nerfed, giving Ken more leeway to contest space with his disjointed normals. 5HK rules.
  • Kara cancel windows are huge, and DPs will never trade. Ken gets more mileage out of "random" Shoryus than anybody else. 2HK~LP DP kara is ridiculous.
  • DHCs put him over the top: Shoryuureppa is one of the best hit confirms in the game, and is a very easy DHC to Shinryuken. Most two bar combos put Ken's opponents in a guess for game situation.
  • Guard Break is fast and can beat ireppa (upbacking). Ken gets consistent reward off even high GB launches. Air throw, Kara 2HK~214HP is easy, free, and resets to neutral at the corner.
  • He's got baller colors.

Moves List

Normals Moves

Seoi Nage When close, b / f + MP / HP

Jigoku Guruma When close, b / f + MK / HK

Jigoku Fuusha In air, any direction but u + MP / HP

Special Moves

Hadou Ken qcf + P

Shouryuu Ken f,d,df + P

Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku qcb + K (perform 4 times)

Zenpou Tenshin qcb + P

Super Moves

Shouryuu Reppa qcf,d,df + P

Shinryuu Ken qcf,d,df + K, tap P / K / dir. rapidly

Advanced Strategy