Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Guile

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When Guile gets Counter Hit out of his Guard Break, he's thrown off axis for an entire combo and eats a free unblockable meaty.

Guard Break is his only mixup. Great character.

Moves List

Normals Moves

Judo Throw When close, b / f + MP / HP

Dragon Suplex When close, b / f + MK / HK

Flying Buster Drop In air, any direction but u + MP / HP

Special Moves

Sonic Boom                     Charge b,f + P
Somersault Kick                Charge d,u + P
Heavy Stab Kick                b / f + HK
Rolling Sobat                  b / f + MK
Spinning Back Knuckle          f + HP

Super Moves

Opening Gambit                 Charge b,f,b,f + P
Double Somersault Kick         Charge db,df,db,uf + K

The Basics

It's Guile.

Despite having the fastest projectile recovery in the game, EXA Guile doesn't typically zone his opponents from fullscreen. Consider SFEX Fireballs an augment to the footsie game instead.

Kara 2LK Sonic Boom is very good.

Advanced Strategy

 1  Sonic Boom
 2  Somersault Kick
 3  Opening Gambit
 4  Double Somersault Kick
 5  Flying Buster Drop
 6  j HP, c HK
 7  c LP, c LP, Sonic Boom
 8  j HP, c MP, Somersault Kick
 9  j HP, c LP, Sonic Boom, Opening Gambit
10  j HP, c MP, c LK, Somersault Kick
11  Sonic Boom, Opening Gambit, Double Somersault Kick
12  Sonic Boom, Double Somersault Kick
13  Somersault Kick, Double Somersault Kick
14  j MK, c MP, c LK, Somersault Kick, Double Somersault Kick
15  j MK, s LK, Sonic Boom, c MK, Opening Gambit
16  Double Somersault Kick, Opening Gambit