Fighting Layer/HUD

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1 - Health Bar: The health bar for your character. If it completely drains your character loses the round.

2 - Timer: The timer for each round. It starts at 99 seconds. When it runs out the character with the most health wins the match. If both characters have equal health then the round ends in a draw.

3 - Win Counter / Score: In VS mode the amount of wins the leader has is displayed. If played in Arcade mode it shows the score of the player.

4 - Combo Display: A display that's acts as the combo counter. It also displays various other messages.

5 - Barrage Gauge: Also known as a super meter for other games. You can store up to 3 super stocks.

6 - Round Counter: Displays how you won the previous round.

7 - Super Illusion: A dragon icon that lets you know if you have a Super Illusion available. Its gold if its ready to use, and grey if not.

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