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Note: This wiki is out of date. Please visit the Mizuumi page for Cyberbots instead


Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness is an arcade game produced by Capcom in 1994 where the pilots fight each other using mechs. The mecha in this game are a mix of the mecha parts used in the scrolling fighter Armored Warriors. It was ported to the Sega Saturn and the Sony PlayStation. In the game the player first chooses the pilot and then a Variant Armor (VA for short) they'll use to fight. The mecha determine the mechanics of the game, but the pilot is what determines the storyline the player will see.


Near the end of the 21st century Earth begins to become over populated leading to many people living in man made space colonies. The primary army of Earth, "Earth Force", has been conducting experiments and their work, along with the actions of the playable characters will determine the future of Earth.

Variant Armors

Variant Armors are the mechs you play as, categorized into four main types as well as boss types.

CB Riotsmall.png CB Swordsmansmall.png CB Blodiasmall.png
Cyberbots/Blodia-type ModelsCyberbots/Reptos-type ModelsType blodia reptos.PNG
CB Fordysmall.png CB Tarantulasmall.png CB Killerbeesmall.png
CB Jackalsmall.png CB Lightningsmall.png CB Reptossmall.png
Cyberbots/Fordy-type ModelsCyberbots/Guldin-type ModelsType fordy guldin.PNG
CB Guldinsmall.png CB Visesmall.png CB Cyclonesmall.png
CB emptysmall.png CB Gaitssmall.png CB Super8small.png
Cyberbots/Boss ModelsCyberbots/Boss Models#G13-EX Zero Gouki (Console Exclusive)Zerogoukismall.png
CB Warlocksmall.png CB Helionsmall.png CB emptysmall.png


Although a pilot is selected at the beginning of each round, they have no bearing on actual gameplay.

Getting Started

System Data


Unlocking Bosses

Arcade Version

To select one of the four boss VAs, enter one of the following codes after you select a VA but before the versus screen.
(Note that left and right are reversed if inputting a code as Player 2.)

P-10033 Gaits: L, H, B, W, L, B
UVA-02 Helion: ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, B
S-008 Super 8: ↑, →, ↓, ←, ↑, → + L, ↑, ←, ↓, → + H
X-0 Warlock: ←, L, ↑, H, →, B, ↓, W

Home Version

Unlike the arcade versions, the boss VAs can be unlocked for permanent use after meeting certian requirements. Each VA must be unlocked in this order:

P-10033 Gaits: Beat the game as Chiyomaru & Tessan on Difficulty between 4-8
UVA-02 Helion: Beat the game as Shade on a difficulty between 4-8
S-008 Super 8: Beat the game as Devilot on a difficulty between 4-8
X-0 Warlock: Complete the game with Gaits, Helion & Super-8 on a difficulty between 4-8
Zero Gouki: Beat the game with anyone without using a continue on a difficulty between 4-8