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What kind of game is Asura Buster?

The game tends well mobile playstyles, with fast, actionable dashes, cancelable air normals, air blocking and character-specific mobility options. Stray hits deal a lot of damage, but there are a lot of ways to extend combos and go into more complex routes, oftentimes involving tight rejumps and good recognition of your position on screen.

Meter management is an important part of the game, as you can spend it for powerful EX moves, keep it for the right moment to use a super or enter Boost Mode, or hold on to it to be able to tech out of air combos. Since you can only gain meter with the passing of time or when getting hit, timely usage of your resources is very important.

The game has an unconventional combo system and neutral game, sometimes offering a glimpse into the future of fighting games with mechanics and ideas not seen in major titles until much later.

How do most people play this game?

Asura Buster is primarily played through Fightcade 2. Fightcade is a matchmaking platform for retro gaming, bundled with different emulators for seamless online play featuring rollback. Fightcade can be downloaded for free from the official Fightcade site.

How do I access training mode?

Fightcade now possesses an integrated Training mode for a lot of games, including Asura Buster. Press the "Training" button to get infinite health, meter, and time, plus more training tools, like the ability to display inputs, damage, and a combo counter or to record a dummy to practice specific interactions.

If you are not using Fightcade, the training mode can still be downloaded on GitHub.

Are there any other resources for this game?

Which characters are good for beginners?

  • Yashaou and Sittara are archetypal shoto characters, with versatile moves, anti-air reversals and a good projectile game.
  • Goat and Zinsuke have simple but effective tools as big button characters, with Goat threatening with strong, beefy normals and Zinsuke threatening a lot of space with his trademark special moves.
  • Rose Mary, Alice and Alice! carry the zoner playstyle. Alice relies on a skeleton Puppet and stationary bombs to control space and set up advantageous situations, while Rose and Alice! are mobile, projectile based zoners with good buttons.
  • Leon is a defensive charge character.
  • Nanami transforms into the opponent's character, essentially always playing mirror matches.
  • Rokurouta, Chen-Mao, Zam-B and Taros are all rushdowns with vastly different gameplans and tools.

Regular Alice is usually not recommended for new players, as she doesn't get to use a lot of the game's systems the same way other characters get to and can make learning the game harder.

How can I play as Alice! or Nanami?

Alice! and Nanami are secret characters, to unlock them you can either play for one match, or highlight, then press start on :

  • Alice!: Yashaou > Goat > Rose Mary > Taros > Zam-B
  • Nanami: Sittara > Leon > Alice > Chen-Mao > Zinsuke > Rokurouta

If using the training mode script, both of them should be unlocked by default.

What does the tier list look like?

Community tier list as of December 2022

S tier
1. Yashaou (1.13)
2. Alice! (2.50)
2. Rose Mary (2.50)

A tier
4. Alice (5.75)
5. Zinsuke (6.13)
6. Zam-B (6.38)
7. Sittara (6.50)
8. Taros (6.63)

B tier
9. Goat (8.88)
10. Rokurouta (9.38)

C tier
11. Chen-Mao (11.00)
12. Leon (11.50)

What are my defensive options? How do I get offensive pressure established?

This page can help clear confusion about unresponsive offense or lacking defense. If you have more questions, ask around in the Discord!

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