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In gaming, a tier list is a list that ranks all characters in order of their potential to win under tournament/competitive conditions, assuming equal skill on the part of each player. A tier list is decided based on the analysis of the following:

  • The metagame and the effectiveness of the characters' strategies
  • Each character's moveset and statistics
  • Each character's matchup spread
  • Each character's competitive results

Anarchy Reigns characters are rated from highest to lowest, in the order of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.


The Japanese tier list is based on the metagame of the Japanese version of the game which mainly includes character results in games. These modes include Team Battle and region exclusive Battle Royale which are the main modes played in the Japanese version of the game. Character move sets, frames and matchups are analyzed in Cage Match. Altambra Central Square, The Dive, Hong Long Downtown and Oil Rig are the main stages played on. The Japanese tier list has seen a few changes since its release, during 2012 the only character to dominately hold the spot as Platinum tier has been Fei Rin, during the following year this was changed for Zero who took the top spot for his above average stats as well as his effective Double Killer Weapon Heavy attack online however Fei Rin remained a player favorite for most of the players in Japan and has kept steady results. Baron has also seen an increase due to his One-Hit K.O Killer Weapon glitch against players with low connections, Baron has become a most used character for Japanese players when playing against foreigners (along with Fei Rin, Ai Rin and Bayonetta) for exploiting this glitch. Most heavy characters remained low with the exception of Garuda and Gargoyle. Douglas saw an increase from top Bronze to Silver thanks to his offense, defense and his ability to handle most of all class characters as well as a buff he gets from sprinter originally discovered by North American players. Rin Rin is the only Rin sister who has dropped from upper to lower Silver in 2013 due to her less effective tatictics, poorer results in comparison to her sisters and weak matchups against most of the cast. Mathilda, Jack, Nikolai have remained at the bottom due to their lack of overall results in the Japanese community.

The North American tier list is based on character capabilities and the tools at their disposal. Characters are evaluated based on their movesets compared to others and how effective they seem in gameplay. The main modes played are Team Deathmatch, Tag Battle, Team Battle and Capture the Flag. Stages include Altambra Central Square, The Dive, Oil Rig(With the exclusion of Team Battle due to potentially excessive camping), Oinkie's Casino, Chaodansi Temple Street and Hong Long Downtown. The North American tier list has remained roughly the same since its release, the only characters to be promoted were heavier set characters thanks to the discovery of twitch cancelling, however Big Bull has remained lower than most of the heavy class characters despite his much needed buff from Lean Extender. Fei Rin, Rin Rin and Ai Rin have been demoted from Platinum to Gold due to the rapid skill progression of Zero over the years however they remain among the unmatched top tier for American players due to their 360 attack, Killer Weapons and Anti Air capabilities, despite every character having the ability to anti air now therefore placing it in the metagame. Bayonetta has seen a demotion as well but remains in the higher class thanks to her great crowd control. Her poor 360 and bad matchups have caused her slight downfall from Gold to Silver.

Current Japanese and North American Tier List(Left Japan, right North America)

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Platinum Gold Silver Bronze