Anarchy Reigns

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Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan) is an online 3D beat 'em up developed by Platinum Games, published by SEGA.

Systems: Playstation 3, XBox 360 (Region Free for both)


Basic Strategy & Glossary

Advance Strategy


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Unlock characters in Campaign or ranking up in Multiplayer.

Available from start: Jack Cayman, Blacker Baron, Mathilda, Leo, Nikolai, Sasha

Unlocking via Campaign:

Black Side Unlocks:

  • Stage 1: Big Bull
  • Stage 2:
  • Stage 3: Rin Rin (Main Mission 1), Zero
  • Stage 4: Max

White Side Unlocks:

  • Stage 1: Durga (Main Mission 1), Garuda (Main Mission 3)
  • Stage 2: Oinkie
  • Stage 3: Fei Rin, Ai Rin
  • Stage 4: Douglas (Main Mission 2)

Gargoyle is unlocked by completing Story Mode as each side (starting as each side).

Unlocking via Ranking:

  • Durga - Rank 2
  • Garuda - Rank 4
  • Oinkie - Rank 6
  • Douglas - Rank 8
  • Zero - Rank 10
  • Bull - Rank 12
  • Rin Rin - Rank 14
  • Fei Rin - Rank 16
  • Ai Rin - Rank 18
  • Max - Rank 20
  • Gargoyle - Rank 22

Tier list

There are two versions of the tier list for Anarchy Reigns, the North American and Japanese versions. It is unclear if there is a European version or if it's the same as the North American one.


Unlock abilities in Campaign and ranking up in Multiplayer. You can see how to unlock abilities in-game by moving the cursor over the locked spot.

Abilities unlocked in Campaign require 100 kills on a stage outside of Missions (Street Brawl). Dying resets kill count.

List of Abilities


There are a multitude of playable game modes that can be found in the multiplayer of Anarchy Reigns, as well as the battle simulator in the training mode. There are a total of 13 different types, each having their own objective, rules, and format.

Game Types


  • Mad Survival
  • Dogfight