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Pokken Tournament DX/Garchomp

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Pokken Tournament DX

Pokken Garchomp.png


corner pressure (Placeholder)

  • 660 HP
  • 250 CC Synergy Gauge
  • Burst Mode Duration: 12 Seconds
  • Shield: Normal

  • High Stance: Grants red armor against Lows, Mid Lows, and Special Mids on frame 17. Deals 10 HP Recoil to the opponent for each physical hit.
  • Low Stance: Charges Synergy Gauge.
  • Garchomp cannot crouch Highs with Low Stance.

  • FP Forward Dash: 25 Frames
  • FP Back Dash: 31 Frames
  • FP Side Dash: 31 Frames

  • DP Forward Dash: 25 Frames
  • DP Back Dash: 29 Frames