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Trunks (SDBZ)

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L = light

H = heavy

J = jump

G = guard

xx = cancel

: = just frame

f = forward

b = back

u = up

d = down


L and LLH are safe and leave you close enough for a throw. All 4 hits of LLHH are bufferable. Trunks has a just frame in his LLHH string. Delaying the last hit will allow you to juggle afterwards. Trunks can link his L into itself, but that tends to weaken your combos.

H is safe if spaced properly. HH is unsafe on hit. Rolling is safe if spaced properly and may get you behind the opponent. H and HH can only be super canceled. HHH is bufferable, but there is a small window where it can be interrupted. Kara canceling H gives more reach than anything else.


qcf+L has good tracking and qcf+H is a great anti-air. qcf+L+H is 2 hits, but only counts as one if it collides with another projectile.

rpd+L gives you safe unparriable chip if spaced properly.

Aura Smash is unsafe on block. The L version absorbs 2 ki attacks, the H version absorbs 4. It makes a nice air dash, but won't protect you if a blast hits your feet. If you don't have Spin Blade, replace it with Aura Smash in the combos listed below.

Spin Blade is another anti-air. Since it's a physical attack, you could possibly use it to cross up someone above you. DP+HH crosses up opponents in front of you, but it does very little damage and is unsafe if they block it correctly.

Charging Cannon Shot increases the size of the field. A direct hit with another projectile absorbs 9 shots. The strength of the button you press determines the angle of the ball and the size of the field.


Super Saiyan gives you an attack boost, makes your projectiles bigger, and gives them twice as many hits (only Cannon Shot's field benefits from this, the ball does not). Upon activation, you are invincible to ki attacks until you regain control, but there is a period where you are vulnerable to physical attacks. You can cancel a ki blast into SSJ to give yourself some cover.

Cyclone Blast = 50%+ damage throw with some invincibility. Kara 720 has about as much reach as Trunks's H (normal sword). Unfortunately, It's possible to jump/sidestep/backdash to avoid Trunks's 720 after the super freeze.


(fullscreen) f+L, f+H, qcf+L+H 50

LLH:H xx L+G, launch xx L+G, homing cancel, unfly H, jump H, LLH:H xx L+G xx DP+HH 106

LLH:H xx L+G, launch xx L+G, homing cancel, unfly H, H xx Slash Break 108

HH xx Slash Break 84

Launch xx L+G, homing cancel, unfly H, dash H, LLH:H xx L+G xx DP+HH 110

Launch xx L+G, homing cancel, unfly H, dash H, LLH:H xx L+G, H xx Slash Break 127

All tested vs. Goku

Custom setups

The Japanese sword makes it easier to space stylish busters properly. If you make use of the extra reach, your opponent can't force you to block a normal afterwards (except Trunks with the Japanese sword and U.Gohan with the Z-Sword).

The laser sword nullifies ki attacks. This allows you to cut right through Dimensional Barrier or rocks. It also lets you use the Spin Blade as an alternative anti-projectile approach.

--Crazymasterhand 05:25, 24 May 2007 (UTC)