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The Rumble Fish 2 (ザ・ランブルフィッシュ2) is a 2D fighting game for the Atomiswave arcade platform. It was produced by Dimps and published by Sammy. It is the sequel to The Rumble Fish, bringing in several new additions. A re-release on Taito's NESiCAxLive arcade digital delivery service was made available in 2012.




F = forward, D = down, B = backward, J = Jump, C = Crouch QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward QCB = Quarter-Circle Backward HCF = Half Circle Forward HCB = Half Circle Backward SC = Super Cancel (requires no additional bar though)

The attack buttons are pretty self-explanatory. The Dodge button is a little more complicated. It can of course, dodge through simple attacks such as projectiles by pressing forward D to move forward and avoid the projectile with a correct timing. While on the ground, pressing anything with a downward direction and D will result in a small jump (with shadow effects). It can also be pressed while in air but it’ll leave quite an opening if misused. I dont really use this much for dodging since I’m not at that level yet. There’s still more to the functions of this button. Another use for it is the ability to perform Impact Break while guarding an attack from opponent. It uses up 1 Defensive bar (I’ll come to that later) but it will allow you to recover earlier from the block stance to have a chance in inflicting a damaging counterattack on your opponent. But of course with with caution to avoid wasting of precious Defensive bar and possibly providing an opening while trying to perform your counterattack. Next, while on the ground and before u get up on your feet, pressing left or right and D will allow you to roll in that direction and recover. However, if your opponent manages to predict your movement, you’ll probably get whacked a little once again since there seems to be some opening while recovering this way. One last use for it is to recover from certain air attacks that u normally can’t recover from by pressing D while in the air. It uses 1 Defensive bar but when used correctly, it’ll save you from eating more damage from your opponent’s juggling. Performing air recovery is simply pressing any of the attack buttons while in the air but there are some restrictions. Basic grab/throw for all characters: while being close to opponent, press forward/backward SP. Pretty standard for most 2D fighting games.

Health Bar/Guard Bar

It’s placed below your health bar and it looks like what’s shown in the picture above. Do monitor your guard bar status as you really dont have to experience one, where you’ll be “stunned” for a significant period of time and your opponent will be able to happily perform his/her most deadly combo.

Offensive Meter

Shown as OFF in the very first picture at the top. Quite obviously, it’s the one that’ll allow you to perform your Offensive Arts (OA). As far as I know, OAs use 1 offensive bar.

Defensive Meter

Shown as DEF in the very first picture. Allows you to perform your Defensive Arts (DA). The number of bar/s required to perform a DA varies with the character you use, and conditions to perform a DA may vary from character to character.


As shown in the picture. Will appear to be like that when all 3 Offensive bars and 3 Defensive bars are charged. Allows to perfom your Critical Art (CA), which of course has different effects for each character. Though CAs generally do a huge damage at 1 go, it is usually not very advisable to rely heavily on it as it requires much time to charge all that and OAs & DAs can be performed appropriately to improve your gameplay.

Game Mechanics

Jolt Attack (JA) Done by pressing LP & LK together. Able to perform in air. Basically, it’s an unblockable move that will launch your opponent into the air, allowing you to juggle in hits to perform a damaging combo. The jolt attack itself isn’t deadly, it’s the juggle combo after that that’s painful. From what I observe, seems that the opponent wont be launched into the air if he/she isn’t on the ground.

Advanced Attack (AA) Done by pressing SP & SK together. Uses 1 Offensive bar. Allows you to continue with more basic attacks (those 4 buttons) after performing this attack. Rather decent damage and doesnt require any movement from the joystick, hence it’s easy to link it in once you get the timing. Can be used to pressurise/play mind games with opponents too (more suitable for VS humans).

Boost Dive Done by pressing alternate attack buttons, meaning LP&SK or LK&SP. Uses 1 Offensive bar and 1 Defensive bar. Properties of each character’s boost dive is different. Will try my best to include those that I know at the characters FAQ&Guide part.

Final part Basic Attack combinations: In RF2, basic attack combinations are achieved by pressing the attack buttons in sequences that the character allows for “combo-ing”. But anyhow, the system is such that you can perform basic attacks (whether they link or not) as long as your basic attacks follow in a light attack->light attack, light-> strong attack or strong->strong attack. Pretty essential as it’s the starting of your combos and also useful in “poking” opponents are trying to counter their certain actions.

Damage system This game, like Marvel fighting games, is somewhat similar whereby the longer your combo, the less damage each of the moves deal as compared to the damage inflicted when done individually. Example: A basic attack combination then an advanced attack followed by a DM combo will see noticably less damage coming from the DM as compared to when it hits the opponent directly from the start. Havent really figured a good way to perform reset combos. Will be good if you’re able to trick your opponent and perform some “resets”

Jump / high jump Jump is pretty self-explanatory but super jumps can be done by tapping D,UF. You can only super jump forward. In this game, the same normal attack button can only be used once per jump. For example, when using jump SP, if you take over some attack in the air and take over it, you will not be able to take out the jump SP until it lands even after receiving it. However, special maneuvers and special techniques in the air can be used any number of times without being limited by this restriction.

Dash Quickly tap F,F while on the ground. It is possible to continue running by continuing to hold F. Orville, Bazuu and Beatrice do not run. Your character will continue to move forward when a normal is landed allowing certain normals better comboablilty.

Backstep Quickly tap B,B while on the ground. Backdashes have a pretty good amount of full body invulnerability. The second half is invincible, but you will not be able to convert full ground combos because you are considered airborne until the backdash ends. One of the best defensive options in the game, they are very versatile for baiting reversals and spacing as well.

Throw / Back Throw F/B+SP near the opponent. Teching is done by doing the same command at the same time. Normal throws are 1F for all characters, making them the fastest move for all characters. There is no throw whiff animation, and when the opponent is not in throw range, a standing SP is usually done. However, when going for throws, it is possible to throw a LP that will whiff when you arent in throw range by setting it as the front or back + LPSP simultaneous pressing input (LP preparation throwing)

Dodge [ normal dodge : D while standing ] Character will dodge, and slide forward on the ground. Strong against Advance Attack, Jolts, and slow, mid hitting attacks. Weak against low attacks, multiple hit attacks, and possibly some higher or jumping attacks.

[ air (hop) dodge : D while crouching ] Character will hop into the air, and one normal can be executed. The normals are the same as jumping normals. Similar to hops or UOHs in other games. Can be used to start a combo. This will generally hop over lower attacks, but will lose to mid or higher attacks.

[ jumping dodge : D while jumping ] Character will become invincible for a short amount of time while jumping. Will also usually hover in the air for a little bit. Can be used after a jump attack, but no attack can be issued afterwards.

[ wakeup roll : D+direction while on the ground ] Character will roll either back or forward quickly after being knocked down. Character can be thrown during this. Most characters are also weak during the final frames of animation, however some characters (Bazoo) do not suffer this weakness as much. This cannot be executed after being hit with an I.Blow or OA.

Super Meter (TRF2)

The meter is split up into two sections, Offense and Defense(OFF and DEF). Those sections are split up into three levels of meter each(six bars total). When both the OFF and DEF meter are full, they make the Critical meter. OFF meter is red DEF meter is blue Critical meter is green Each character has one of each type of super.

OFF Meter The OFF meter only builds when you attack. Each OFF super uses one level of OFF meter.

Jolt Attack (LP + LK) The Jolt Attack is an unblockable launcher that allows you to do two combo series in the air. Each Jolt uses one level OFF meter

Advance Attack (SP + SK) The advance attack allows you to re-combo an opponent at the end of another combo. Example: LP, LK, SP, SK, Advance, LP, LK, SP, super

Impact Blow (Launcher special attack + Dodge) An Impact Blow is a launcher that gives the opponent the inability to tech out of the air. Each Impact Blow uses one level of OFF meter.

DEF Meter The DEF meter only builds when you are blocking. Each DEF super uses one level of DEF meter. (Note: You can only use DEF super when you are in block animation/stun, or in a reversal.)

Impact Break (While Guarding - Back + Dodge) An Impact Break allows you to "break" the opponents combo, and do a counter hit combo of your own. It is similar to a parry in Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike, but a bit different. If you do an Impact Break during the wrong part of a combo, you could get hit right out of it.

The trick is to do the Impact Break during a laggy part of the opponents combo. This in turn makes the execution of the Impact Break very character specific. Impact Break only works during: Hazama's SK Arans 2nd Rekka hit. There are others. Each Impact Break uses one level of DEF meter.

Air Juggles/Air Techs

Air juggles occur alot in TRF2. They're used to put the opponent in a certain position, to keep juggling, or for just damage. Air juggles are good, and could technically go on forever if you maintain the juggle at a certain height of the screen, which is about the characters torso area. That part of the screen is un-techable.

(I think this may be false. You can tech out anywhere. There does exist some sort of hitstun applied to airborne opponents. The reason you cannot tech, for instance, when Greed is doing that close to the ground juggle of his, is due to hitstun, and not location based tech restrictions. -stabo)

To do a regular air tech, do the following:

TRF2 recovery.gif This doesn't cost any super meter.

To do a quick recovery tech, do the following:

TRF2 quick recovery.gif This costs one DEF bar.

Keep in mind to mixup where you tech in order to confuse the opponent. But, there's also ways that some characters can still attack you no matter where you tech because they have both directions covered, that's more character specific though.

- Post-tech retaliation: I believe you can only use each of the 4 normals one time during a trip in the air. In example, if you are hit in the air, you can tech and do to retaliate, however, if you are hit again in the air, and tech, you cannot issue again.

- Untechable moves: Certain moves, under certain conditions (such as counter hit shoryukens) will launch opponents in an untechable state. Once the opponent recieves one hit in this state, he is allowed to tech again.

- Recovery after landing: I believe the recovery frames of what you have done in the air will carry over onto landing. For instance, if you executed a shortly before hitting the ground, you will suffer a short amount of recovery time where the opponent can initiate a grounded combo on you. However, if you jump, do nothing, and land, you can block (or perform other actions) after landing from frame 0. This may also be true if the move you executed right before landing had few recovery frames (such as j.lp,


The combo system in this game is very scrub friendly, plain and simple. The attack patterns that can happen are like this:

TRF2Buttons.gif You can never go from SP or SK, to LP and LK.

Basic Strategy

Rush combo (RC) You can cancel the chance of a normal skill and get the next normal skill. A system similar to Gatling combinations and chain combos. It is possible even in the air. The RC can be linked to another attack of the same strength, or weak> strong, and once used, the button can not be used again until the RC is over. Specifically, it is impossible that SK> SP> SK is not possible (it stops at SK> SP). Also, you can not continue the RC unless you let the opponent hit or guard. It is possible to switch between the standings anywhere (eg, SP> SK, etc.), and the delay is also taken for a much longer time than that of a general other game. The basics are to solidify the opponent while making changes such as delaying for wild hunting and switching to the lower stage with IB reading

recovery Normal recovery (NR) After the end of the air drifting time, return to the air can be performed with buttons other than D. You can take passives in the corresponding 3 directions with the lever 4 or 5 or 6 input. Passives have height restrictions and can not be passive if the altitude is low. After passive, it is possible to take out aerial techniques, and special techniques and special moves can be made to the landing many times. As for regular tricks, it is the same as the limitation of regular jump attacks, and note that "the same attack can be issued only once from one jump to landing." (Example: If JSK is dropped by anti-aircraft and given NR ~ air special move, it will be smashed by the opponent on the ground, NR    ~ again the same special move can be put out, but JSK can not be put out. JSP and JLK etc. can be put out)

Quick recovery (QR) Returning to the air with the D-button during a scratch in the air. D gauge consumption one. Unlike normal recovery , it is possible to take a passive attitude immediately after being in the air. Furthermore, because the moving speed is high and the moving distance is long, it is easy to avoid the opponent's air combo and fight back. One of the most powerful defenses. The point that passives can be taken in 3 directions corresponding to the lever 4 or 5 or 6 input, the restriction of airborne techniques after passive (Normal techniques can only take one attack from the same attack after jumping once and landing), special Techniques and Special Moves can be made to the landing many times) and so on. Also, although NR and altitude seem different (untested), there is altitude limitation . (It is written that there is no official information, but there is certainly.) If you do not apply the impact blow, which is described later, you can often get a conviction from the QR. I would like to practice to be able to respond by QR if I-blow is not applied.

Ground recovery (GR) Movement up after ground down can be done with D button input while down. Rolls back with lever 4 or 5 and forward with 6 inputs. If you go down with OA , DA , CA , or I-blow , you can not take GR. There is invulnerability to the whole body from the beginning of GR appearance, but there is unprotected time in the second half of motion. Furthermore, they are always defenseless against throwing, so they will be easily crushed if read. The loop “GR → read and smashed → combo → start up again” is a form that is easy for beginners to fall into. GR is by no means a good behavior.

Impact Break (IB) A defense system that can be activated against the upper stage with lever 4 + D and the lower stage with 1 + D at the moment when the opponent's attack is guarded. There is no need to return the lever to neutral. D gauge consumption one. You can succeed by entering commands on the opponent's upper, middle, and lower attacks only for the upper, middle, and lower attacks. After success, you can prolong the rigidity of the opponent's attacks and increase the gap. (The guard stiffness on the side of IB does not decrease.) If you misplace the upper and lower sides, only the D gauge is consumed, and a failure effect is displayed. Double IB (WIB) doubles the rigidity given by pressing D quickly when IB is successful , and triple IB (TIB) with three times the rigidity given by further pressing D from there can also be D gauge each time Is consumed (2 for doubles, 3 for triples).

IB depends on what kind of attack the opponent has taken, and the advantage and disadvantage in a frame-wise sense. The basic situation  combo is determined from the weak attack IB → advantageous / weak attack  Strong attack IB → five minutes  advantageous deathblow IB → the other side (the IB side) becomes. However, this is just a story on the frame, and in fact, the defense side can be regarded as advantageous in terms of many action options and reaction speed. IB is a system that is the basis of this game's battle and defense, but it's a bit complicated,

Advanced Strategy

Game Versions

The Characters





Aran Aran.png


F + LP overhead move. Comes out a little slow. QCB + LP Reversal/counter move for High physical attacks. QCB + SP Reversal/counter move for Mid physical attacks QCB + LK Reversal/counter move for Low physical attacks HCF + LP/SP Spins towards enemy. SP version ends with a move that knocks away opponent. LP version can be cancelled into her Offensive Art HCF + LK/SK Rushes towards enemy and sweeps enemy. SP version launches opponent into the air. B,D,DB + LP/SP Grab move. Throws opponent to other side. Needs to be done close range. F,D,DF + LP/SP Energy ball. Not a projectile. Launches opponent into the air if it hits. SP version is slower, but LP version takes a short while to generate the ball as well. QCBx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art. Rushes forward then spins upwards. Can be performed in air as well (only spinning in the air). B,HCB + SK Defensive Art. HCFx2 + LP/SP Critical Art. Similar to her OA but more hits, more damage and looks a lot nicer. Follow up move before the CA ends: Charge down, up + LP/SP. Never done it before. Boost Dive For a limited time, Hikari gains some minor healing. Combos The same pointers above do apply here too. – J.LK, J.SK (together in 1 jump), LP, LK, SP, AA, LP, LK, SP, HCF + LP/SP, (SC before the previous move’s last hit comes out) OA. Tips/Further comments – Take special care when you intend to dash forward and do A LP. If your joystick motion isn’t that good (me included), you’ll end up doing her F+LP special move, which can be quite deadly if it doesn’t connect. Deadly cos your recovery time is gonna cost you as your opponent probably will punish you for it. – If you can somehow predict your opponents movements, this character’s reversal/counter moves are certainly gonna be to your liking. It’s quite deadly if you can use it effectively, instead of letting it become your downfall. Haha. – Can use AA to play mind games


Mito is a little special. She has 2 stances, somewhat like MayLee in KOF’01/’02. At the start of every stage (note: not round), she starts with Tsumi Stance. Subsequent rounds within the stage will be the same as whatever stance you were in in the previous round. Tsumi Stance D + LP&SP Switches to Batsu stance. U can hear a faint “Batsu!” from Mito. QCF + LP/SP Projectile. F,D,DF + LP/SP Anti air move. Cancellable into OA. QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive art. Jumps into air and swipes downwards. QCBx2 + LP/SP Some offensive art that uses 3 offensive bars. No idea what it does. HCB + LP/SP Defensive Art. Only while guarding. QCB,HCF + LP/SP Critical Art. Havent seen/done it before. Batsu Stance F + LP&SP Switches back to Tsumi Stance. QCF + LP/SP Rushes forward and pokes a few times with wooden sword. Can be cancelled into OA/CA with right timing. QCB + LP/SP Jumps foward and pokes a few times. QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art. Stabs opponent with wooden sword. QCBx2 + LP/SP Defensive Art. Only can be done when u’re knocked down. QCB,HCF + LP/SP Critical Art. Rushes forward and “slices” through opponent and the words 天罚 appears. Boost Dive 2 Hearts revolving around Mito. Those hearts can hit opponent to make certain combo strings possible. The Hearts regenerate after some time. Useful for doing Mito’s devastating combo which unfortunately I have no idea how. Note: While doing any special move, press LP&SP together to switch between stances AFTER u have completed the move and have recovered from it. Doesnt work if u’re countered or u cancelled into an OA. This is what I’ve gathered from the few times I’ve used this character. Combos Same pointers apply here. – Tsumi Stance – SP, F,D,DF + LP/SP (up to 2 times) – Batsu Stance – J.SK, LP, LK, SP, SK, QCF + LP, (SC) OA/CA – There’s also a boost dive combo. Not sure of the exact inputs either. Check out some youtube videos. Tips/Further comments – Her AA has a really short range, and it’s generally not very useful as compared to other characters. – Batsu stance is less damaging per hit, but is more combo friendly – Tsumi stance doesn’t seem to be very combo friendly, but the damage is significantly more than Batsu.


F + LP Overhead attack similar to that of Hikari’s. QCF + LP/SP Projectile. Full screen. F,D,DF + LP/SP Anti-air move. LP version is fast. SP version has some invincible frames at the beginning and comes out slower due to Kaya turning 1 round before executing it. LP version is cancellable into OA. HCB + LP/SP – LP version is counter move for High/Jumping physical attacks. – SP is counter move for Low/Crouching physical attacks. – Both allows Kaya to set up for more deadly combo. Play with computer a few times and you should get the idea.

B,HCB + LK/SK Grab move. Sets up for combo after it connects. HCF + LK/SK Rushes towards opponent. If it connects, you can try adding in more attacks after she is done with her “backstabs”. (in air) QCF + LP/SP Energy wave created in front of her. Lasts for the whole duration while in air. A little recovery time when u land after your opponent blocks it though. Be careful. QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art. A string of attacks if it connects. Can add an extra Standing LK, depending on distance. QCBx2 + LP/SP Defensive Art. 2 Defensive bars. Only can be used while you’re being hit/combo-ed (not blocking). Good for breaking fatal combos. HCBx2 + LP/SP A tornado forms around her, both front and back. Can serve as anti-air move if needed. Opponent is unlikely to be able to jump over it. Boost Dive No idea what it does. Combos Same pointers apply here. – J.LK, J.SK, LP, LK, SP, SK, QCF + LP/SP – J.LK, J.SK (together in 1 jump), LP, LK, SP, SK, AA, LP, LK, SP, SK, F,D,DF + LP, (SC) OA. – Similar to above, except the start of the combo is the counter move. You’ll know what I mean when you play against the CPU. Tips/Further comments – As with Hikari, be careful of the “karate chop” (F + LP) when trying to dash forward and do a LP. The recovery time is certainly something you don’t want your opponent to take advantage of. – Her F,D,DF + LP/SP has high priority, and it hurts quite bad when it’s a counter hit. Punish your opponent with it. They’ll try not to jump so often. Then you can harrass them with your projectile or something else. Hehe. – also can use AA to play mind games


F + SP Hops forward and kicks twice. F + LK Overhead attack. QCB + LP Kicks at upward angle. Then u can do the following: – Follow up with F/B + LP – a 2nd hit plus pushing the opponent in the direction you have pressed. QCB + LK Kicks straight. – Follow up with F/B + LK – works same as above QCB + SP Kicks downward. – Follow up with F/B + SP – works same as above. For the above 3 moves, you can hold on the the respective attack button to make Garnet in that stance and release later. Or you could choose to press the SK to return back to neutral position. This works similar to Yamazaki/Whip of KOF. QCF + LK Slide on ground. Needs to be blocked crouching. QCF + SK Initial animation is the same, but in this version you can follow up with a SK to add an additional hit and launch the opponent into the air, for more juggle. However if you combo this in AFTER an Advanced Attack, the opponent will not be launched into the air. F,D,DF + LK Anti-air. 1 hit. F,D,DF + SK Anti-air. Flies higher than LK version. Also has an additional hit after the initial leap. B,D,DB + LK/SK Hops and forward and kicks at a downward angle. Needs to be blocked high. QCB,HCF + LK/SK Offensive Art. Performs her anti air move then waits for opponent to fall before following up with an additional full screen beam move. This sequence is auto though. B, HCB + LK/SK Defensive Art. While knocked down QCF,HCB + LK/SK Critical Art. Damaging. Nice to look ^^ DF,B,D,DB,F,B,F + LP/SP Critical Art 2. Weird input Boost Dive She’ll be able to see a “weak point” of her opponent. Striking that will deal some extra damage. Combos Same pointers apply here. – J.LK, J.SK (together in 1 jump), LP, LK, SP, SK, QCF + SK.SK, <insert some juggle>/OA – J.LK, J.SK (together in 1 jump), LP, LK, SP, SK, CA1 – J.LK, J.SK (together in 1 jump), LP, LK, SP, SK, AA, LP, LK, SP, SK, QCF + SK.SK/<insertme other useful string of attacks) Tips/Further comments – She can use AA to play mind games with her opponents. – Her QCB + <attack> moves aim at different directions, so obviously it can be used against some people in mind games. – Careful with the use of QCF + LK/SK since the recovery time is quite long if blocked.


F + SP Far-reaching punch QCB + LP/SP Bazoo leans backward in some kind of stance and it can avoid certain mid/high attacks from opponents. There are also 2 follow up attack options available after getting into position. – Follow up with LP/SP – spring forward with something like a straight punch and it knocks (back a little) down opponent – Follow up with LK/SK – spring forward with a downward punch, knocks down opponent. Range shorter than the above follow up. D,D + LP/SP/LK/SK A concrete slab will drop down from the “sky”. Different location for different button pressed. Havent really figured out the exact logic of how to make use of the buttons. Holding on to whichever attack button u pressed will delay the slab from dropping. Useful tactic when playing against human players I guess. Charge B, then F + LP/SP Bazoo slams the ground in front of him and there’s a concrete block. The block needs 1 attack to be destroyed. Can be used to block off ground escape path of opponent or used to shield against 1 attack. Charge B, then F + LK/SK Bazoo sweeps up the ground and a “dirt wave” appears. It does a few hits. QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art. His 2 punch super. Quite useful as it has decent range. Can try following up with an additional strike on the opponent when he/she is knocked down. QCBx2,F + LP/SP Offensive Art. No idea what this does. Heh. QCF,HCB + LP/SP Critical Art. Leaps forward and does a grab move. If he’s successful he’ll throw his opponent into the air and starts his frenzy punching. Quite damaging as with all critical art. :D B,HCB + LP/SP Defensive Art. Uses 2 Defensive bars. Works when he’s being hit/combo-ed. Very useful for breaking opponents fatal combos. There’s 1 video on youtube with a very good match with excellent usage of this great DA. Boost Dive Makes his concrete slabs that drop down much bigger and more damaging. Not sure if there are other properties Combos Not very good with him. You’ll need to refer to Youtube videos for this one. – c.LP, c.LK, OA Tips/Further Comments – I guess you have to make use of his AA to do some decent damage. – Make use of his long limbs to your advantage


F + SP Overhead attack. Punches forward at a downward angle. (in air) D + LP Viren will take out his weapon and fly an angle forward & downwards. QCF + LP/SP Viren runs towards opponent. – Follow up with LP – stop running. – Follow up with SP – will take out his weapon and try to zap opponent. Whether it hits or is blocked, he’ll end up on the other side of his opponent. – Follow up with LK – takes out his weapon and strikes low. Needs to be blocked low. – Follow up with SK – takes out his weapon, jumps forward and strikes from above. Needs to be blocked high. F,D,DF + LP/SP Anti-air move. Strikes with a curved arch. (in air) QCF + LP/SP Throws out a bomb, which will explode upon landing on the ground. Good for interrupting opponent or simply playing mind games etc. HCF + LK/SK Performs slide kick. If it hits, it’ll automatically connect with a sequence. QCB + LK/SK Breaks a container with flammable liquid. – Follow up with LK/SK – more hits? F,HCF + LP/SP Offensive Art 1. B,HCB + LP/SP Offensive Art 2. This one is gonna bring your guard meter all the way down down down. Though the initial start up is kinda slow. B,HCB + LK/SK Defensive Art. Only while being hit/combo-ed. QCF, HCB + LP/SP Critical Art. Boost Dive No idea, haven’t tried it. Combos Same pointers apply here. – J.SK, LP, LK, SP, SK, AA, LP, LK, SP, SK, QCF + LP/SP.SP (the last part I forget liao, please double check when you play =D) Tips/Further comments – Can use AA to play mind games – His pokes are quite good – The “petrol bomb” from him is quite irritating. Sometimes the com uses it nicely. Interesting isn’t it. – Can use his QCF + LP/SP move to play mind games, depending on which follow-up you choose. hehe.


F + SK Flying Kick. DF + SK Another Flying Kick, but hits low. QCF + LP/SP Leans forward and charge. Has some auto guard properties so be careful. – Follow up with LP/SP – Swing both fists into the air. Knocks down opponent – Follow up with LK/SK – Stops the charge. go play mind games with this :D QCB + LP/SP Swings both fists into the air HCB,F + LP/SP Grab move. Flings opponent into air before slamming them onto the ground. This move’s damage seems to be more damaging when opponent has more health. I guess its damage formula is a MinDmg + %Hp(Foe) QCF + LK/SK Similar to his QCF + LP/SP but this one has no Auto Guard property and he’ll attempt to grab his opponent. Another way to play mind games. F,D,DF + LK/SK A move similar to Clark’s F,D,DF + A/C move. People who play KOF will understand. If you don’t, then well… QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art. Multi hit auto combo string. HCF + LP/SP Defensive Art. Only can be done while guarding. HCBx2,F + LP/SP Critical Art. Grab Move. Super crazy damage even though I never once saw the actual full damage… Boost Dive Not quite sure what it does. I *think* it’s some sort of armor mode, or mech zangief-ish mode. Combos Same pointers apply here. – J.SK, LP, LK, SP, AA, LP, LK, SP, OA Tips/Further Comments – Can use AA to play mind games – Variety of charging (forward) moves, but their result isn’t the same. Mind games + pressuring FTW. – F,D,DF + LK/SK has a good priority and decent damage. Ouch. – As with many grappler characters in various fighting games, you must know how far your grab “range” is and make full use of it. And of course, make sure your joystick motion is good.


F + SP Overhead attack B + SP Similar animation as above, but it’s a fake move. Lol. QCF + LP/SP Points forward with his finger, but the range is a little longer than his finger’s. SP version will move Boyd forward a little and it comes out a little slower. QCB + LP/SP Points downwards with his finger. boyd_scorp.gifYou may notice that Boyd has a special gauge of his own too. But unlike Lud, he doesn’t need to parry moves to charge it. Rather, he needs to HIT his opponent with either of the 2 above mentioned special moves. Blocked attacks do not count. Yeah well, a max of 13 charges can be stored, which will make your OA really damaging. The OA alone will damage about 50% of your opponent’s full HP. The bonus damage dealt by each charge during his OA seems to be independent of the damage scaling system. F,D,DF + LP/SP Anti air. SP version will have more hits, more invincible frames and more recovery time. QCB + LK/SK Jumps forward and stomps the ground. He will jump back and away from his opponent when it’s hit or blocked. near opponent, HCF + LK/SK Grab move. Does no damage but pushes opponent to other side of him. Also allows for setting up of further combo/hits. B,HCB + LP/SP Offensive Art. Damage will increase with number of Scorpion charge you have. It is believed that the extra bonus damage coming from the scorpion charges are fixed damage and is not affected by the damage/combo system of the game. If it hits, it’ll use up all the charges without fail. QCFx2 + LP/SP Defensive Art. Uses 2 defensive bars. He points upward in the forward direction. Very high priority as with DAs, does little damage though. Useful to repel opponent’s pressing attacks. QCF,HCB + LP/SP Critical Art. Auto combo long string of attacks if it hits. Boost Dive Not sure it does, but it definitely has something to do with his Scorpion charge thing. Combos Same pointers apply here. – J.SK, J.SP (together in 1 jump), LP, LK, SP, AA, LP, LK, SP, c.SK, QCB + LK/SK – J.SK, J.SP (together in 1 jump), LP, LK, SP, AA, LP, LK, SP, OA/CA Tips/Further comments – find ways to raise your number of charges and then find a good opportunity to land the OA on your opponent for some devastating damage. – his limbs are rather short, so do take extra care in harrassing/poking opponents – his movement is a little slow as well, though he’s supposed to be an assassin. hohum. you might want to take note of that when you’re up against faster characters. – his AA has not bad a range (though not say very far), considering his size and usual range


F + SP punches forward with both fists (in air) D + LK kicks downwards with both feet but doesn’t descend QCF + LP projectile that travels forward QCF + SP anti air projectile F, HCF + LP/SP triangular projectile, forward (3 hits) near opponent B,HCB + LP/SP grab move F,D,DF + LK/SK triple kick auto combo. SK version will knock opponent away after 3rd hit. can be cancelled into OA QCF + LK/SK triangular jump across screen. i think there’s a QCB + LK/SK version too. not too sure. (in air) QCF + LK/SK QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art. Big energy ball. B,HCB + LK/SK Defensive Art. QCF,HCB + LP/SP Critical Art. Super short ranged. Can be blocked. But great damage, comparing to his usual self. Boost Dive No idea what it does, but rings appear around his wrists. Combos Same pointers apply here. – J.SK, LP, LK, SP, SK, AA< LP, LK, SP, SK, F,D,DF + SK, (SC after 2nd last hit is landed) OA – J.SK, LP, LK, SP, c.SK, AA, <insert juggle> – J.SK, LP, LK, SP, SK, CA (usually SK will be quite far, so yah) Tips/Further comments – Being so small, his limbs are shorter, less range. Hardly abusable. – His grab move special is quite a pain to execute, but it’s useful, as demonstrated by the CPU on me many times. Lol.


QCF + LP Projectile, full screen QCF + SP Giant Pillar of energy, anti-air property. QCB + LP/SP Scratches opponent. SP has a longer duration. QCB + LK/SK Greed pounces at his enemy, while performing one quick front flip. In the process of this Special, he strikes out with his leg. If his foe is standing on the ground, he/she does not get knocked down. B,F LP/LK No idea what this does. QCFx2 + LK/SK Offensive Art. Super-cancel-able during his QCB + LP/SP move. Greed raises his foot up, & then stomps down on the ground, right in front of him. The Hit Detection is right at the end of his foot. If this Super connects, his opponent is launched flying upwards, into the air. This sets them up to be attacked some more, by Greed. Short ranged though. QCBx2 + LK/SK Defensive Art. Uses 1 Defensive bar. Almost in Slow motion, Greed raises his leg very high up, before bringing it down. Since it’s a Defensive Super, it has a high priority, & it also repels away pressuring enemies. QCB,HCF + LP/SP Critical Art. Greed basically rushes forward, performing a short, but very damaging series of Punching & Kicking Flaming Auto-Combos. This CA Super ends with Greed executing an upwards flying fire kick. This CA also combos pretty easily from his QCB+LP/SP Special. By the way, all stages of this CA will occur, whether or not Greed’s enemy blocks it. Boost Dive No idea what it does. Combos Jump SK (or SP or whatever) -> LP -> LK -> SP -> AA -> LP -> LK -> SP -> c.SK -> QCF + LP/SP (OTG) – Feel free to modify the above combo to suit your current situation (power bar, distance etc) – Try your luck with youtube videos for more combos. Tips None at the moment.

Sheryl F + SP Downward attack. Overhead QCF + LP Her bow & wire attack. Mid-range. The 2nd hit will pull opponent back towards her. QCF + SP Similar to LP version. But there are some follow ups – Follow up by Holding SP then releasing it – She will delay firing for a while. If it hits, it knocks down opponent. – Follow up by pressing LP immediately after releasing SP from QCF + SP – fire at upward angle. Can be used as anti air movie. Can knock down opponent as well. – Follow up by pressing LK immediately after releasing SP from QCF + SP – fires at downward angle. Needs to be blocked crouching. Can knock down opponent. QCB + LP/SP/LK/SK Can also be performed in the air. She plants a “bomb” and a target numbered 1-4 will appear. A maximum of 4 planted points. – Punches plant at the head area. Kicks plant at legs. – Light attacks are planted at your own position. – Strong attacks are planted at opponent’s. – To detonate, input F,D,DF + LP/SP – sheryl will shoot out at the targets, going in sequence starting with 1 till the last number, before returning to her. So you can predict the trajectory and perhaps set up some mind games with your opponent. More useful in VS imo. B,D,DB + LP/SP Shoots upwards, bolt descends to ground at an angle. LP has 1, SP has 3 downward bolt attacks. F,D,DF + LK/SK Shoots upwards and she lifts herself into the air, with support. Some follow up moves after that. – Follow up with LP/SP – she’ll kick diagonally forward/downward. Whether the opponent blocks or gets his, she’ll flip back into the original position. Opponents that get hit are knocked down. – Follow up with LK/SK – SK is similar to LP/SP version. LK works slightly differently as she’ll land in front of her opponent whether they are hit or not. – Follow up with Dodge button – It’s to cancel her position in air and return to ground. Think Yamazaki/Whip’s (KOF) cancelling with D after their hcb moves. QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art. She shoots out a bolt and if it hits the rest of the sequence is auto. QCF + LP can be cancelled into this OA. B,HCB + LK/SK Defensive Art. QCF, HCB + LP/SP Critical Art. Similar to OA but nicer graphics and loads more damage. Painful Boost Dive No idea what it does. Havent tried it. Combos Same pointers apply here. You may want to refer to YouTube videos for further assistance – J.SK, LP, LK, SP, SK, AA, LP, LK, SP, SK, QCF + LP, (SC) OA/CA Tips/Further Comments – as mentioned earlier, the setting up of “planted mines” can be useful, as least from what I observe from youtube videos. – can use AA to play some more mind games.


QCF + LP Steps forward and thrusts out his hand. Doesnt knock down opponent, 1 Hit only. QCF + SP Similar to LP Version. After the initial part, he will leap up & forward a bit, lashing out his arm. Seems to be an overhead attack and knocks away opponent and does 3 hits. F,D,DF + LP/SP Anti air move, with the standard joystick motion. QCB + LP/SP He bends low and seems to be immune to certain attacks, after which he will follow up with an attack. HCF + LK/SK A force field that is able to reflect most projectiles. B,D,DB + LK/SK Overhead back flip attack. Has anti-air properties but isnt so reliable QCB + LK/SK Teleport move. LK teleports to front of opponent, SK teleports to behind opponent. If Hazama ends up behind opponent, he will switch fighting stance. D,D + LK/SK Different fighting stances, depending on the follow-up you do. – Follow up with LP – Forward Elbow Strike – Follow up with SP – Overhead Energy Arc Swipe – Follow up with LK – Flying Upper Kick – Follow up with SK – Upward Kick Launcher – Follow up with D + SK – Low Trip Kick QCFx2 + LK/SK Offensive Art. Hazama throws out a Green Fireball. Immediately after that, he performs a Flying Kick, in which his foot “absorbs” the fireball (stay with me now). If either the Green Fireball or his leg hit his foe, the rest of the Super Automatically Connects. Hazama then fly kicks right “through” his stunned enemy. While standing behind them, he will perform a quick “salute” pose, causing his opponent to explode. A very flashy & stylish super to witness. During this whole process, the action switches between Slow Motion, & Normal Speed. If done at the corner, more hit can be followed up after the OA ends, judging from the videos I’ve seen around. QCFx2 + LP/SP Defensive Art. Uses 1 Defensive Bar. Hazama teleports forward pretty fast. Then, he raises both arms upwards, while releasing Electrical Blasts from them. This super kind of looks like a combination of his HCF+LK/SK Projectile Reflector, & his Teleportation Warp. QCF,HCB + LP Critical Art. Hazama warps forward, & begins a long series of very outlandish karate chops, kicks, & punches. It’s all an Auto-Combo, which continues with him launching his opponent into the air, only to keep on beating the crap out of them. Hazama then lands before his foe does & goes into one of his “Stances,” before warping forward to hit the falling body. This CA eventually ends with his victim exploding. QCF,HCB + SP In this slight variation of his CA, Hazama does NOT warp forward. Instead, he stands in one spot, & kicks his leg upwards. This typically acts as an Anti-Air Attack, just in case you want to catch jumping enemies with his CA. If this super does connect, it will produce all of the exact same stylish hits, & effects described above for the LP Version. Boost Dive No idea. Never seen it before Combos Jump SK (or SP or whatever) -> LP -> LK -> SP -> SK -> AA -> LP -> LK -> SP -> QCF + LP -> super cancel OA -> OTG – Modify the above combo to suit your current power bar, distance etc. Tips None at the moment.


Selectable with a code AFTER another code has been input into the game by the arcade operators. On Character Selection Screen, start on Hazama and do the following: UP 4 times, Right 2 times, Down 4 times, Left 2 times, Down once. Beatrice’s portrait should now appear at the bottom. Have to input the code everytime you want to select her, be it a new game or continued game or a new challenger etc. QCF + LP Projectile. I suppose it’s the high pillars that stretches half screen. QCF + SP Projectile. More range, less height. Can be jumped over. F,D,DF + LP/SP The godly anti air move (at least when the CPU uses it). Seems unrecoverable in mid-air for opponent. I tried many times before, doesnt seem to work. Which means more juggle for Beatrice. Hic. HCB + LP More powerful version of QCF + LP. HCB + SP More powerful version of QCF + SP. HCF + LK Beatrice Warp-Dashes forward for a certain distance before stopping. Now, if her Opponent tries to hit her during certain stages in this Warp-Dash Moves, Beatrice will automatically Warp-Shift past them & quickly move BEHIND them. HCF + SK Beatrice Warp-Dashes forward for a certain distance before stopping. Once again, if her Opponent tries to hit her during certain stages in this Warp-Dash Moves, Beatrice will automatically Warp-Shift backwards from them & quickly move further away them, in some cases out of their Normal Attacking Range. QCB + LK/SK Can be performed in air too. Beatrice executes a Back-Flip maneuver, before using her legs to kick downwards at the end of it. This Special, which can also be done in the air/while Beatrice is jumping, may strike her foe as an Overhead Attack, if they are blocking low. QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art. As she points upwards, Beatrice turns around to back her Opponent. Meanwhile, a Huge Beam of Energy is either blasted down from the sky, or erupts upwards from the ground (or both). Either way, her enemy is struck several times & helplessly launched upwards. The Beam strikes & explodes on the ground area in front of Beatrice. Plus, the Beam itself is virtually impossible to fully jump over. B,HCB + LK/SK Defensive Art. Uses 2 Defensive bars. QCB,F,QCDown,Up + LP/SP Critical Art. Wow. kinda weird input huh. But looking at it closely it’s not that hard to remember. Beatrice first executes an enhanced version of her F,D,DF+LP/SP Special. After her foe is launched upwards by that attack, Beatrice automatically jumps up after them. She then swings her arm in a Downward Arc hitting them. Immediately after this happens & while Beatrice is still suspended in Mid-Air, a series of several Green Energy Waves erupt in rapid sequence, one after another. This enhanced row of Projectiles, which are exploding upwards from the ground below, all strike her target for massive damage. Boost Dive Did try it out, though I’m not exactly sure of the exact effects. Combos Jump SK (or SP or others) -> LP -> LK -> SP -> SK -> AA -> LP -> LK -> SP -> OA -> OTG hit – Modify the above combo to suit your current power bar status, distance etc.