Rumble Fish 2, The/Greed

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

Honestly, his OFF and DEF supers aren't good at all. They have no range, come out slow, and do horrible damage. The only supers you should use are Critical and DEF on rare occasions. The only good thing about the OFF and DEF supers is that they give what feels like 0 or maybe + 1 or 2 frame advantage, which makes the DEF super come in handy. It makes you gain momentum and start a really safe rushdown game.

Offense Super

  • qcf x2 + K

Usually good after a hcb + SP special. The super launches which can be followed up by a air juggle, or a qcf + SP special, which can be followed up again.

Defense Super

  • qcb x2 + K

Good for when Greed is being rushdown. Knocks down.

Critical Super

  • qcb, hcf + P

Greed's best super by far. Combos off of close st. SP or hcb + SP special. A 12 hit super that does alot of damage.

Boost Dive

  • LP + SK or LK + SP

Allows Greed to cancel specials into specials, but not the same special repeatedly.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy