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Released in 2004, "The King of Fighters Neowave" represented a major shift for SNK's direction as far as game development goes. For well over a decade, SNK had been developing on their own, time-tested NeoGeo MVS/AES hardware; far and away the longest any company has stood by and developed for a specific game system. Even their previous King of Fighters title ("The King of Fighters 2003") had been developed for the NeoGeo system. The King of Fighters Neowave was the game that would break the cycle of NeoGeo-developed software. SNK-Playmore developed this KoF title for the "Atomiswave" ( platform, a new arcade system that allowed for higher resolution graphics and improved processing (though, SNK did insist on porting their classic NeoGeo-era sprites into the new game, despite the possibility of cleaned-up graphics). Neowave is the inagural title for SNK's line of new, games (which also includes NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, The King of Fighters XI, and Samurai Shodown Tenka). Neowave brings together a "dream match" roster (meaning that the characters in the game are not restricted to being canon with an ongoing storyline and can come from any period in the King of Fighters lineage), which is heavily based on KoF 2002's roster (as are a majority of the gameplay mechanics). SNK did introduce some new features to the game over KoF 2002. A "heat" mode allows the player to increase the attack power of their character at the expense of a decreasing health bar. The game also features a "groove" system similar to that of Capcom VS SNK 2 (allowing the player to choose between three different super bar styles and other gameplay sub-systems).

NeoWave screen1.jpg NeoWave screen2.jpg NeoWave screen3.jpg

Game Mechanics

Game Controls
A - Light Punch
B - Light Kick
C - Hard Punch
D - Hard Kick
E - Heat Mode

Basic Functions
A+B Simultaneously - Roll Evasion (Not available in MAX2 mode)
C+D Simultaneously - Blowback Attack (a.k.a. CD Attack). Can be used in air.
E - Activate/Deactivate Heat mode. When active, your character will flash. Your attack strength increases, but your life guage slowly depletes.

A+B Simultaneously while blocking - Emergency roll. Uses one stock of super meter. (Not available in MAX2 mode)
C+D Simultaneously while blocking - Blowback counter. Uses one stock of super meter. (Not available in Guard Break mode)

Super Mode Systems

  • Super Cancel Mode
    • Maximum of 3 stocks
    • Super Canceling - Cancel normal and special into special moves and super combos. Requires 1 stock.
    • Roll Evasion
    • Emergency Roll
    • Blowback Counter
    • MAX Super Combo - Requires 2 stocks.

  • Guard Break Mode
    • Maximum of 2 stocks
    • Just Defense - Tap back or down-back before an attack hits. You will absorb the hit and gain a bit of health back. CANNOT be used in air.
    • Guard Break Attack - d,df,f + CD simultaneously. An unblockable attack that will knock your opponent into the wall, allowing for extra juggles. Requires 1 stock.
    • Roll Evasion
    • Emergency Roll
    • MAX Super combo - Requires 2 stocks.

  • MAX2 Mode
    • 1 stock. Meter gradually refills on its own.
    • Blowback counter
    • MAX super combo
    • MAX2 Super combo - Can only be used when life bar is red.

Heat Mode

  • Can be activated while standing, running or jumping.
  • Can NOT be activated during an attack, or while you are being attacked.
  • Can NOT be activated when life bar is red. Deactivates when life bar turns red.
  • Deactivates when attacked (whether you are blocking or get hit)
  • Life slowly decreases while activated, and your character will flash red.
  • You must wait approximately one second to deactivate heat mode after activating it.


Tier List

S Class-Choi,Saisyu,Geese, Jhun
A Class-Robert, Iori,Daimon, Athena, O.Yashiro,Terry, King,Chris,Andy,K'
B Class-Vanessa, Ryo, Vice, Kyo, Whip, Takuma, Yamazaki,Joe, Kim, Yashiro,Yuri,O.Rugal,Ralf,Clark, Leona, Billy, Chin, O.Chris,Shingo.
C Class-Angel, May Lee,Ramon, Chang,Mai,Kula,Shermie, Blue Mary,Kusanagi.
D Class-Seth, O. Shermie, Mature

Game Versions

  • Arcade (Atomiswave)
  • Playstation 2
    • New characters added
    • Can choose between Arrange and Original soundtrack
    • Can choose between 3D backgrounds and original 2d backgrounds
  • Xbox
    • Same as PS2 version, but with Xbox Live capabilities.
    • Angel and May Lee are not accessible.

The Characters

Refer to the The King of Fighters 2002 section for combos and move lists, since almost every character is basically unchanged from there. Differences, if any, will be posted here when I find them. -no9176

Japan Team
Kyo Kusanagi
---First hit of df+D is now cancelable.
Benimaru Nikaido
Goro Daimon

Garou Densetsu Team
Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard
Joe Higashi

Art Of Fighting Team
Ryo Sakazaki
Robert Garcia
Takuma Sakazaki

Korea Team
Jhun Hoon
Choi Bounge
Chang Koehan

Women Fighters Team
Mai Shiranui
Yuri Sakazaki

KOF '96 Team
Iori Yagami

KOF '97 Team
Ryuji Yamazaki
Blue Mary
Billy Kane

KOF '98 Team
Yashiro Nanakase

Orochi New Faces Team

KOF '99 Team
---Crouching B is now cancelable.

Psycho Soldier Team
Athena Asamiya
Sie Kensou
Chin Gentsai

Ikari Warriors Team
Leona Heidern
Ralf Jones
Clark Steel

??? Team
Saisyu Kusanagi
Kula Diamond
Shingo Yabuki

Edit Characters
Kim Kaphwan

Console Only Characters
Angel (PS2 ONLY)
May Lee (PS2 ONLY)

Young Geese Howard

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