The King of Fighters 2006

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Game Mechanics

Basically it's a 4-button game: LP, HP, LK, HK. Pressing buttons in different combinations will result in additional techniques. Here a list of stuff:

f+HP = Throw f+HK = Throw

LP+LK = Sidestep (into the background) d+LP+LK = Sidestep (into the foreground)

[LP+LK] or b+[LP+LK] = Sidestep into Sidewalk*

  • As long as you are holding LP+LK you will continue to sidewalk in the initial direction.

b+LP+LK = Roll Back f+LP+LK = Roll Forward

b+LP+LK or f+LP+LK (During Guard) = Counter Roll*

  • Costs 1 meter
  • Can also be done after being Sabaki'ed (still costs 1 meter)

HP+HK = Power Attack*

  • Can also be done in air.
  • Can also be done after being Sabaki'ed (still costs 1 meter)

HP+HK (During Guard) = Guard Break* (actually it's an Alpha Counter)

  • Costs 1 meter.

b+LK+HP = High/Mid Sabaki (Parry basically) db+LK+HP = Low Sabaki

LP+LK (when hitting ground) = Break Fall (basically backwards tech roll) LP or HK (when on ground) = Quick Getup HP (when on ground) = Quick Getup (into the background) LK (when on ground) = Quick Getup (into the foreground)

In addition to all that stuff, there are also numerous command normals for each character. You'll have to learn those on your own.


There are 3 meters: Health, Guard, and Super.

Super meter can be filled up 3 times during round one (unless options have been changed). However, if a player loses the first round, they will be able to build up 5 supers in the next round. So, if both characters lose a round, in the third round they will both be able to build up 5 meters. In team matches, however, loss of one round would only allow you to go up to 4 super bars and losing two rounds would allow you to go up to 5 bars.

Super Cancels are done by doing a SC-able move into a super. A SC costs an additional meter on top of the normal super cost. For example: Terrys QCB,DB,F+P takes 1 meter, but canceling Burn Knuckle into it will cost 2 total (QCB+LP -> SC QCB,DB,F+P).

If you guard, your guard meter goes down. Pretty straightforward. However, from what I've seen so far, it doesn't ever go back up (for that round) until you've been guard-broken. When you run out of guard meter, the meter begins filling back up but it's red (instead of green). During this time, you can be constantly guard-broken. Ow.

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