Terry Bogard(RBFF)

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He is the main character of the franchise, its easy to learn and a mid tier in the game and can be suitable for casuals and pro players.

Move List


Buster Throw - F + C (Perform in close range)

Command Moves

Charge Kick: F + C (Perform in mid-dash)

Back Spin Kick: F + B

Wild Upper: DF + A

Special Moves

Power Dunk: F,D,DF + A

Power Wave: D,DF,F + A

Round Wave: D,DF,F + C

Passing Sway: D,DF,F + D

Burn Knuckle: D,DB,B + A or C

Crack Shoot: D,DB,B + B

7) Rising Tackle: D,U + A (Charge down)

S-Power Move

Power Geyser: D,DB,B,DB,F + BC

P-Power Move

Triple Geyser: D,DB,B,DB,F + C



Chain Legend

(St.A or Cr. A, St B or Cr. B) links into (St. B or Cr. B) Links into (C, F+C, DB+C, D or DF+C)
(St.A) links into (St.C)
(Cr.A) links into (Cr. C)
(Dash A) links into (St.C) links into (St.C) links into (St.C) links into (Any move) or (St.C)
A,C ...
d+A,Crouch C ...
dash A,C,C,C,C x
dash A,C,C,C ...
Combo1: Crouch A 3-5 hits, Crouch B, db+C, Rising Tackle (d,u+A)
Combo2: Jump B, jump C, crouch A x2, crouch B, db+C, Rising Tackle
Combo3: dash A,C,C,C, Power Dunk(f,d,df+B)
Combo4: Crouch A x3, crouch C, (d,db,b+B)
Comco5: Jump B, Jump C, A x3, C, Burning Knuckles
S.Power Juggle: (in corner) S.Power into Rising Tackle
P.Power Combo1: d+A x3,B,f+C,D, P.Power
P.Power Combo2: d+A x3,db+C, P.Power



Vs. Terry Bogard(Self)

If the Terry Player throws out Burning Knuckles. You can safely crouch to make it whiff and punish.