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Moves List

Standing Normals:

  • Jab (LP): Great all around attack. Good priority, good damage for a Jab,

good range (note that this is all regarding the neutral Jab). Try to avoid using the downwards Jab, as the Neutral Jab is better than it in pretty much every way.

  • Strong (MP): Great range and priority. Can stuff fireball attempts on

reaction at the correct range. Up close the move changes and Hawk will lunge his arms upwards.

  • Fierce (HP): I don't use this often personally, but it does have its uses

and does some good stun damage. When you're next to your opponent, this is two hits.

  • Short (LK): Okay tick. You should really only use this to mix-up your

ticks, because the Jab is a much better option than this.

  • Forward (MK): Very reliable, good range and an excellent meaty tick. If

a Shoto misses a Jab Shoryuken, kick them out of it with this.

  • Roundhouse (HK): Probably my favorite normal among the rest of Hawks as long

as you know how and when to throw it out. Now, this attack does not reach as far as it looks. The hit box will actually end at the cuff of Hawk's pants. There is no hitbox at all on his boot. This attack can also hit crouching opponents at the correct distance. When Hawk does his Roundhouse, his legs have a striking resembalance to a right angle. Imagine a 90 degree box in between his legs. This is the part that can hit crouching opponents. Its weird to explain, but try and it and you'll see what I mean.

Up close, Hawk does a fast kick that has some decent Anti-Air properties. One more thing, this attack is THE BEST counter to a whiffed Dragon Punch from a shoto. Try it on the next Ken you see whose constantly Jab DP'ing.

Crouching Normals:

  • Jab (LP): Awesome move. Priority beats a lot of stuff. Awesome tick.
  • Strong (MP): Works as a great AA against most jump-ins. Can cleanly knock

any Shoto out of their Hurricane Kick.

  • Fierce (HP): If someone is right above you, do this if you don't have time

to DP. The best time to do this move is after a whiffed Fierce DP from Ken or a whiffed DP from Cammy.

  • Short (LK): Good as a tick. Not too much else.
  • Forward (MK): Great poke. Awesome move against Guile and many others.
  • Roundhouse (HK): Do not underestimate this attack like I did at first.

Sure Zangief's is better in most ways, but this is a very sneaky attack and it has some really sweet range. Also, priority is good.

Jumping Normals:

  • Jab (LP): Ridiculously high priority. This bad boy should be sticking out

the majority of the time when you're in the air.

  • Strong (MP): I wouldn't bother with the normal version or the elbow drop.

Jab is pretty much everything Strong isn't, and the elbow drop isn't that useful as far as I'm aware.

  • Fierce (HP): Along with J.Jab, this bad boy is a force. Can cleanly beat

moves like Honda's Torpedo or Blanka's Ball. Whiffing this move on purpose on a jump-in and then grabbing is a strong tactic.

  • Short (LK): Mix this up with the Jab when you start getting within grab

range. This will also hit opponents that the Jab can't reach (I.E. Blanka).

  • Forward (MK): Can cross-up, but the Hawk Splash is a better option.
  • Roundhouse (RK): This doesn't have the same range as Zangief's J.RH, but

it still has okay range. Stick this out if you know it'll connect, otherwise, stick with the Jab as your air attack (or be an asshole and whiff it into a "720" :P).

Diving Hawk: (In air only) New command LP+LK or MP+MK. Old command PPP.

A love or hate move, depending on how you use it. This move can get you in your opponents face so fast, Zangief could only dream of having the same ability. However, you can also be knocked cleanly out of this everytime you use it if your opponent stays on his/her toes. This can actually work out largely in your favor however, as everytime you jump, they'll get ready for a Hawk Dive. There will be many times where you'll jump straight up and do nothing, and your opponent will whiff an Anti-Air. Also, if your opponent is a chip away from death, finish them off with this.

Some good method's of baiting your opponent into thinking you're doing a Dive is to jump into the air and do J.Fierce, since T.Hawk sorta pulls back when he does that move. Think of it as kind of a "fake" dive.

Rising Hawk: DP Motion.

Hawk's Anti Air. Has okay priority. Will trade usually with Roundhouse attacks if your timing is bad. This can be used as a reversal. Jab and Strong do one hit, and Fierce does 2-hits.

There is a bug with this move also. The last Rising Hawk you did will come out as your Reversal no matter which of the three punches you input. For example, if the last Rising Hawk you threw out was Fierce and you try to do a Jab DP as a Reversal, the Fierce version will come out instead.

Hawk Splash: (In air only) Down+Fierce.

Instead of doing his normal fierce, Hawk will do a body slam much like Zangiefs. The stun on this thing is unbelievable. Cross-up with this whenever you have the opprotunity. If your opponent blocks it, tick into a Tyhpoon when you land. If your opponent doesn't block, do a Forward and cancel it into a Fierce Rising Hawk for a combo that not only does big damage, but will almost always stun.

Mexican Typhoon: New command HCF+back or HCB+forward. Old command 360+Punch.

The main reason you're using Hawk is this move. This move is a command grab, meaning it cannot be blocked. Range is longer than an Ochio Throw, but shorter than an SPD. All three versions of this move vary in strength. Always use Fierce. If you do not know how to do this move standing, learn too. Its absolutely necessary at higher levels of play.

You can substitute back or forward if you do the HCB or HCF command with any of the up directions (back-up, up, forward-up).

Double Mexican Typhoon: New command HCFx2+back or HCB+forward. Old command 720+Punch.

Once you get your Super meter filled, tick into this instead of the normal Typhoon. The massive damage can really turn the tides in a losing battle. Learn to walk-up and pull this move off to really put pressure on your opponents.

Please note that you can also end the command with any "up" direction instead of forward. So for example, instead of doing HCBx2+forward and punch, you could do HCBx2+up-back and punch.

Changes From Super Turbo To HD Remix

Control Motion Changes

  • Hawk dive command changed to jab+short OR strong+forward OR

fierce+roundhouse while in air (old command PPP still works)

  • Special throw command easier: hcb,f+p OR hcf,b+p, and you can actually

start in down/back or down/forward. (Original 360 command also still works.)

  • Super command easier: hcb,hcb,f+p OR hcf,hcf+p.


  • Hawk dive's bounce changed so it ends with T.Hawk close to enemy and safe


  • Several of T.Hawk's normal moves are from Old T.Hawk,

such as stand roundhouse, stand strong, and low roundhouse. All of these moves are better than New T.Hawk's versions.

  • Stray hitbox for Cr.Strong has been taken out.
  • Fierce Rising Hawk now knocks down on the first hit. Before, many times

the first hit would hit but people would normally miss the second hit.


  • Hawk dive does not knock down.
  • Special throw now has a whiff animation if you miss to prevent an

inescapable throw loop.

  • Super throw bounces T.Hawk slightly farther away, but special throw still

has same bounce as ST.

The Basics

T.Hawk is a nightmare to learn at first. Chances are you'll be very put off at first because he's so damn hard to use right. I agree with this. People normally use Zangief instead, and compare him to T.Hawk and claim that he's better than T.Hawk. In reality, there is no comparison between the two. They both have command throws yes, but even then, the SPD and Typhoon both have very different properties.

With that out of that way, there are two things that you will need as T.Hawk If you want to win:

1. Patience 2. Aggression

Weird combination I know, but these two things go together with Hawk very, very well. You're going to need patience on getting in on your opponent. You can try and walk straight up to your opponent and do constant Typhoons, but unless your name is Mayakon or Toutanki, this isn't happening. You're gonna need to bait, block, and take a couple hits to get in. The more you approach, the more your opponent is going to back off. Nobody likes an approaching T.Hawk.

Now when you DO get in, you need to be brutal enough to end it right there. If someone misses their DP, there's your chance to end the entire fight. All you need is that one mistake or opening and the game is pretty much yours.

Also, learn Hawk's "Throw loop". The most basic version of this is:

Jump-in Jab (J.Jab), Crouching Jab (Cr.Jab), tick into a Typhoon.

Point is, you want to tick into that Typhoon whenever you have the chance. However, better players will know what you're up too, and Reversal in between the time where you tick them and attempt a Typhoon. In this case, grab after the first Jab. Keep your opponent guessing.

T.Hawk also had a Bread N' Butter combo that also happens to be a ToD. Our combo expert Mr. FreshOJ will delve into that for us!

"After a cross-up splash, you generally have three guaranteed options that lead to big damage:

1. Close standing jab/short. From these moves, cancelling into a Fierce Rising Hawk will give you a dizzy against anybody, provided that you hit with the splash, of course. If the splash didn't hit, well...obviously, you can easily tick into the Mexican Typhoon (or the Double Typhoon) and give your opponent little time to react.

2. 1-3 crouching jabs. If your splash hits, go on ahead and hit them with three jabs and then tick into the Mexican Typhoon for a pseudo Touch of Death combo. If they're blocking, go on ahead and randomly choose which jab to tick into the Mexican Typhoon from for a knockdown and some damage.

3. Close forward. If your cross-up splash hits, this move hits, and you cancel it into a Fierce Rising Hawk that hits have yourself a bonafide ToD here! It may whiff on smaller characters (which is the part I'm going to confirm), but the whole combo may also hit only three times on others (and may or may not give you a dizzy). But, against the people that this fully connects on...there's only one word for this combo...PAIN! But could also tick into a Mexican Typhoon or even a Double Typhoon and **really** bring the pain...whether the splash hits or not. Of course, you might spontaneously hear M.C. Hammer's 'Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em' blare out from somewhere, so that's up to you. :)"

Advanced Strategy


  • Note that Hawk is on the right.

Vs Ryu

  • Ryu: 6-4

Popular Shenanigans:

  • Whiffing a Weak Hurricane Kick into a Dragon Punch, a grab, or another

Weak Hurricane Kick.

  • Canceling a combo into a Fake Fireball and then walking up and throwing you.
  • Whiffing his Fierce "Dash Punch" into a throw or Super.

- Can cross-up with Heavy and Medium Kick.

Pretty even match-up. He has his fireball to keep you away, he'll stay away from you soley because your T.Hawk. Start this fight off in a down-back position. If he does his fireball, you'll have no risk. If he jumps at you, Rising Hawk. If he does a DP, walk up and do a Typhoon if you can, or do a MK and knock him out of it. If he tries to Hurricane Kick, do a cr. MP (this goes for any Shoto). Once his Super builds up, be extremely careful on trying to tick him, as they'll normally try to reversal with this for big damage. Find your own method of baiting this, dodge it, and then punish him.

At a distance, they'll start shooting fireballs. Do not Hawk Dive over these after you jump over them, because then Ryu will have enough time to knock you out of it clean. Instead, jump torwards him (or just walk up, block, walk up, block, etc.). If he jumps torwards you to try and hit you too, he'll get knocked back no matter what attack he uses (Hurricane Kick has a 50/50 chance of being hit). When you both land, Ryu will be in a VERY uncomfortable position, and either throw out a stupid move or jump back. You're gonna want him to jump back (since that will push him back into the corner even further). If he does something else like DP, knock him out of it.

Be wary against a smart player with his Super built up. Bad Ryu's will use it right away. It's the good ones that'll save it till they know they can get you with it. With that said, walking up and ticking him is NOT a great idea once the bar is full. Keep your distance, but don't sit all the way across the screen. Keep approaching him till he gets pushed back in that corner. Expect a Super to be shot out at anytime now. When he does shoot it, make sure you're at the right distance to see it coming and have enough time to jump over it. If you do jump over it and land by him, Typhoon him and show him no mercy.

Vs Ken

  • Ken: 7-3

Popular Shenanigans:

  • Repeated Jab Dragon Punches.
  • Ticking with a Jump-in and then doing a Knee Bash.

- Can cross-up with Medium Kick.

Exactly like fighting Ryu except you can't safe jump him.

Vs E.Honda

  • E.Honda: 8-2

Popular Shenanigans:

  • Whiffing a Headbutt into an Ochio Throw.
  • Whiffing a Flying Sumo into an Ochio Throw.
  • Whiffing (or canceling) a Hundred-Hand-Slap into an Ochio Throw.
  • Jump-in with Short (attacking with his butt) and doing an Ochio.
  • Ticking with a blocked Flying Sumo and doing a Bear Hug.

- Can cross-up with Medium Kick (will look like he's doing a body dive). - Can cross-up with Roundhouse.

Before I go into any details, I want you too know that even though the odds are completely against you, this fight is still winnable.

Before anything, learn what can beat Honda's attacks. Your Cr.Jab will beat pretty much anything Honda does (except if he walks up and does St.Roundhouse. It'll beat your Cr.Jab clean). Your goal in this fight is to get that health advantage, no matter how small, and run like a coward for as long as you can. MAKE Honda come to YOU. His footsies are horrible, and he loses all of his charge once he starts to move forward.

If Honda gets the health advantage over you... then well... all I can really tell you is good luck.

Vs Chun Li

  • Chun-Li: 4-6

Popular Shenanigans:

  • Gaining the health advantage and running away.
  • Wall jumping out of danger.
  • Ticking Medium Punch, Cr. Medium Kick, Jumping Light Kick, pretty much any

attack she has into her almighty throw.

  • Walking up to you after you've been knocked down and doing a Neckbreaker.

- Can cross-up with Medium Kick (I think, someone might have to confirm that).

HA. Even though the fight isn't drastically in your favor, YOU OWN CHUN-LI. Get her in that corner, and its game.

A smart Chun will knock you out of your J.Jab ticks with a standing MP. This will cleanly hit you every time out of a J.Jab, so in this case, switch to a J.Short. It'll beat her MP. At this point, Chun will pull something else out to counter your J.Short, in which case throw out a J.Fierce. Jump-ins with Chun-Li will always be a guessing game if she isn't knocked down.

Veterans of T.Hawk might remember how Hawk's Body Splash in the original Super Turbo raped Chun-Li in every way. It was one of the very few moves in that game that Chun really had no answer too. Well that's changed. I've tried doing constant Body Splash's, and while Chun still has a hard time with it, her Up Kicks will knock you out of it clean.

If Chun jumps straight in the air, DO. NOT. JUMP. IN. She is baiting you! Chuns straight up Roundhouse has BS priority over anything you have. Wait till she starts to come down, and stuff a St.Roundhouse in her face.

Vs Blanka

  • Blanka: 7-3

Popular Shenanigans:

  • Jumping Short into Bite(grab).
  • Whiffing a Roll into a Bite(grab).
  • Crossover with hop after you've been knocked down.

- Can cross-up with Light Kick.

Tricky one here. If you get Blanka knocked down in the corner, consider it your victory. Doing so is a lot harder than you might think though. He can counter your Hawk Dive in multiple ways, he's impossible to safe jump, and he has very strong and confusing links.

If you ever see Blanka doing his electricity, WALK UP AND TYPHOON. Its pretty much free, big damage. Do not be afraid to jump in every now and then. His St.Strong may beat everything you have, but its range is pretty weak. Jumping outside of its range and then either walking up and throwing or doing a Cr.Roundhouse is a solid tactic.

Vs Zangief

  • Zangief:4-6

Popular Shenanigans:

  • Whiffing a Green Hand into an SPD.
  • Whiffing a Jumping Heavy Kick into an SPD.
  • Catching you off guard with a Running Grab.
  • Hopping into an SPD.

- Cam cross-up with his Body Splash.

You really need to play this carefully. A good Zangief will mix his attacks up often to keep you guessing when he'll throw out an SPD. Another annoyance worth mentioning is that when Gief DOES decide to tick, he'll normally tick outside of your Typhoon range but stay right in the sweet spot of his. I hate to say it, but Zangief has some crazy mix-ups at close range that T.Hawk just doesn't.

The fact that your Typhoon is stronger than his though will be sorta helpful. But even then, Gief can counter your ticks just as easily as you can counter his. Some people say that this fight is slightly in Gief's favor, but from my expierences, I can honestly say that as long as you know the match-up, this is one of the most even fights in the game.

Start off jumping straight up and doing a J.Roundhouse. If Gief walks torwards you, this'll hit him. If he decides to do the same strategy, you'll trade. If you want more reassurance, jump straight up and do a J.Jab. For most of this fight, you'll both be on the opposite side of the screen, watching the other. You're biggest asset at this range is Hawks Cr. Roundhouse. Its strong, it has good reach, and its sneaky. It'll also knock him out of a Lariat clean. Speaking of the Lariat, this is a strange move. Half of the time it'll knock you out of a Hawk Dive, and half of the time it won't. Deciding when to Hawk Dive is completely up to you.

Some big strategies that Gief's use to get into SPD range vary. They will do a Green Hand, and then SPD after it. DON'T FALL FOR THIS. This is very annoying if you get caught by it. The Green Hand has very decieving recovery on it. If you see him whip it out, knock him out of it. It doesn't matter with what, just do it to avoid the whole situation. If Gief jumps at you with a short, block in then reversal DP. He's going for an SPD. Believe me.

Better Zangiefs will knock you out of your Typhoon range (like I mentioned earlier) while still staying in their's. Your only method of escape at this point is a Rising Hawk or a Super.

Speaking of Hawks Super, this bad boy will be your best friend throughout this fight. Giefs will fear this thing once you show them you know how to use it, and even the best will fall victim to it.

Vs Guile

  • Guile: 6-4

Popular Shenanigans:

  • Shooting a Sonic Boom at close range then following it up with his overhead.
  • Shooting an SB at close range then following it up with a Cr.Forward.
  • Using Cr.Fierce to make himself appear that he's standing while still

keeping the charge to his Flash Kick.

- Can cross up with Light Kick.

Be very, very patient here, and you will come out on top. There are three ways Guile can stuff your Dive; St.Jab, straight up J.Fierce, and back+Forward, so watch when you use that. Don't ever jump in on him when he's crouching. You're going to spend a lot of this fight jumping over Sonic Booms, waiting for the right moment to get in and end it.

The first thing you need to focus on is getting that health advantage. Once you do so, you're gonna mess up Guile's day big time. Get that advantage, get to the other side of the screen, and start avoiding SB's. Jump straight up. Only jump forward at select times. After a while, Guile will start to walk towards you. Be cautious. Most likely he's gonna throw out a slow SB, and then jump Roundhouse you. Predict this, and jump back and Dive. He will whiff, be knocked down, and you can safe jump his ass to kingdom come.

Also, if Guile blocks a Dive or is hit by it, wait a second or two and throw out Cr.Forward or Cr.Roundhouse. It'll beat (or at the very least trade) with his Cr.Forward.

Vs Dhalsim

  • Dhalsim: 6-4

Popular Shenanigans:

  • Short or Forward Slide into a throw, can repeat for a throw loop.
  • Downwards Drill into a throw or a combo.
  • Sliding under your jump-in attempts and then throwing you.

Let's clear something up. In ST, this fight was 8-2 in Dhalsim favor, or even 9-1. Now, its pretty close to 6-4 or 7-3 in my opinion. A lot has improved.

At the start, get in down-back. Do not attempt anything. Watch what Sim does first. Any attack he does, you block it. You'll have plenty of chances to Psychic DP later. If he pushes you to the end of the screen, do not fear. You have an attack that all Dhalsims know and fear the awesomeness of this attack. Which awesome attack is this? That's right, J.Fierce. It'll stuff or trade with any of his kicks in your favor, and even his punches with good timing.

With that being said though, Dhalsim has one attack that will literally beat any attack that you throw at him that doesn't hit low, his back chop. It will stop your dive, J.Jab, Rising Hawk, Roundhouse, pretty much anything, and it'll stop all those moves cold. Once you're close too Dhalsim, be very careful about how you attack, because this move is quite the annoyance.

Anyway back on track, you're on the other side of the screen, you jump forward and throw out J.Fierce, there isn't much Dhalsim can do to stop it from his position. There are numerous reactions Dhalsim will have to this, so I'll just get this out there; whatever Dhalsim does, your goal is to knock him down, and then its GG. No joke. If Dhalsim is in a corner, his reversal teleport will do nothing to save him. You can keep ticking and Typhooning all day.

In the end, you need to watch Dhalsim like a Hawk (no pun intended). Look for ANY attack pattern he has and counter with a DP.

Vs T.Hawk

Vs Cammy

Vs Fei Long

Vs Dee Jay

Vs Balrog (Boxer)

  • Balrog (Boxer): 6-4

Popular Shenanigans:

  • Whiffing Dashing Upper Into a grab.
  • Bufallo Headbutting right in front of you then grabbing you.
  • Storing two TAP's (turn-around punches) throwing out a weak one then

throwing out a really high one after it.

  • Whiffing a Headbutt or a Dash into a Super.
  • Whiffing a Dashing Upper into a Jab Headbutt.

You need to know that Balrog is pretty much a Pitbull with a broken leash. He will beat you down hard the moment you screw up. His offense is relentless and he can very much hold his own in the defensive department. Balrog has one glaring weakness in my opinion though. Once knock down and its game over for him.

You can start this off with no risk and stay in Down+Back, or make a small risk and do a Cr.Roundhouse. This will be a valuable move throughout the fight, along with Cr.Forward. They beat his Dash Low Punch about 80% of the time, which you can expect that he'll be throwing out a lot. Now if you're REALLY good, you can grab Balrog out of his Low Dash. Yes, this is possible, but timing is clutch and you need to see it coming as well. Do it to show off and see what kind of reactions you get. :P

A big thing is too not let Balrog get the health advantage. If he does, most Balrogs will run to the other side of the screen and pretty much stop any of your attempts of getting in with a dash. Try and predict a dash and then counter with a Cr.Roundhouse. Hopefully you'll knock him down and then turn the tides.

Vs Vega (Claw)

Vs Sagat

Vs M.Bison (Dictator)

Vs Akuma

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