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--Colors captured by Jizzon.
--Blitzfu 02:29, 24 July 2010 (UTC)

Changes From Super Turbo To HD Remix

Tiger Shot
Tiger Shots are not as good as O Sagat, but they have slightly faster recovery than N Sagat.
Tiger Uppercut
Fierce Tiger Uppercut is a one-hit attack instead of a multi-hit attack, same as O Sagat.
Tiger Knee
F,D,DF Kick
Tiger Knee can now be executed as a DP motion. They also always knock down and juggle for a max of 3 hits. If the opponent is pushed into the corner with the TK juggles, a Super Attack can be added on for more hits. Tiger Knees now do less damage and dizzy.
Super Attack
The Super Attack can now be performed as a reversal attack. Also, it has slightly greater horizontal range and knocks down on every hit.

Moves List

Normal Attacks

Normal Throws

Punch Throw
F or B Strong/Fierce
Both throws have the same range and do the same damage.

Special Attacks

HIGH TIGER SHOT (also known as Tiger, Fireball, FB, Shot)
QCF Punch
Sagat's High Shots will whiff on all crouching opponents, but are some of the fastest fireballs in the game. His High Shots startup slightly faster than the Low ones and are great for hitting projectiles such as Bison's PC and Honda's Torpedo.

LOW TIGER SHOT (also known as Tiger, Fireball, FB, Shot)
QCF Kick
An excellent fireball, it must be blocked low. It's great for zoning and is very difficult for all grounded opponents to react to due to its fast speed. Projectiles such as Bison's PC and Honda's Torpedo can travel over them and hit Sagat, but will get hit by the High Shots. Fireball trap on a cornered, knocked down opponent: meaty Short Low Shot followed by Roundhouse Low Shot from almost full-screen range is a 2-hit block string and cannot be escaped if blocked.

TIGER UPPERCUT (also known as TU, DP, Uppercut, SRK)
F,D,DF Punch
All Tiger Uppercuts are invincible-on-startup, but once they lose their invincibility, Sagat is vulnerable on his entire body. This makes Sagat a huge target and causes the Uppercut to trade with some attacks that a Shoryuken would have stuffed. This also means that the Uppercut is unable to escape meaty fireballs and is also vulnerable to grounded throws before being airborne, same as the Shoryuken. Jab Uppercut is the safest on block and Fierce does the most damage. If Sagat is crossed up, you can perform a backwards DP motion (F,DF,D,DB Punch). The last input, DB, will become DF as the opponent has crossed over, and an Uppercut will activate.

TIGER KNEE (also known as TK, Knee)
F,D,DF Kick
The Roundhouse travels the furthest and the Short travels the shortest distance. The Forward TK is in between the two. All TKs knock the opponent down and juggle for 3 hits. The Tiger Knee is a great surprise tactic, and works well to whiff into a throw. It's also pretty good as an anti-air and can be used to catch jumpers over a half-screen distance away.

Super Attack

(also known as Tiger Genocide)
QCF x 2 Punch
The Super Attack is great as an anti-air, goes through fireballs and is good for countering wakeup pressure games. It's invincible for the entire Knee portion up until the beginning of the Uppercut, after which Sagat is vulnerable to counterattacks. It will sometimes whiff completely against small, crouching characters such as Cammy if not executed at point-blank range.

--Blitzfu 04:53, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

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Advanced Strategy


Vs Ryu

Vs Ken

Vs E.Honda

Vs Chun Li

Vs Blanka

Vs Zangief

Vs Guile

Vs Dhalsim

Vs T.Hawk

Vs Cammy

Vs Fei Long

Vs Dee Jay

Vs Balrog (Boxer)

Vs Vega (Claw)

Vs Sagat

Vs M.Bison (Dictator)

Vs Akuma

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