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Tireless Warrior

  • Initial Appearance: Street Fighter (1987)
  • Nintendo Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991)
  • Most Recent Appearance: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite (2017)
  • Voiced By: Kyle Hebert (EN), Hiroshi Takahashi (JP)

Ryu is a guest character from the Street Fighter series. He practices a branch of Ansatsuken (Assassin's Fist), as taught to him by his master and foster father Gouken. He uses this combative martial art to thwart Shadaloo, rail against the Satsui no Hado within him, and even take on the Illuminati. Despite the numerous Street Fighter games from which his design takes inspiration, his moveset, aesthetics, and just his character in general are generally a mix between the Super Street Fighter II Turbo and the Street Fighter III series incarnations, with some Street Fighter IV thrown in for good measure via his Focus Attack. He has an immense legacy among fighting games and was one of the SNES's most recognizable characters.

In a nutshell

Ryu is a footsies/combo character that, while a little slow, trades this mobility for devastating power. With great frame data, great combo tools and an immensely powerful set of finishing moves, he is a force to be reckoned with up close. He carries over with him the command inputs from traditional fighters, including quarter-circle and DP motions; these motions enhance his special moves, which can still be inputted normally (side B, up B, etc.) for ease of use. However, also brought with Ryu to Smash are Street Fighter's jump physics, which means jumps with Ryu are far more committal than with other characters who can often reverse directions in the air without jumping again. This, combined with his below-average recovery and trouble dealing with cross-ups, make Ryu a relatively linear opponent to face. If you're thinking of picking up Ryu, it's not a terrible idea, as Ryu is a high-tier, potentially top 10 pick, but expect a long road to the top due to technical mastery and matchup knowledge making playing this character optimally tougher than it'd seem.


Ryu Palette (SSB4).png

  • White/Red (default): Ryu's standard appearance in the main Street Fighter series.
  • Gray/Blue: Ryu's Player 2 color in Street Fighter II and III.
  • White/White: Ryu's standard appearance in Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting as well as the Street Fighter Alpha series.
  • Black/Yellow: Ryu's Player 2 color (color 2 of his standard outfit) in Street Fighter V.
  • Orange/Brown: Parodies the outfit of Ryo Sakazaki from the Art of Fighting series.
  • Blue/Red: Just one of Ryu's SSF2T colors.
  • Yellow/Yellow: Just one of Ryu's SSF2T colors.
  • Salmon/Purple: Just one of Ryu's SSF2T colors.


Stat Value Ranking
Run Speed 1.60 Average
Walk Speed 0.75 Very Slow
Air Speed 1.12 Fast
Air Acceleration 0.12 Very Slow
Fall Speed 2.24 (+40%) Below Average
Weight 103 Above Average
Gravity 0.12 Very High
Jumpsquat 5 frames Above Average


For a visualization of Ryu's hitboxes, please refer to this page.

Move (Input) Startup Damage BKB,KBG Adv. on Shield Properties Notes
Standard Attacks
Light Jab

(tap A-button.png up to three times)

4 / 3 / 8 2 / 3 / 5 15,100 / 24,100 / 70,50 -3 / -14 / -16 - It does decent damage with average range, but if you go past the first jab on block, it is astoundingly punishable. Quick way to rack up some damage, but overall you probably won't use it often, given how much it is overshadowed by his tilts.
Heavy Jab

(hold A-button.png)

9 10 40,110 -9 - Not a very impressive move, although it has longer range than light jabs and can kill at higher percents (past 125).
Dash Attack

(A-button.png while dashing)

7 12 (early), 8 (late) 80,65 -18 +2 bonus shield damage Underrated move. Its general purpose is as a mid-range whiff punish. It can also cross-up on shield if used close enough, which is a nice bonus. Can KO opponents starting at 150-ish, but if you're Ryu then they should be dead long before then. It's relatively unsafe on block if it doesn't cross-up.
Light F-tilt

(F + tap A-button.png)

8 7 66,46 -6 6-11: Kicking foot Invincible A reliable launcher that can be spaced via pivots to be somewhat safe on block. Can be followed up with an aerial. Its selling point is its range/disjoint, as his foot is invincible and the kick reaches upward, allowing it to be a situational anti-air.
Heavy F-tilt

(F + hold A-button.png)

13 3+6 60,90 -7 +28 bonus shield damage The signature Collarbone Breaker. In Smash 4, its most noticeable trait is its immense shield damage and its meaty properties, making it a alright move to challenge wakeups and dodges. It will almost always break a not-full shield, which is going to lead to a world of hurt. However it's kind of slow, and it's not totally safe either.
Light U-tilt

(U + tap A-button.png)

4 / 3* 2 19,94 -1 Chain Cancel

Special Cancel

lol this move. In spite of its short range, it's pretty cheap. It was meant to be chained a couple of times and then comboed into a special, but if you run into a player that doesn't know proper DI or SDI you can just U-tilt them forever, especially if you walk as you do so (done by holding forward then, assuming your secondary stick is set to Attack, tapping upward on that repeatedly). A safe move that hit-confirms into Shoryuken, this is an important move in every Ryu player's arsenal.
Heavy U-tilt

(U + hold A-button.png)

7 12 70,70 -15 Special Cancel

4-10: Upper body Invincible

Another decent move that you would do well to remember. Good cancellable anti-air with some generous invincibility for a normal. It's difficult to confirm this into a "True" Shoryuken, since C-stick tilts always give you the tap variation, but you can still hit-confirm to the Up B Shoryuken for a little extra damage on hit.
Light D-tilt

(D + tap A-button.png)

3 / 2* 1.5 9,100 -3 Chain Cancel

Special Cancel

Quick short kick just like Ryu's crouching light kick from the Street Fighter games. In this game, it's Ryu's fastest move at frame 3. It's too quick to punish reliably, and you can chain it a couple of times on hit, even into Heavy D-tilt, which is what you'll want to do most of the time.
Heavy D-tilt

(D + hold A-button.png)

7 7 70,23 -8 Special Cancel Emulating Ryu's infamous crouching medium kick, this move has a fair bit of range, and can be used to toss in some more damage between Light D-tilt chains and your ender of choice. The classic crouching-forward-into-fireball link is still a thing in this game, so it's a strategy you can use in footsies.
Smash Attacks
Joudan Sokutougeri

(tap F + A-button.png)

15 17.5 / 16 25,94 -11 - A powerful kick with huge range and good kill power to boot. It does more damage at max range. It's best used as a whiff punish, but if you get someone into a crumple from Focus Attack, this can finish them off. Its range can easily catch unwary opponents off guard and make it very hard for many characters to outright punish, even on whiff, but beware longer-range characters like Ganondorf who have the tools to punish.

(tap U + A-button.png)

9 17 (early) / 13.5 (late) 32,76 -17 - Yet another anti-air that shrinks Ryu's hitbox. It boasts invincibility and speed similar to Mario's infamous U-smash. U-tilt combos into it pretty easily. Unless you're looking to read some dumb landing with little commitment, you might as well go for a good raw "true" Shoryuken, but a benefit of U-smash is that the killing hitbox reaches higher than Shoryuken's.

(tap D + A-button.png)

5 16 (far) / 12 (close) 50,50 -18 - A fast sweep. Unlike most D-smashes, it doesn't hit behind him, so be careful. Despite how bad it is at killing, it still does respectable damage, with good range for a 5-frame attack (although not as much as F-smash). If you can space with it, it's not a bad move for footsies and anti-pressure in some matchups.
Grabs and Throws
Standing Grab


6 - - Grab - Fast grab, okay range. Ryu's throws are nothing too special, but having a fast grab that's the same speed as Up B out of shield makes for one very useful OoS game.
Dash Grab

(Z while dashing)

8 - - Grab - If you're conditioning your opponent to shield a lot, go for this! Use it as a means to get in against slow-dodging characters like Bowser, Bayonetta, and even other Ryus. Watch out for fast hitboxes and OoS options however.
Pivot Grab

(B + Z while dashing)

10 - - Grab - A good defensive maneuver. Since many characters want to get behind or cross-up Ryu, you can use pivot grab to teach a lesson to those looking to exploit Ryu's subpar back coverage.

(F while holding)

- 9 75,45 - - Its impressive base knockback can come in handy when attempting to (re)claim stage control.

(B while holding)

- 12 75,45 - - Similar to F-throw but it's one of the highest-damaging back throws in the game. Probably your best throw past 70-ish even though it doesn't kill well.

(U while holding)

- 8 55,75 - - Has a hitbox independent from the throw that deals impressive knockback. The move won't see much use outside of the Rosalina matchup where you can damage both Rosa and her Luma simultaneously. The axe kick kills pretty early in doubles.

(D while holding)

- 5+4 50,137 - Automatic shield break Ryu can combo out of this at early %s, and it does good damage for a throw. You'll usually this at low to mid %s. Early %s it acts as a combo tool, while a tad later on it becomes better for a little juggling. You probably won't be using Ryu's throws too too much past 70 anyway.
Aerial Attacks
Neutral Air

(A-button.png while airborne)

4 8 20,100 max +7 Full-hop AC A very good move that does pretty much everything that Ryu could want it to (even if its range sucks). It can combo into itself in a full-hop, a short-hop N-air can mix-up into a full combo, it's safe on landing, etc. Use this move right up close and you can apply considerable pressure.

(F + A-button.png while airborne)

6 15 (early), 9 (late) 80,49 (leg) / 65,25 (cross-up) max +3 +15 bonus shield damage

Full-hop AC

Pretty versatile. It's got nice range, a lot of shield damage (though not quite as much as Heavy F-tilt), hitting with a landing F-air can lead to a full combo, etc etc. It's even a good edgeguarding move. There's a hitbox on Ryu's rear that has reduced damage and KB making it ideal for cross-ups. This move also doubles as an ender if your combo launched your opponent.

(B + A-button.png while airborne)

8 16 12,90 max +6 Short-hop AC One of the best aerials in the game. Huge damage, considerable range, immensely safe, and Ryu can combo out of it at low %s. Be very wary when juggling Ryu as this is a prime landing tool of his in many cases, although it whiffs against some low-crouchers like Kirby.

(U + A-button.png while airborne)

6 5+6 0,172 (2nd hit only) max -3 Autolink

Short-hop AC

Akin to Ryu's j.MP from ST and beyond. First hit autolinks into the second, which is very useful as it drags opponents to the ground and can start a combo down there. It's not unheard of to chain a couple of them together in the air, with a DP afterward being a legitimate mix-up.

(D + A-button.png while airborne)

8 15 (air) / 12 (ground) 10,80 (air) / 14,60 (ground) max 0 Meteor Smash (airborne opponents only)

Full-hop AC

A fast meteor against airborne opponents, a combo tool against grounded ones due to altered properties. You can do landing N-air into D-air as a mix-up or even a combo under the right circumstances. The aerial version has a sourspot that hits opponents who are not close enough to Ryu when the hitbox comes out.
Special Attacks

(B-button.png (standard) or QCF + A-button.png/B-button.png (true))

13 5 to 6 45,10 min -27 True: +20% damage Pretty basic projectile. It can do impressive damage, but it's not really quick-travelling. It can outtrade transcendent projectiles like Sheik's needles or Falco's lasers. Best used in mid-range or as an ender. You'll probably use Shakunetsu over this in a number of situations. The speed and damage of the projectile increase depending on how long you hold the button on startup. Will fail if another Hadoken is already in play.
Shakunetsu Hadoken

(HCF + A-button.png/B-button.png)

13 (1.1*4)+4 60,60 min -6 Low Priority For a number of situations, this is better than standard Hadoken, especially on offense. It deals more damage, launches, and it's much, MUCH better on block. Like Hadoken, can be used as an ender, although inputting it can be a challenge. Its trade-off is that its priority sucks, and stronger attacks will plow through it. The multi-hits are also weak enough that grounded opponents can get their shield up in between the multi-hits, but sometimes that's what you want. The speed of the projectile increases depending on how long you hold the button on startup. Will fail if another Hadoken is already in play.
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

(F/B + B-button.png (standard) or QCB + A-button.png/B-button.png(true))

8 8 to 12 (grounded) / 8 to 11 (air) 80,50 to 80,65 -42 to -74 Air Use Limited; Cannot Rebound

True: +1.16x damage, travel speed and distance increased

Perhaps the optimal ender for combos at low percents; although Shoryuken deals more damage, Tatsumaki keeps Ryu moving, allowing him more momentum after the combo. It can negate numerous different non-transcendent projectiles like his own Hadokens and Pit's arrows; a full-powered True Tatsu can stuff projectiles that deal up to 20%. The speed and damage of the move increase depending on how long you hold the button on startup.

(U + B-button.png (standard) or DP + A-button.png/B-button.png(true))

6 12 to 14 80,58 to 80,69 (grounded) / 80,49 to 80,60 (aerial) max -20 Freefall; 3-5: Invincible

True: +1.2x damage, Invincibility changed to 1-6, landing lag removed

The classic uppercut is an extremely powerful finishing move, and one of the best Up Specials in the game. It can easily combo from his light tilts and kills soul-crushingly early, especially if Ryu has rage. Normal Shoryuken has some invincibility, but it'll trade with meaties and other hitboxes; True Shoryuken gives full startup invincibility. It's strongly recommended you get the True Shoryuken ingrained in your muscle memory, for there are many combo paths that Ryu can take to his primary kill move. However, you can't do a "True" Shoryuken out of shield, unlike other Up B moves (regular Shoryuken, however, can be performed OoS).
Focus Attack

(D + hold B-button.png, dash cancel with FF or BB)

31 (level 1) / 52 (level 2) / 70 (level 3) 12 (level 1) / 10 (level 2) / 17 (level 3) 100,10 (level 1, grounded), unknown (aerial) -8 (level 1/2, FADC)

Unblockable (level 3)

20-70: Dash Cancel; 1-70: Conditional Super Armor (charge only); Air Use Limited

Levels 2 and 3: Causes Crumple

Can super armor any one hit starting on frame 1, halving that hit's damage; any further damage during the charge will interrupt Focus Attack as normal. It can be used in the air, slowing down Ryu's momentum. He can dash forward or back to cancel Focus Attack. Can be reversed before the hitbox comes out. Dash Cancellable at any moment unless the move misses. Overall, an integral part of Ryu's gameplan in many matchups as the frame 1 Super Armor is invaluable. Good for avoiding gimps, for countering an attack, etc etc. When it hits, you can FADC it and go for a full combo. Overall, among Ryu's most important moves.

Understanding the Character

Playing the Neutral

Ryu's neutral is not that fantastic. In this game, up close is where he shines. That being said, Ryu's not without his tools to succeed in this department, between his astoundingly safe jump-ins and one of the best projectiles in the game at conditioning your opponent (Shakunetsu). From there you can often punish your opponent afterward, whether they shield, jump or roll. Ryu also has some good moves for footsies to draw his opponent to him.

Short-hops are also Ryu's best friend. It gives you the option of resorting to your aerials for jump-ins, mix-up your movement by FADC'ing more freely (while still gliding slowly forward), pull out a surprise fireball, all while keeping the commitment low, useful for approaching and pouring on the pressure. Sometimes, it is better to walk than run or jump, as walking gives you the vast majority of your arsenal that you really need (namely your anti-air tilts), as well as your shield. Ryu's OoS punishes are incredible. You don't want to not have them at your disposal.

Pressing Your Advantage

At the heart of Ryu as a Smash 4 character are his combos, which are largely unaffected by rage or DI, making them pretty reliable any time you can get 'em. Ryu's most reliable combo starters are Focus Attack, N-air and D-air mix-ups, even F-air at low %s, but look for any openings you can get and if you need to improvise to get hits in, go wild. Most combos usually involve the opener, with two weak U- or D-tilts into the strong one, which is then cancelled into Shoryuken, sometimes Hadoken or Tatsu. Past 65 you'll definitely start constantly looking your DP combos to go for the stock. You can also find ways to combo into Shoryuken or Joudan Sokutogeri off of Ryu's other moves, so keep them in mind as well.

Ryu is pretty decent at applying pressure when he's gotten in on his opponent, thanks to his safe moves and surprising tech chase game. If you get under someone, you have numerous anti-airs to keep them airborne for a little while longer. The light U-tilt is a particularly good move in this scenario due to it chaining into itself, whether through your combos or just U-tilting repeatedly to keep the opponent immobile. Some characters' landings can also be trapped with Shakunetsu and/or Focus Attack.

As a character built for the onstage, Ryu doesn't have much in the way of edgeguarding. F-air, however, does quite well in this department, and it devastates opponents offstage with good timing. Mid-height and high recoveries can be trapped with Shakunetsu on reaction. Keep the fight onstage as long as you can; that's where Ryu shines.

Making the Comeback

Ryu needs to behave almost entirely differently in each disadvantageous scenario, and sometimes even these behaviors change between MUs. When he's onstage and in fear of getting juggled, he can mix-up his jump direction by FADC'ing to throw off aggressive opponents, as well as using the air stall to slow himself down, but he needs to be mindful of multi-hit aerials that can knock him out of it, such as those from Greninja, Sheik, etc. It's also possible for Ryu to brute-force his way down to the ground by fast-falling with F-air, but this is also MU-dependent. There's also using Hadokens to slow Ryu down and reverse his direction, very much like Focus Attack, but it's not as effective except in niche situations. If you're confident, you can go all-out and hit your aggressive opponent with a True Shoryuken to try and abuse the frame 1 invincibility.

Offstage, Ryu is not so hot when he's not in range to Shoryuken back to the ledge. His horizontal recovery is very easily contested, as his hitboxes suck at protecting him from disjointed hitboxes from above and ahead. He can hope to F-air his opponent away but a trade still leaves Ryu in a very bad spot. Occasionally, you can FADC to use the super armor and get past a gimp, but this is easily punished if done too early. Overall, you need to be creative with Ryu when recovering in order to outlast edgeguard-happy opponents.