Suika Ibuki (IaMP)

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Suika is the 'drunken master' of IaMP -- minus the 'master' part. All she wants to do is party hard and hit things really hard. Her play style is charitably described as spaztic, but it works due to the fact that everything she has does significant damage.

Nine out of ten IaMP experts (a.k.a. random Japanese players) consider Suika to be the best drunken loli in the game... and one of the better characters, period.

Move Data and Properties

Physical Attacks

Motion Damage Proration Startup Duration Blk.A Hit.A CH.A Level
5A 650 94% 11 26 0 +1 +8 Mid
2A 1200 85% 10 37 -5 -4 +6 Mid
6A 1000 85% 16 39 -1 0 +10 Ground
5B 1000 90% 20 72 -30 X X Any
2B 600 94% 8 29 -6 -5 +2 Low
6B 1200 80% 26 48 0 X X Low
66A 450
52 +1 X X Ground
66B 900 75% 16 48 -21 X X Mid
663A 170*6 98%*6 13 42 +1 +2 +2 Ground
663B 300*3 93%*3 15 49 0 +1 +1 Low
22A 1200 75% 25 65 -18 X X Mid
22B 1200 75% 25 60 -13 X X Low
j.A 750 90% 8 41 -14 X X Upper
j.2A 1200 90% 15 39 -5 X X Upper
j.B 1200 85% 9 30 -2 X X Upper
22C (N) 0 80% 12 44 -10 X X Ground
22C (O) 500 80% 12 57 -3 X X Ground
22C (D) 0 50% 12 60 -26 X X Ground

(raw data)

Suika is considered in a grazing state with:

  • 66B (frames 8-43 -- the move no longer grazes once blocked)
  • 663A (frames 1-30)
  • 663B (frames 1-34)

Suika is considered airborne with:

  • 66B (frames 8-43, and the entire 'special recovery' of the move)
  • 6B (frames 7-25)
  • 22A (frames 21-33)
  • 22B (frames 12-24)

(and the jump-based attacks, hurr)

Suika is considered invincible with:

  • 22C (N) (frames 1-14)
  • 22C (D) (frames 1-14)

5B is considered a projectile move (costing zero spirit), and can be grazed. However, it can not be superjump cancelled. Instead, it can be cancelled into any other ground-based move -- physical attack, projectile, special, bomb, or spellcard.

66B has a funny 'bounce' property whenever it connects (similar to the "punishment bounce" found in Mortal Kombat games) where she bounced off the enemy post-contact, giving the move a fixed recovery (regardless of how late the move hit).

663A also hits on frames 16、19、22, 25 and 28. This move also has a two frame hitstop.

663B also hits on frames 21 and 27.

Projectile Attacks

Motion Damage Proration Startup Duration Cancellable At
5C 200*18 96%*18 52 50 26
6C 57 50 26
2C 57 34 16
j.C 50 50 26
j.6C 55 50 26
f.5A 200*2+400*3 90%*2+93%*3 21 50 26
fj.A 18 50 26
f.5B 100+400 95%, 90% 12 34 15
fj.B 11 34 16
f.2A 0 n/a n/a 34 16

(raw data)

All of Suika's C projectiles will not hit until after the initial explosion, where the individual shots start to seperate in a circular formation.

6C and j.6C will bounce off of the edge of the screen and come back in the opposite direction (this bounce does not affect its vertical trajectory) if the projectile hits the edge before it explodes.

f.5B and fj.B can be held down to produce up to three seperate shots.

f.5A, f.6A, fj.A, and fj.2A knock down on hit.

f.2A and f.2B are vortexes that do no damage but draw your opponent torward them (Suika herself and any projectiles are unaffected). f.2A is thrown just outside of her 2A range (6A, 6B, 5B, 22A, and 22B will still reach), and f.2B is thrown about half a stage width away from Suika. The vortexes can exist off-screen, and will just pull the opponent torward that corner.

Special Attacks

Motion Damage Proration Startup Duration Blk.A Hit.A CH.A Level
妖鬼–密– (Youki Mitsu) - Oni 'Dense' [Fireball]
236A (hit) 1200 80% 24 47 ~ X X Any
236A (proj.) 200*7 95%*7 27 n/a ~ X X Any
236B (hit) 1000 80% 20 65 -23 X X Any
236B (proj.) 200*7 95%*7 25 n/a ~ X X Any
地霊–密– (Chirei Mitsu) - Erdgeist 'Dense' [Rock Spike]
j.236A (air) 750 8 19 18+ ~ X X Upper
j.236A (grd.) 500 15 7 31 -2 X X Any
j.236B (air) 1000 8 19 29+ ~ X X Upper
236B (grd.) 500 15 7 26 +3 X X Any
妖鬼–疎– (Youki So) - Oni 'Thin' [Mini-Suika Swarm]
214A 100*8 95%*8 26 50 ~ ~ ~ Any
214B 60*16 95%*16 50 50 ~ ~ ~ Any
地霊–疎– (Chirei So) - Erdegeist 'Thin' [Ghost Pound]
421A (hit) 500 80% 22 63 ~ X X Low
421A (proj.) 100*12 98%*12 20 n/a ~ ~ ~ Any
421B 100*12 98%*12 78 49 ~ ~ ~ Any

(raw data)

The initial hits of 236A, 236B, 421A, and the air part of j.236A and j.236B can not be grazed.

236A has super armor on frames 4-9, and grazing from frames 1-3 and 10-26.

236B has super armor on frames 5-20.

If j.236A and j.236B are done extremely low to the ground, there will be no air portion of the move -- only the rock spike (you still incur the startup of the air hit, however).

214A and 214B can be superjump cancelled on frame 27 onward.

The ghosts will not come out from 421A or 421B if Suika is hit in the first 18 frames of startup. 421B can be superjump cancelled on frame 31 onward. The actual positioning of the ghosts once summoned is completely random.


Motion Damage Proration Startup Duration Blk.A Hit.A CH.A Level
Spellcard One
萃符「戸隠山投げ」 - Throwing of Mt.Togakushi [The Dunk]
236D 2000 100% 8+2 64 -32 X X Mid
萃鬼「天手力男投げ」 - Throwing of Atlas [The Dunk, lv. 2]
236D 3000 50% 8+2 64 -32 X X Mid
Spellcard Two
酔符「鬼縛りの術」 - Art of Oni Binding [The Chain]
236D 0 70% 10+9 74 -40 +22 +22 Any
酔夢「施餓鬼縛りの術」 - Art of Charity Binding [The Chain, lv. 2]
236D 0 70% 10+9 74 -40 +22 +22 Any
Spellcard Three
鬼符「ミッシングパワー」 - Missing Power [Giant Suika]
236D 1500 80% 8+11 67 -26 X X Any
5A 1500 50% 25 62 -15 X X Mid
5B 1500 0.5% 23 76 -31 X X Low
5C 1500 50% 26 66 -18 X X Mid
j.A 2000 50% 23 Land ~ X X Mid
j.B 2000 50% 27 Fall+45 -18 X X Low
鬼神「ミッシングパープルパワー」 - Missing Purple Power [Giant Suika, lv. 2]
236D 1500 80% 8+11 67 -26 X X Any
5A 2000 50% 25 62 -15 X X Mid
5B 2000 0.5% 23 76 -31 X X Low
5C 2000 50% 26 66 -18 X X Mid
j.A 2500 50% 23 Land ~ X X Mid
j.B 2500 50% 27 Fall+45 -18 X X Low

(raw data)

Strategies, Tactics and Combos

<Aya|Silmeria> ∴∴∴∴∴
<Aya|Silmeria> more dots now :V

Strategies and Tactics

Suika's C projectiles are her staple projectile -- she throws out a set of fireworks that stay bundled together (these do not hit) until they explode into a circular formation of about twenty independent fireworks. The spirit cost on these is tiny (~10%), and two or three of them on screen will just litter the entire play area full of fireworks. Due to their formation, it makes grazing through them and coutnterattacking fairly difficult at a lot of vectors, as if you try to attack while in the ring you will just get hit by another one on the way out. Bonus points if you manage to hit your opponent

Her f.2A and f.2B do no damage but are of great use, as they act as vortexes, constantly affecting your opponents flight path. The vortex effect is additive (so someone like Remilia dashing at the vortex will approach it very fast), and does not affect any projectiles or Suika herself. f.2A places it at a range where meele attacks come out once the opponent gets there, and f.2B places the vortex at a range

663B is generally a good move -- while it rarely hits (due to people's tendencies to superjump after throwing projectiles), it is absolutely safe on block and is only punished when your opponent is sitting waiting for you to do exactly that (if they superjump, most characters have no meele attacks that get close enough to the ground to hit her). On hit, you can either cancel into any of her spellcard (highly suggested if you have already activiated), a bomb (into a j.B into wha

j.B is the air meele attack of choice, coming out very fast and doing a ton of damage on hit. j.A is only really necessary when you need to hit somewhere j.B does not (j.Bs hitbox is mainly down and in front of Suika, j.A will hit above and below her in places j.B will whiff.

Suggested Spellcards


IaMP is not a combo-driven game -- even given that, Suika is not a combo-driven character (even relative to other IaMP characters). There are things you can do to squeeze out damage, though.

You can tack on a j.B after a lot of Suika's moves:

  • CH 2A (against an airborne opponent)
  • CH 6B (on grounded opponent)
  • CH 66B (when they bounce off the wall)
  • 663A (against an airborne opponent)
  • 421A (does not always work -- completely dependent on the way the ghosts pop up)
  • CH j.B (this is really position dependent -- use your judgement)
  • Offensive bombs

Afterward you generally want to go into a j.5C/j.6C to cancel the kick, which is then cancelled into either an air dash or (if you really need to ground yourself) a j.236A. In the corner, you can go from a j.B directly into a j.236A and it will combo.

If you absolutely positively need a few hundred extra damage (to kill someone, mainly), after a bomb cancel you can do a 5B and then bomb cancel that for a relaunch. Generally not worth it, as it only nets you a couple hundred extra damage.

After a level two dunk, you typically follow it up with a j.B -- dash forward until she spins around three times, then superjump forward and do a j.B at the peak of your jump. However, if you land one with your opponent in the corner, you can instead do a 2C superjump cancelled straight up into a j.B (done so that it hits at the same time the fireworks go off) for a few hundred extra points of damage.

Stupid Gimmicks

If your opponent is stupid enough to recover in the air after getting hit by a j.B (that you cancelled into a j.5C/j.6C, they are 50/50 to be heading straight into a set of fireworks (either blocking or grazing them). Either result is loltastic, as if they are grazing they get hit by the j.B (again), and if they block the fireworks do roughly 80% spirit damage, and the followup kick will drain them completely.

In instances where you think you are getting delay bombed after an attack that has fairly little blockstun, or if you think someone is going to bomb you during a blockstring sequence, you can try beat there bomb with an even more delayed o-bomb. The gag here is you cancel into (or just plain throw out) a 2C before hand and cancel that into a bomb. If you are correct, you will knock them up into the fireworks right before they go off for massive damage.