Senko No Ronde Rev. X/Controls

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Controllers for Senko no Ronde are relatively simple, they just use a different naming for the notations, we usually use your motion+attack, but in a different manners. While the Japanese notations exist, I'm still working to make it as comfortable to read as possible, but in the meantime that is done, here is a quick description for the controllers.

  • M = Main Weapon.
  • S = Sub Weapon.
  • C = Barrage Attack (aka Special Moves, this button on the first entries of the saga can be used by also pressing M+S at the same time, on the "Old" and "New" versions this button doesn't exist and you have to press M+S at the same time, unleast you use a macro).
  • A = Action button (Also called "Act" some times).
  • OD = OverDrive button ("Power-Up" button).

Extra notations to keep in mind while reading a variety of guides (Including this wiki):

  • D = Dash
  • DC = Dash Cancel
  • QT = Quick Turn
  • DM = While Dashing, press M
  • DS = While Dashing, press S
  • DMS = While Dashin, press C
  • B = Barrier
  • BM = While in Barrier, press M
  • BS = While in Barrier, press S
  • AntiField = In AntiField states (Certain attacks can have their own nerfed version)
  • AMS = B.O.S.S.

The original layout was this 5 button "rainbow" style, but you can obviously play with as much customization as you want, especially on gamepad where the presence of custom layouts is very noticeable, one example is from one of the best active Japanese players "Till (Twitter: @@till1120) which uses a Virtual-On style layout on gamepad.

SNR Till Layout.png

On the case of player "RadiantAnsel (Twitter: @RadiantAnsel)", an active Overseas player, during a very vast period of time, especially on console ports, he was using the next layout on an arcade stick, the MS button can was ignored on Rev.X and changed by the OD button.

SNR RadiantAnsel Stick1.png

As something to keep in mind, the main difference that will change drastically arcade ports to console ports of this game is the "Barrier (B)" button, it will not be seen as a lot but this drastically will change the overall flow of the game, especially for certain advanced techniques that you can do with this macro, in versions like Senkoro SP (Naomi) these techniques are possible, but having that one less macro makes them a bit harder to play, other than that, you are totally welcome to use whatever you want as you can see here.