Sengoku Basara X/Honda Tadakatsu

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Its a heavy weight character focused on keepaway and projectile traps, he is a tank and a heavy hitter.


Move List

Special Moves

Engo Keitai E (Ground)
Kougeki Keitai: Tsuujoudan 236 + attack (Ground)
Kougeki Keitai: Jigendan 623 + attack (Ground)
Kougeki Keitai: Fuyuukirai 214 + attack (Ground)
Hikou Keitai 421 + A (Ground)
Sakugan Chokka 63214 + B (Air)

Super Moves

BASARA Move Denji Keitai 236236 + C (Ground) (Engun ASSIST)
Tosshin Keitai 214214 + C (Ground)

Basara KO

One-Hit BASARA Move Sengoku Saikyou: Saidai Shutsuryoku 2141236 + C (Ground)


He had few combo options but instead had a lot of mixups and resets for Engun repairs

Basic Combos

Basic Combos are the ones that don't use Engun and are Bread and Butter (with or without Counter Hit) and had Special or Super Finish.

5A Link 5B

5B Link 5C or 2C

Intermediate Combos (50% Engun)

Advanced Combos (100% Engun)


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