Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II

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Ring of Destruction is the third and last installment in the Slam Masters series. It has changed dramatically from its predecessor, for it no longer features pins, and you can no longer move up and down in the ring.

Game Mechanics

There are five buttons that are used in this game; they are: Light Punch, Hard Punch, Light Kick, Hard Kick, and Grapple.

Dash: Double tap forward or backward (hold to run).

Super Jump: Dash right before you jump to travel much farther than a regular jump.

Taunt: Press LP + LK or HP + HK together. Your next attack will be powered up.

Fury: If you are on the receiving end of a beating, your character may turn red and you will receive a power boost.

Basic Throw: Press Grapple to grab your opponent. If nothing is pressed after the grab, the basic throw will come out. By pressing Grapple again, the throw will be faster.

Super Throw: A super throw is activated by pressing Grapple, inputting the super throw motion, and then pressing Grapple again. Super throws are VERY dangerous, and are a huge part of matches.

Tech Throws: Press Grapple as soon as you are grabbed.

Basic Strategy

You have unlimited super throws, so use them. They do very serious damage and are not that hard to pull off. Most super throws deal well over 25% damage.

Advanced Strategy

Game Versions

The Characters