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Vs. Bosses


Goro's major weakness is that he does not block any attacks while he is getting up from a knockdown.To knock him down you can use the jump kick or uppercut.

At the beginning of the round, jump toward him, and most often he will missile under you and you will connect. Immediately follow with a missile attack(green bolt, axe, lightning, red bolt+flying kick, harpoon, freeze, sonic rings). If you are Sub Zero, you can uppercut and freeze again immediately, and repeat.

Once you hit him with the missile attack(non-Sub Zero), jump away, and crouch block for an instant as soon as you land, to see if he fires a missile. If he does, block and immediately jump toward him, keeping in mind to press the jump kick early. You will most likely connect, follow up with a missile attack, and jump away.

If he does not fire the missile, jump back again and wait again. Repeat this until you are at the corner, where you should stand and wait for him to approach. Wait until he is just beyond sweep range(don't let him get too close), and jump back in the corner and kick. He will either block, in which case you try again, or he will fire a missile. If he fires a missile your kick will hit him from very far away, as Goro extends himself a lot when firing missiles. Follow this up with a missile attack, and again wait for him to approach, and jump back&kick in the corner. This is much easier for Cage, Liu Kang, Kano, Raiden, Sub Zero, and Scorpion. With Sonya it's more difficult, and Goro might approach too close and grab you when you come down.

If you are forced to jump toward him, do so, press the jump kick early, and if it doesn't connect jump back with the kick button pressed immediately after you jump. This will often hit Goro if he doesn't grab you in time.

If you are thrown into the corner with Goro almost on top of you, uppercut as soon as you get up. This will always hit Goro, and you can follow with a missile attack.

Overall, you get double attacks against Goro, but he does twice your damage, so you are at the computer gods' mercy in trying to defeat him. Even for the best of players Goro might decide to block everything one match and that's that.

On Revision 2.0, if you are ahead in energy, you can then press low punch or high punch continuously, and Goro will edge toward you blocking, but will not be able to do anything else, and you will win on time.

Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung's major weakness is that he does not block, and that he always teleports when you jump too close.

If he changes into Goro, use Goro tactics mentioned above. If he changes into anyone else, you should be able to defeat him with strategies in a previous section. If he remains Shang Tsung, he's a teleporting duck like Raiden, except that this time you decide when he teleports and where he appears.

Keep jumping toward him, and you will reach him sooner or later, in which case he will inevitably teleport. Since you know that he is going to teleport, immediately do the motion for your special as soon as you land, in the opposite direction as your jump, since Shang Tsung will appear behind you. i.e. (Cage - Slide Kick, Kano - Ball, Raiden - Lightning/Launch, Liu Kang - Flying Kick(remember to jump right on top of him so he appears further from you, or the Flying kick will fly over him), Scorpion - Harpoon, Sub Zero - Freeze, Sonya - Sonic Rings).

He will never learn about this trick, and will easily be defeated by it if you are really the person who won all the previous 14 matches.

Alternatively, if you are Scorpion, you can teleport punch while he is on the other side of the screen, and he will always be hit, and he will back away to the other side. Teleport punch again, and again, and again.

Vs CPU Strategies

Fighting Reptile

Reptile its a Sub Zero and Scorpion fusion they are using it before Dragon Ball Z was cult classic, its a Sub Zero stance ninja with green cloths, walks much faster than normal, can harpoon, freeze, slide, or teleport punch.

Do a DOUBLE FLAWLESS AND FATALIY on THE PIT scene vs. the computer, and you DON'T USE BLOCK except for the fatality.

Reptile is only on v3.0 and 4.0 of MK (Sonya and Scorpion can fight him only in 4.0)

In Version 4.0, Reptile will sometimes pop down before a match begins and give a clue on how to find him.

Defeat him to get 10,000,000 points, or you will be executed with an uppercut or a SPINE RIP or a TOASTY.

Reptile Clues

I am Reptile, find me!
You must find me to beat me
Alone is how you will find me
Look to la luna
10,000,000 if you destroy me
tip eht fo mottob
Perfection is the key
Fatality is the key
You cannot match my speed

And If necessary, and there must have been shadows(witches, balloons, Peter Pan..) flying across the moon in both your winning rounds.

You need to play from 5 to 10 matches previous to The Pit

The Moon will appear even if you:

• Break/not Break the boards in the bonus rounds.
• Endurance match or regular match.
• Winning the previous game.
• Winning all rounds previous or getting flawless victories in them.
• 1-player or continued from 2-player.

Things that might or might not guarantee moon appearances:

• Shadows flying across the moon when displaying credits on previous winning game.

Any, all, or none of the above may contribute, or it could be completely random.

If all requirements are satisfied, the screen will flash, Reptile will jump down from above, and the scene will shift to the bottom of the Pit which the bridge was built over. Among the swords and pierced heads will the match be fought.



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