Mai Shiranui(RBFF)

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She is the SNK female symbol for excellence,she is a mid range zoning character with rush ground and aerial options.

Move List


Fuushakuzushi: F + C (Perform in close range)

Yumezakura: DB or D or DF + C (Perform in close range in the air)

Command Moves

Ryu no Mai: B + A

Hanegiri: Hit C when getting up

Special Moves

Kachousen: D,DF,F + A

Midare Kachousen: D,DB,B + C

Ryuenbu: D,DB,B + A

Hissatu Shinobibachi: B,DB,D,DF,F + C

Kagero no Mai: D,D + C

Musabi no Mai: D + AB (Perform in the air)

Gen'ei Shiranui: D,DF,F + D (Perform in the air)

S-Power Move

Chou Hissatu Shinobibachi: F,DB,F + BC

P-Power Move

Gekka Midare Botan: F,DB,F + C



Chain Legend
(St.A or Cr.A) link into (St.A) into (St. C or F+C or DB+C or D/DF+C) into (Any move)
(St.B or Cr.B) link into (St. B or Cr.B) into (St. C or F+C or DB+C or D/DF+C) into (Any move)
(St.B) link into (St.C) into (St.C)
(Cr.A) link into (Cr.C) into (Any Move)
(St.A) link into (St.C)
A,C x
Crouch A,Crouch C ...
B,C,C x
Combo1: Jump C,crouch A x3,crouch C,(d,db,b+A)
Combo2: Jump C,C,b+A,D,(d,df,f+A)
Combo3: (in corner) Jump C, A, C, (d,df,f+A), crouch A, B, db+C when opponent on ground
S.Power Combo: Jump C, C, S.Power
S.Power Combo: A x3, B, S.Power
S.Power Combo: Jump C,d+A x3,d+C,S.Power
S.Power Combo: Jump C,A,A,f+C,D,S.Power
S.Power Combo: Jump C, Dive attack (2hits), crouch A, B, S.Power
S.Power Combo: A,C, (d,df,f+A), C, S.Power
P.Power Combo: B,B,f+C,D,P.Power when enemy near corner



Vs. Terry Bogard

If the Terry Player throws out Burning Knuckles. You can safely crouch to make it whiff and punish.