Leonardo (TF)

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The Head Turtle wears a blue bandana and carries dual katana. Leo is a good all-around character to choose, and is probably the most straight-forward to learn. His style is very efficient and packs a decent punch, but it may seem a bit bland to anyone who's even heard of Street Fighter's icon, Ryu.

Leonardo has a unique damage animation: the Sword. (not totally true as Aska has the 'slash' animation on her Spinning Attack) This means almost all of his regular moves have an insane amount of priority compared to his brothers, despite having the same look to the attack.

With these obscene level of priority, plus possessing good speed and versatile moves, Leonardo is a strong defensive as well as offensive character.

Moves List


Seoi Nage
B.png or F.png + Hp.png
Tomoe Nage
B.png or F.png + Hk.png

Command Moves

B.png b

Special Moves

Endless Screw
Qcb.png + P.png
Shining Cutter
Qcf.png + P.png
Shining Blade
F.png D.png Df.png + P.png

Ultimate Attack

Millennium Wave
Hp.png + Hk.png

Move Analysis

Normal Moves

Weak Punch

Jumping Weak Punch

  • This is a fairly high priority move; it can stop a few ground attacks and some air-attacks. Leo takes a quick swipe with his blade and does not retract it. Use this only if you're nose-to-nose with someone in mid-air; his FP comes out almost as quickly.

Standing Weak Punch

  • Both from afar and up close, the s.WP is the same; a high elbow. This will completely whiff a ducking opponent or hit a jumping one. This is mainly useful in cheaps and combos.

Crouching Weak Punch

  • A fairly ranged attack for a crouching strike. This is actually slow compared to all the c.WP attacks everyone else has; it comes out slower than any other WP attack Leo has too. It still is fast enough in short combos, and has good range.

Fierce Punch

Jumping Fierce Punch

  • One of the greatest jumping attacks ever. It cuts a wide swath through just about anything. Great to use as a cross-up, a jump-in, an anti-air; when timed well, this move can stop just about every counter-attack (that has no invincibility).

Standing Fierce Punch

  • Like Street Fighter 2, a lot of characters have different moves when close. The s.FP from 1/3 of the screen or closer from your opponents is a chop. This has horribly long start-up animation; anyone can see it coming and block. It does combo into a lot of moves; if a person blocks this, just follow it up with a special attack. It pushes them farther away so you can annoy them with patterns and cheaps, plus it lets you recover faster from this move's horrible lag time. From more than 1/3 of the screen away from your opponent, Leo dishes out a lunging thrust that covers 1/2 the screen. It comes out a bit faster than the chop, so you can actually stop people who are about to shoot a projectile if you have good reflexes (or anticipate). The s.FP (far) is great for poking and pinning people down while building up Leo's U.A. bar, just like the s.FP (close) followed by a WP Roto-Cutter or WP Shining Cutter.

Crouching Fierce Punch

  • This is one of the easiest and best anti-air attacks in the game. All the turtles have this, but Leo's is special-er. Because of the sword advantage, Leo's c.FP has much more priority and pretty much stops all normal jumping attacks cold. It can even stop, or at the least trade hits, with jumping special attacks with good timing. Because it hits high, do not use this on close crouching opponents.

Weak Kick

Jumping Weak Kick

  • A diving knee. It has low priority compared to Leo's other moves. Use j.WP instead. If you jump straight up, Leo will do an extended high kick. The range is also very limited, and it comes out only slightly faster than the j.FP.

Standing Weak Kick

  • When next to your opponent, it's a low-attack kick to the shins. Too slow to be used in combos, but fast enough that people might not see it coming. Opponents must block LOW to stop this. From farther away, it's an upward kick. Pretty fast, and hits at a high enough angle to stop jumping attacks, but s.FK/c.FP are better.

Crouching Weak Kick

  • A very fast, short ranged low-attack to the ankles.

Fierce Kick

Jumping Fierce Kick

  • A deep-angled jumping kick that can cross-up. This is a great move over-shadowed only by the j.FP. If you jump straight up, Leo will do a high kick with almost no horizontal range.

Standing Fierce Kick

  • When next to your opponent, this is an upward kick, like the s.WK from afar. This can miss a ducking opponent completely. It would make an OK anti-air, but when the opponent is that close, they're practically on top of your head. From farther away, this is a high roundhouse to the head. A sweeping motion means excellent priority against jumping attacks.

Crouching Fierce Kick

  • A sweeping low attack that knocks people off their feet. Good range & excellent speed; very hard to avoid.


Shoulder Toss

  • Forward or Back + FP
    • A "seoi-nage" throw.

Suicide Throw

  • Forward or Back + FK
    • A drop-back throw

Command Moves

Back Flip

  • Back, Back
    • All turtles have this. It's a quick evade move that provides complete invincibility as you move backwards. You are vulnerable the moment feet land however, but should have enough time to block.
      • Pros
        • Complete Invincibility
      • Cons
        • You're moving backwards

Body Press

  • (In Air)Down + WP
    • An easy, but weak cross-up move.
      • Pros
        • Easy cross-up move
      • Cons
        • Weak

Special Moves

Shining Cutter

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch
    • A fast projectile with a fairly quick start-up, but longer lag. The WP version will travel much slower, but allows Leo to recover faster.
      • Pros
        • Excellent to use with s.FK or c.FP as a bait/trap
        • Excellent for "behind the head" attacks on people getting up
        • Can follow up (from 3/4 screen) with s.FP
        • A lot of moves can combo into the Shining Cutter
      • Cons
        • Lag after FP version makes it dangerous to use, even in combos


  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Punch
    • Leonardo somersaults into the air and spins his blade around him. The WP version can still hop over projectiles, but the FP version is stronger and jumps farther.
      • Pros
        • Excellent protection as Leo spins his blade around him
        • Can hop over all regular projectiles
        • I believe the WP version is completely invincible at the start
      • Cons
        • Not invincible at the peak
        • c.FP & s.FK are just as good anti-air moves

Endless Screw

  • Quarter Circle Back + Punch
    • Leonardo spins toward the opponent with extended blades. The WP version is slow and only travels half the screen. The FP version is fast and moves across the entire stage.
      • Pros
        • First hit is a one-hit knock-down
        • There is a very small invincibility window at the start, not enough to avoid fast projectiles unless you're getting up.
        • Great in combos
      • Cons
        • If the first swing does not connect, it scores weaker multiple hits
        • Easy to avoid; just duck and attack Leo's legs

Ultimate Attack

Millenium Wave

  • HP+HK
    • Leonardo puts his swords away and fires off dozens of projectiles. If done at close range on a cornered enemy, this will re-dizzy them. Leonardo has horrible start-up and lag time with this move though, but it fires over a large area making it impossible to avoid if done from far away. If you can't use this on a dizzied enemy, do it on someone just getting up to force them to take excessive block damage.
      • Pros
        • Lots of hits, can re-dizzy, good block damage from up-close
        • Counts as a series of projectiles and will nullify other projectiles
        • Even if someone jumps to try to take only one hit, when they get up, you're still attacking!
      • Cons
        • Must be done close up for good damage otherwise too many hits miss
        • Horrible start-up & lag
        • People can jump behind you while you're sheathing your swords
        • Can be reflected by C.Shredder's Aura Shield!




  • c.WP -> WP Roto-Cutter
  • s.FP (close) -> FP Endless Screw
  • c.FP -> FP Shining Cutter

Long Combos

  • j.FP -> c.WP -> Endless Screw
  • j.FK -> s.WK -> FP Roto-Cutter
    • Score a deep hit, hold toward and the s.WK (low) should just combo.
  • j.FK -> s.WP -> c.WK -> FP Roto-Cutter
    • Cross-up with the j.FK. Skip s.WP if the opponent is crouching.
  • j.FP -> s.FP -> FP Endless Screw
    • Hit deep or cross-up so you can combo the s.FP in time.

Corner Combos

  • WP Shining Cutter -> s.FP (far)
    • Perform the S.C. at about 2/3 the screen from your cornered enemy.
  • WP Shining Cutter -> FP Roto-Cutter
    • Perform the S.C. at about 1/3 the screen from your cornered enemy. Time the S.C. so that it overlaps with your opponent as they get up. This is called "behind-the-head" hit.
  • WP Shining Cutter -> s.FP (close) -> FP Endless Screw
    • Perform the S.C. at about 1/3 the screen from your cornered enemy. Time the S.C. so that it overlaps with your opponent as they get up.


  • WP Shining Cutter -> c.FP/s.FK/Roto-Cutter/c.FK
    • If the opponent jumps toward you, they're getting all sorts of pain. They can avoid this by learning to jump straight up.


  • j.FP, s.WP, Throw
    • If the opponent blocks, or even if they don't, they'll be thrown! The nasty trick is, when the opponent blocks the jumping attack, they may instinctivly block low and be surprised by your s.WP that completely misses, setting up an easy throw. The cheap part is, all the attacks can hit or be blocked and you can still throw them!
  • WP Shining Cutter -> Throw
    • When the opponent is trapped in the corner, be 1/2 of the screen away and use a BotH projectile, time the throw just right & repeat!


Vs. Armaggon

  • Armaggon's opening moves can vary from shooting to jumping to walking
  • You can stop his Fin Slicer at its peak with a j.FP
  • Be carfeul about where you land, Armaggon has a habit to Bite you
  • Try to wake-up on Armaggon with a Roto-cutter, his jumping attacks have little priority
  • Be reminded that you can use your j.FP straight up as an anti-ground as well, as long as Armaggon isn't ducking for a Fin Slicer
  • Another Armaggon tactic is a quick j.WK -> c.FK; look out for the c.FK as it is one of his faster moves
  • Remember that you can cancel a s.FP with a Shining Cutter
  • If Armaggon is getting too close, use s.WK to fend him off or throw
  • You can actually throw Armaggon after blocking his Dive attack

Vs. Aska

  • Wait for her to move at the start, Aska is small and quick enough to avoid most of your attacks, plus she has that Uppercut
  • Most times, a quick WP Roto-cutter will get you first blood
  • She's too quick for regular s.FP tactics to work, so try to keep her pinned somewhere far away
  • Make damn well sure you know how to use Roto-cutter at the drop of a hat; a lot of the time Aska is jumping around
  • Be well aware of Aska's jumps, they're long and fast; try to backflip and WP Roto-cutter, Aska might fall for it
  • If Aska slides, block it and throw her for free damage
  • If Aska misses with an Uppercut, move in and throw her

Vs. Chrome Dome

  • On the ground, you have the reach; in air you have j.FP
  • DO not let C.D. get close, take advantage of his slow fireball
  • If you are close enough to use c.FK, you're too close!
  • C.D. does have a decent anti-air move, so don't jump too much, even if you are getting away from the EPD
  • If he jumped first, C.D.'s jumping attacks can't be easily stopped; crunch out a Roto-cutter or use s c.FP and trade hits
  • C.D. has almost as much range as you do, but his attacks are faster
  • Do not over-estimate the horizontal range of the Roto-cutter, but do realize how far a WP one can go when it comes to hitting C.D.'s extended limbs
  • You may have to start using j.WP a lot, since you need a good air-to-air as well as air-to-ground
  • It's easiest to use the tedium of fire-fights broken up by the occasional s.FP
  • Forget about easy throws, the CPU C.D. can reverse most of them
  • Try to keep C.D. either in the air or lying down with simple combos
  • While C.D.'s c.FK has more priority than your c.FK, your s.FP has more priority over his c.FK (which follow his jump-ins)
  • If you find C.D. using a lot of his s.FK, note that c.WP stops them

Vs. Donatello

  • This will give you some more relaxation, use fireball & s.FP patterns
  • Donnie will use his s.FP has his common anti-air, which can trade hits with Leo's j.FP

Vs. Karai

  • Never stay on the ground, Karai can easily throw you
  • Try to be airborne as much as possible with your body splash (d+j.WP)
  • Always look out for Karai to jump off the wall, that's your cue to Roto-cutter her out of the sky
  • If you get HIT by a rushing kick, you can immediately Roto-cutter and hit Karai before she recovers
  • If you get HIT by a rushing punch, you can immediately throw her
  • Try to reverse every possible throw; in other words, anytime you are close enough to be thrown, try to throw Karai first
  • If you can, try to make deep j.FP attacks (Karai might not counter you) and follow with a quick c.FK or else you could be thrown
  • The normal corner cheap of (BotH fireball -> throw) doesn't work as well; Karai is very thin and is prone to taking the hit rather than blocking, remedy this by using a BotH combo

Vs. Leonardo (self)

  • Get ready to do a lot of fireball wars, anticipation, and be careful of what attacks you stick out
  • Being a mirror-match, and with multiple patterns, this is just a hard fight that depends on who screws up first

Vs. Michaelangelo

  • It's generally safe to use s.FP to start
  • Keep Mikey at a distance, Mikey is a better defensive player up close
  • Use your projectile from afar; if you nullify Mikey's Dragon Breath, shoot again and try to close the gap for a s.FP
  • Beware of using a Shining Cutter from less than 1/2 screen, Mikey can combo the stuffing out of you
  • If Mikey is closing in, back-pedal and use a s.FP or c.FK to push him back some
  • Also be careful of being too close to Mikey when he's getting up, Mikey has a tendency to Rising Thunder as a wake-up

Vs. Raphael

  • Wait to see how Raph reacts; if he shoots, use s.FP
  • Be aggressive; use s.FP to pin him down and projectiles from a far distance, use combos when he's dizzy
  • Be defensive; stay grounded and use c.FP and Roto-cutters where applicable
  • Feel free to use j.FP when Raph's getting up; the CPU doesn't use Raph's Chest Buster as a wake-up that often unless it is to avoid a BotH projectile
  • After whiffing with a Chest Buster, Raph is usually crouching; feel free to use a close s.FP -> WP Roto-Cutter

Vs. Rat King

  • At the start, Ratking can jump at you (use c.FP), super Dropkick to get close (throw), walk up (c.FK/s.FP), or using s.FK (c.WP)
  • You can either wait and see, or jump back and j.FP as your safest option
  • You can stop Ratking's flying axe-kick with a well-timed c.WP or block and try to throw him; be careful, Ratking likes to follow his axe-kick (s.FK) with a c.FK to stop throws
  • Try not to throw fireballs unless the Ratking is more than half a screen away; he can easily super Dropkick over them
  • Everytime Ratking uses his super Dropkick, expect to be thrown when he lands
  • Leo's Roto-cutter may not work as well as you'd like, Ratking doesn't jump too high and his super Dropkick will trade hits
  • Forget about using the backflip to avoid Ratking's jumps, he will throw you out of the backflip with alarming accuracy
  • Do your best to try and wake-up with a throw if Ratking plays close
  • Constantly walk a few steps and use s.FP from the farthest possible range; Ratking will fail to axe-kick you almost every time
  • If Ratking leaps over your s.FP, he'll use his super Dropkick to get close; if he flies close enough, use s.WP, s.WK, or c.FP to hit him before he lands, or use an Endless Screw before he crosses you over
  • This is not fool proof, Ratking may end up short and in your face (Rat Bomber) or your s.FP may be countered by a c.FK
  • Worse comes to worst, j.FP; if you land close to Ratking, j.FP again in safety and at least taking a super Dropkick hurts less

Vs. Shredder

  • Play aggressively; use your bullet in BotH as much as possible
  • Shredder likes to jump around a lot with his high-priorty kicks; stick to the ground and counter accordingly
  • If Shredder lands a jump attack, he'll combo it into low attacks
  • Avoid jumping in blindly, Shredder can Knee Crush you out of the air
  • Avoid shooting random shots, C.S. can reflect them back at you and follow up with more damage or Aura Crusher through them

Vs. War

  • You can open with s.FP, it's safe
  • Be careful of using Shining Cutter, War can easily jump & counter
  • If War falls short with his Turn Punch, throw him if he's close, c.FK if he's farther, or s.FP if he's really far
  • If War executes Death from Above, use a WP Roto-cutter, not FP
  • If you can see War doing a Turn Punch from across the screen, use a Shining Cutter or s.FP Use your s.FP from afar if War moves within range, but don't just do it at random as War will knock your extended arm

Vs. Wingnut

  • Feel free to open with a s.FP
  • If Wingnut jumps backwards, expect a Moonbuster; you can trade hits by shooting a fast bolt of your own (you do more damage)
  • Look to close the distance between you and Wingnut; neither of you can really win from afar
  • Your j.FP is a very high-priority attack, and can stop just about anything Wingnut tries; just be careful about your landings
  • Be careful of Wingnut throwing you as he gets up, though if he tries to pressure you with low kicks, wake-up with a Roto-cutter

All credit to ~Kaz