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L = light

H = heavy

J = jump

G = guard

xx = cancel

u = up

d = down

f = forward

b = back


H is safe on block at max range.

Krillin's jump H doesn't work in unfly combos because it sends the opponent crashing into the ground.

Use his jump d+H for crossups against 16, Frieza, Cell, King Piccolo, and Mecha Frieza. Aim for the head against 16 and King Piccolo. Target Cell's wings and (Mecha) Frieza's tail. You can launch if it lands, and it has frame advantage on block. Or you could whiff the knee and throw.

f+H is nice for protecting a Homing Blast from opposing generic ki blasts.


Kamehameha is chargeable for more hits. You can curve it with u or d. The H version is faster and the L version is easier to control. It's possible to have multiple on screen at once.

The Scatter Blast is a great zoning tool. If placed right, it keeps the opponent from moving forward or to one side. You can curve a Kamehameha to try to cut off their escape route. It also gives you time to get off a couple of Homing Blasts. It blocks projectiles if on the ground. Scatter Blast can be used as an anti-air if close enough. It's safe on block. You can only have one on screen at once.

Homing Blast is a nice poke. It has more range than your normals (obviously seeing as how it's a projectile, but I mean the initial hitbox is huge compared to Krillin's H), chips, and comes out pretty quickly. It's real laggy though, so don't use if you're too close. At a distance, they can be used to provoke a reaction from the opponent. If you have multiple on the field and the opponent tries to shoot them, (as in they have to use something other than a generic ki blast) Destructo Disc. Homing Blast stays on screen if you get hit, so you can use it to cover throw attempts or crossup rolls.

Destructo Disc is unblockable if fully charged. It covers Krillin's back. It has a better anti-air angle than most projectiles, but Krillin can't throw it at people directly above him. If the opponent touches it while Krillin is still holding it, they will take negligable damage. It pierces walls and enemy projectiles. However, it only erases one hit of Kamehameha and Super Kamehameha.

The roll has startup invincibility, allowing you to pass through attacks. The roll is bufferable. You can also jump cancel or super cancel the roll.

After Image can't punish the following characters Ls: Goku, Trunks, 16, Cell, Vegeta, Chi-Chi, Majin Vegeta, Krillin You only get chip against most. You at least get frame advantage against 16 and Krillin. After Image sometimes whiffs against homing attacks. You can still be shot and thrown during After Image. Or struck during the lag. After Image is active before Krillin taunts the opponent.


Super Destructo Disc is also unblockable if fully charged. If the opponent touches it while Krillin is still holding it, they take massive damage. The discs do not pierce walls or projectiles.

Solar Flare counts as a wall stun. It attacks a sphere around you.


LL xx Super Destructo Disc 63

H xx Solar Flare, jump H, launch xx L+G, HH xx Homing Blast 86

jump d+H, launch xx L+G, homing cancel, unfly L, dash H, HH xx Kamehameha 99

L Kamehameha, H Kamehameha 42

tested vs. Vegeta


Super cancel lets you connect Solar Flare off a L. It also lets you hitconfirm with HH instead of H.

Majin Buu's Hurricane Dash is a physical attack, allowing you to break an opponent's guard from behind with it. This makes rolling deadly. If it hits, you can connect a super. If it's blocked, you're safe on the other side of the screen, and got some chip out of it.

--Crazymasterhand 22:34, 15 March 2007 (UTC)