Kim Kaphwan(RBFF)

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Back from Fatal Fury Special, its the rushdown character for excellence, and also gains a aerial Super Move.

Move List


Taiotoshi: F + C (Perform in close range)

Command Moves

Nerichagi: F + B

Special Moves

Hienzan: D,U + B (Charge down)

Tenshouzan: D + B (Perform near the end of Hienzan)

Hishoukyaku: D + B (Perform in the air)

Kuusajin: F,D,DF + A

Hangetsuzan: D,DB,B + B or C

S-Power Move

Hou'ou Tenbukyaku: B,DB,D,DF,F + BC (Perform in the air)

P-Power Move

Hou'oukyaku: D,DB,B,DB,F + C



Chain Legend

(St.A or Cr. A or St. B or Cr.B) links into (St. B) into (St. B) into (St. C) into (St.C)

(St.A or Cr. A or St. B or Cr.B) links into (St.B or Cr.B) into (St.C or F+C or DB+C or D/DF+C) into (Any Move)

(Far C) links into (St. C)

Special combo: F+B,Down+C X
Combo1: crouch A x4, crouch B x2, crouch C, HienZan
Combo2: A x3,B,B,C, Sand Blaster or HeinZan
Combo3: Jump C, C, crouch A x2or3, B,B,B, Hien Zan or Sand Blaster
S.Power Combo: (in corner) Jump C, S.Power, juggle with Sand blaster
P.Power Combo: A (up to x4), B (x2), C, P.Power



Vs. Terry Bogard

If the Terry Player throws out Burning Knuckles. You can safely crouch to make it whiff and punish.