Franco Bash(RBFF)

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Franco Bash


Franco Bash is a mixup character who can put his opponent in fear for a quick overhead/low attack/line change attack/ knockdown or just a high damage combo. Bash has to work a bit to get in on the opponent but has no trouble closing the distance and applying pressure. If you want a character that can test your fundamentals, hit confirming, punishing ability and catching whiffed attacks. Bash is your guy for the job.

Move List


Elbow Bash: F + C (Perform in close range)

Command Moves

Power Uppercut: Press C repeatedly

Step Ace: Dash + C

Bash Tornado: F + B

Special Moves

Double Kong: D,DB,B + A

Meteor Shot: D,DF,F + A

Waving Blow: B,DB,D,DF,F + Z

Meteor Tackle: DB,F + C (Charge DB)

Waving Step: B,F + B (Charge back)

Quick Step: B,F + B (Perform during Waving Step)

Power Bicycle: D,DF,F + B

S-Power Move

Final Omega Shot: D,DB,B,DB,F + BC

P-Power Move

Harmagedon Buster: F,DF,D,DB,B + C (Perform in close range)

Straight: D,DF,F + A (Perform during Harmagedon Buster)

Back Attack: D,DF,F + B (Perform during Harmagedon Buster)

Tackle: D,DF,F + C (Perform during Harmagedon Buster)

Hook: D,DB,B + A (Perform during Harmagedon Buster)

High Kick: D,DB,B + B (Perform during Harmagedon Buster)

Omega Shot: D,DB,B + C (Perform during Harmagedon Buster)

Uppercut: F,D,DF + A (Perform during Harmagedon Buster)

Reverse Kick: F,D,DF + B (Perform during Harmagedon Buster)

Bicycle: F,D,DF + C (Perform during Harmagedon Buster)




  • You can end some heavy blockstrings with Power Bicycle if in range. It is +3 on block despite it's appearances.
  • Your main game plan with Franco Bash is trying to get in close on the opponent and get some hit confirms going, while being careful choosing when and when not to attack.
  • If the wall obstacle is broken and you're close to the edge you can try to bait the opponent to attack you and move through them with Waving Step to make them possibly Out of Bounds themselves.
  • Neutral hop B can get Franco to tag attacks that are below him and hop A for jump attacks above Franco. It's a guessing game to use this, but it can protect Franco sometimes for it being active until he lands.
  • You can do far C after the A version of Double Kong on hit as a frametrap followup sometimes.

Anti Air Options

Power Bicycle

Which has 16 frame startup (slow) but covers huge range and knocks the opponent into a different plane


Which has 8 frame startup which covers mid to hop range and knocks the opponent into a different plane.

Whiffing a St. A and a doing a St. C

Which covers a decent area, also good for catching people in neutral jumps above your head where your other attacks may not catch so well.

Doing a Cl. C

Which covers hop range.


Your generic Hop AA when the St. C part of the chain might not reach.

Final Omega Shot

Your Super is a decent AA if you just notice your opponent jumping to you very quickly.

Poking Tools

Meteor Tackle

The moment your opponent has a good amount of recovery either from some non punishable disadvantage on block or a whiffed attack. It's okay to poke with this move, and it leads into a combo in itself.

Far C

Good for catching whiffed attacks and some long range fighting. Has 6 frame startup which is nice for an attack of it's type. Whiffs on Crouchers

Crouching A

5 Frame Startup close range poke and leads to A version Double Kong combos. Need to be pretty close to the opponent.

Crouching B

5 Frame Startup Low poke.Goes into another Cr. B and Up+C chain for a Plane change attack or can do an A. Version Double Kong. The former is usually the better option. Need to be pretty close to the opponent.

Far B/Close B

Far B is a 6 Frame startup Poke that covers a bit more distance than your other pokes and can be chained into a St. C for combos. Close B is not bad either but has still a quick startup to make up for it's lack of range. The St. C is unsafe on block however you cancel in a Power Bicycle to make it safe and it whiffs on crouchers. Hits most Crouching Characters which is amazing. Except Far.B whiffs on Crouching Chonshu/Chonrei.


If you can overcome the startup. It's actually not a bad poke tool either being only -3 on block but not the best poke. Whiffs on Crouchers

Crouching C

Your Standard Sweep Attack that can start some db, f+C pressure with Franco Bash. Just be warned overusage can make you suspectible to hop attacks.

Standing A/Close A

You'll only see these if you know your oppponent might block high. Need to still be close to the opponent for the C part of the chain combo to not whiff. Whiffs on Crouchers.

Dash Forward C

The least seen of pokes by Bash due to being 13 frames of startup(Basically telling your opponent hit me in the face) but it is only -1 on block to make up for it.Whiffs on Crouchers

Power Bicycle

If you can overcome the startup. It is +3 on block.


Chain Legend

(St.A or St. B or Cr. B) link into (St. B or Cr. B) linking into (St C, F+C, DB+C, D or DF+C or U+C)

(St.B) links into St. C

(St. A) links into (St.C) into (St.C) into (St.C) into (St.C or F+C or U+C)

B,C ...

A,C,C,C,f+C ... This combo can hit for a total of 8 hit by allowing each C to hit twice.
A,C,C,C,u+C x

Combo: C or B, C > (db, f+C)x2, C (db+C works for a knockdown, also try to follow up with Armageddon Buster)

Combo2: B,B,u+C,D, (db,f+C)x2, B,B,u+C

Combo3: Jump B, Jump C, B,C, (db,f+C)x2, A,C,C,C, (d,db,b+A)

Combo4: Jump C, B,C, P.Power<2hits>, (f,d,df+B)<3hits>, (f,d,df+C)<2hits>

Combo5: Cr.A, Cr.A, qcb+A (Can add extra Cr.A hits up close only)

Combo6: Cr. B, qcb+A (Can add the 2nd Cr. B if up close only)

Combo7: Cr. B, Cr.B, DB+C, (db,f+C)

Combo8: St. B, St. B, DB+C, (db,f+C)

Combo9: Cl. C(2hits), db,f+C*2(Time 2nd one very late), f+B (Can follow up with D attack after if they can't backdash away, but is not part of combo) (Against some characters only do one hit of close C if jumped in with hop. C)

Combo10: Anti Air f + B , Power Bicycle, D (Best way to set this up is for punishing dragon punch and flash kick style moves in air)

Infinite Combo: Power Bike, D, adjust position, (repeat over and over)

Infinite Combo 2(Near Corner): Cl. C(2 hits)or B, C, [(db,f+C)x2(2nd one is really really late like almost about to recover),Move forward slightly, Cl C(1 hit)]repeat

Infinite Combo 3(Near Corner): Anti Air f+B, Power Bicycle, Power Bicycle, ... (Use whatever combo you find effective when opponent is stunned. Best way to set this up is for punishing dragon punch and flash kick style moves in air)

P.Power: Below are the moves to be added to be aded after his P.Power:
       d,df,f+A     f,d,df+A
       d,df,f+B     f,d,df+B
       d,df,f+C     f,d,df+C



Vs. Terry Bogard

If the Terry Player throws out Burning Knuckles. You can safely crouch to make it whiff and punish.