Fantasy Strike/Jaina

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Low Kick FS A.png

Relatively slow for a basic normal, hitting on frame 11. It has good range in front and is effective at beating attacks which move the opponent forwards.

Will combo into FS B.png (close/medium distance) or FS C.png (any distance).

Knee FS Forward.png FS A.png

Unsafe up close, but remains active for a long time and can be plus on block if spaced correctly.

Can cause low or high bounce when used on an airborne opponent, depending on height. Can juggle, but not after a low bounce.

Roundhouse FS Backward.png FS A.png

A long reaching normal which is good for punishing unsafe or whiffed attacks. Can frame trap/combo after a Flame Arrow (FS B.png) with the right spacing.

Flame Arrow FS B.png

A horizontal projectile which can be charged. Each level of charge slightly increases the size and speed of the projectile.

Level 1 (uncharged) will cause hitstun. Level 2 is an enhanced projectile which causes knockdown. It requires either 2 regular projectiles, or another enhanced projectile (such as Grave's electrified Cloud, or DeGrey's Ghost) to destroy. Level 3 has the same properties as level 2, but is unblockable.

Dragonheart FS C.png

A fully invincible uppercut. Costs 1HP to use if Jaina has more than 1HP. Good for getting through an opponent's projectiles or breaking out of pressure. Can be used to anti-air, but will whiff if the opponent is too close.