Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side

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Wiki Status and Progress

Members of The Digital Basement, a niche fighter community, have taken it upon ourselves to give the Eternal Champions CD wiki the love it deserves. If you'd like to help( or just want to talk ECCD) you can join the discord where We have an ECCD channel to plan work on the wiki. We are just in the very early stages and are still deciding on formatting and style.

Wiki Roadmap

  1. Update main page: add a better system mechanics primer(Inner Strength meter, specials, Taunts etc) and create a table of contents
  2. Replace template information with accurate character stats, movelists etc.
  3. Create Style guide and Character Page template for future editors.
  4. Build out individual character guides.


Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side(Also known as Eternal Champions CD) is a fighting game released by Sega of America for the Sega CD platform. Boasting 25 characters, fatalities, and an interesting "inner strength" system, the console-only fighter is considered to be a high point of the 16 bit era.

The storyline revolves around figures throughout history that could have been major influential forces had they not died prematurely through deception and murder. The Eternal Champion has gathered them together with a simple goal-the winner will get to go back to their life without dying. The Dark Champion has also entered the tournament with his own group of figures.


Joystick Notation

We will be using Numpad notation, so each direction is mapped to a number, following the same layout as a keyboard's numpad. So for example, crouching Heavy punch would be 2HP while a fireball motion would be 236.

Numpad notation assumes you are always on player 1 side.

Numpad Notation
7 - Up+Back 8 - Up 9 - Up+Forward
4 - Back 5 - Neutral 6 - Forward
1 - Down+Back 2 - Down 3 - Down+Forward

Six Button Notation

Corresponds to the 6-Button Sega Genesis pad. On a 3-button pad, Start will cycle between punches and kicks

  • X - Straight - Light Punch
  • Y - Lunge - Medium Punch
  • Z - Swing - Hard Punch
  • A - Snap - Light Kick
  • B - Thrust - Medium Kick
  • C - Wheel - Hard Kick


  • cl.: Used to signify that your character needs to be close to the opponent to perform the move.

i.e. "cl.HP, "HP" should be performed directly beside your opponent.

  • f.: Used to signify that your character needs to be far from the opponent to perform the move.

i.e. "f.HK, "HK" should be performed at a distance from your opponent.


  • +: Used between two other pieces of notation to signify that they should be performed at the same time. i.e. "LP" + "MP", "LP" should be performed at the same time as "MP".

e.g. LK + HK

  • -> (Sometimes > or ,): Indicates the next part of a sequence. i.e. "LP" -> "MP" -> "HP", After "LP" is performed, "MP" should follow, then "HP".

e.g. 5LP -> 2MP-> 46HK

Miscellaneous Notation

Game Mechanics

Inner Strength

The most important thing to grasp in Eternal Champions CD is the presence of the Inner Strength gauge. Taking the form of a yinyang next to your character's life bar, special moves will use a portion of the circle. If it's empty, then you can't do a special move, but it does recharge quickly. Characters also have "skill moves" which are specials that don't require any meter.

Power Combos

By landing a Power Combo, you gain unlimited Inner Strength for 10 seconds. See specific character sections for examples.


Generally speaking, you can hit a juggled opponent with one extra hit.


During the final round of a game, if you dizzy your opponent and he has less than 1/3rd of his life remaining, you can input a button sequence to perform a Vendetta finisher, ala the MK series' Fatalities. As long as the conditions are met, Vendettas are an instant KO.


Overkills are background specific finishers. If the last hit of the match causes an opponent to land in a specific place in each background, an Overkill is activated and the opponent dies in a messy fashion.

Sudden Deaths

Like Overkills, but not restricted to the last hit of the match. Your opponent may have health remaining and if they're knocked into just the right spot in the stage, instant messy KO.


A Cinekill is a character specific, grainy-as-hell, ugly-as-sin, FMV video finisher. During the last round of the match, if you a) have unlimited IS from a Power Combo, b) reduced your opponent to 1/3rd health or less, and c) dizzied your opponent, a Cinekill will activate. Good luck with that.



The Characters