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Darkstalkers 3/Anakaris/Introduction

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Anakaris has made his most outstanding appearances in Capcom Fighting Evolution and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. BUT, the unfamiliar mvc2 players say "where the hell's this character from," & the CFE players generally just get pissed at anak's rushdown.

In Vampire Savior, Anakaris is a bit of an oddity among characters. He has no normal throw(but CAN still tech throw, so don't worry), and no teching(pushblock) ability. Anakaris is tiered Low.png among the Vampire Savior cast. This can be due to Anakaris's lack of a tech(pushblock) ability, his slow ability to build meter, and his guardcancel, which REQUIRES 1 stock of meter. These three factors severely hinder his defensive game.

Nonethaless, Anakaris has the ability to overwhelm opponents with his magneto-esque rushdown. He can apply pressure variably enough to prevent opponents from properly gcing or teching, and can further mix up with hi-lo games using his tri-jump. Anakaris has a double jump, and can teleport from one end of the screen to another. Both of these tools allow for anakaris to excel at run-away(though quite a few characters are just good at rtsd).

On with anak...