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Cyborg Freeza (SDBZ)

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L = light

H = heavy

J = jump

G = guard

xx = cancel

: = just frame

f = forward

b = back

u = up

d = down


L - Light Starter, Freeza does a low kick motion. Unsafe on block

L, L - Freeza does a 2nd kick. Also unsafe but special cancellable

L, L, H - Freeza adds a third kick, main combo for special cancelling

L, L, H, H - Ends with a tail whip that does solid damage and knocks the opponent away

L, H, H - Ends with a teleport behind followed by a kick, Not a real crossup, the game will autoblock it.

L, H, L - Ends with a sweep, knocks opponent away. Doesn't seem very useful?


Crack Bomb = 214 + L/H. Different length and speed between L and H versions. Sets a sticky bomb onto the opponent that is a timed explosion but can be detonated manually by doing the input again. This Special is amazing, allows you to extend juggles, keep the opponent on the defense because they don't want to eat a Counter Hit explosion.

Freeza Cutter = 236 + L/H. Works the same as Regular Freeza's, L travels slower than H.

Flex Lazer = 4,6 + L/H. A worse version of Regular Freeza's. Only fires 1 laser with L and H versions, still tracks vertically.

Teleport = 214 + F, 236 + F, 421 + F, 623 + F. Same as Regular Freeza's. 214+F will put you directly in front of the opponent, 236+F will put you directly behind the opponent, 421 + F will move you slightly forward, 623+F will put you airborne in front of the opponent.


DX Mine = 214, 214 + L/H. Sets a Vertical row of 5 mines, if the Opponent lands on them they explode. Can Super Cancel Crack Bomb into it for safe bomb setups, is also used for combos as it juggles them back into the air on hit.

Death Ball = 236, 236+ L/H. Same as Regular Freeza's Death Ball. Chargeable for bigger hitbox and more hits. Can be used as a weird anti-air in some situations but mostly for combos.


Basic Setup for Crack Bomb

L, L, H, Crack Bomb xx DX Mine (Requires Super Cancel Skill inherited from T.Gohan)

Basic launcher into crack bomb (Costs 3 Action Bars)

j.H, 66L, L Homing Dash, hold forward, Unfly, j.H, land, 66H, walk forward L, 214H

Basic Crack Bomb Juggle into Crack Bomb Set (Costs almost 4 Actions Bars) Crack Bomb Already Set, j.H, 66L, L Homing Dash, hold forward, unfly j.H, land, jump forward, j.H, j214L j66H, j214L

Crack Bomb Teleport Combo

Crack Bomb Already Set, j.H, 66L, 236 + F, delay unfly, j.H, land, jump forward, j.H, qcb + L (Detonate), j.66H, 214 + L immediately

Combo Video

Practical M.Frieza Combos


Mecha Freeza has a lot weaker projectile game than Regular Freeza due to Flex Laser being weaker and not having Telekinesis Rocks. That doesn't mean that Mecha Frieza is any weaker of a character though, which access to a new move Crack Bomb, Mecha Freeza can be a very threatening character on offense.

Majority of your gameplan is setting Crack Bomb onto the Opponent and pressuring them or baiting them by detonating Crack Bomb. Once Crack Bomb is set if you manage to land a solid starter in j.H or 66L you can make huge combos by extended the juggle with detonation. Ending combos with Crack Bomb is negative enough on hit that you are forced to guard right after or else the opponent will always hit you after and you'll lose your Set bomb. To work around this you can cancel Crack Bomb into DX Mine in combo with the Inherited T.Gohan super cancel skill.

Teleport is still used to punish any long recovery zoning tools, mixups and used in specific combos.

Custom Setups

DX Mine is essential

Super Cancel Inherited from T.Gohan is essential

Extra Stamina Bar is very important