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Cell (SDBZ)

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L = light

H = heavy

J = jump

G = guard

xx = cancel

u = up

d = down

f = forward

b = back


L has more range than most, allowing Cell to punish more stuff. L is safe and bufferable. It's possible to link L into itself. The first hit of LH is super cancellable.

The first hit of H is bufferable and has an obnoxious amount of stun on hit or block. HH is also bufferable for easy hit confirms. It is possible to interrupt HHH with a jab. HHH is chargeable. Charging it deals more damage than normal and bounces the opponent off the floor like a dash H. You can cancel HHH by hitting G while it is charging.


Hell Needle will still combo if you space it out, giving you time to hitconfirm. Hell Needle is only safe at point blank (i.e. in blockstrings) if you space out the shots to increase the knockback. The L version is a straight line and the H version is a V.

A kara-tail has Piccolo-like reach. Kara cancel H for the most reach. The tail is safe on block if far away enough. The tail has no horizontal tracking. The L version drains action, the H version drains meter, and the L+H version inherits an attack (assigned to b,f+L or H).

Interrupter punishes projectiles while putting distance between yourself and your opponent. The L version fires 2 shots and doesn't move as far. The H version fires 4 shots and moves farther. Cell has a tendacy to dodge attacks as he starts this move.

You have all the time in the world for a mixup after landing the command grab. You actually take control of Cell again while falling from it.


Cell can turn during Judgement. You can mash for more hits.

Solar Flare counts as a wall stun.


If an opponent tries to interrupt L xx Hell Needle or HH xx Hell Needle with a normal, they get shot. A reversal Galick Gun will cut right through these blockstrings however. Replacing the Hell Needle with Interrupter will avoid/punish the super as well as normals.


L xx H Hell Needle (5 hits) xx Solar Flare jump H, launch, homing cancel, unfly H, jump forward L xx dp+H

94 damage with attack up against Vegeta

You end the combo with more meter than you started with. H Hell Needle hits 5 times because Vegeta gets pushed too far back to get hit by both beams of the third shot. This combo also leaves you in a perfect position to go for a crossup and do it again.

--Crazymasterhand 17:35, 26 March 2007 (UTC)