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A member of the Delta Red squad under the British Secret Service, Cammy has played a major role in Britain and the U.S.'s task force to eliminate M. Bison and his organization known as Shadaloo, oftentimes working alongside U.S.'s Guile and Interpol agent Chun-Li. Cammy, however, has no recollection of her past before being found by member of Delta Red. In truth, she was a part of the "Dolls" program implemented by M. Bison himself. When Cammy began to gain self-awareness, Bison planned on eliminating Cammy permanently but, due to an unlikely grown attachment to her, he chose to only wipe her memory. Realizing the mistake in allowing Cammy to live, he has now assigned the other Dolls members to assassinate Cammy.

In a nutshell

Cammy must be played fearless and relentless, attacking constantly and staying in the opponent's face. The Cannon Strike Dive Kick, particularly the EX Cannon Strike, may be the most offensively potent moves in the game, granting her one of the scariest rush downs in the game. Cammy excels at destroying opponents who are scared and confused, but be warned: thanks to her extreme offense and slightly lower health, one well-placed Counter.png can turn Cammy's offense into a painful mistake, causing her to lose a ton of life. The key to defeating Cammy will always be a smart, patient, and strong defense.



Hooligan Suplex
F.png or N.png + Lp.png + Lk.png
B.png + Lp.png + Lk.png
Flying Neck Breaker
(in air) Lp.png + Lk.png

Special Moves

Cannon Spike
Dp.png + K.png
Spiral Arrow
Qcf.png + K.png
Quick Spin Knuckle
Hcb.png + P.png
Ex.png Armorbreak.png
Hooligan Combination
Db.png Qcf.png Uf.png + P.png
   Razor's Edge Slicer
No input after performing Hooligan Combination
   Fatal Leg Twister
(near opponent) Lp.png + Lk.png
Will miss against crouching opponents; Throw.png
   Crossed Scissors
(near opponent in air) Lp.png + Lk.png
Cannon Strike
(during forward jump) Qcb.png + K.png
Ex.png version can be done during any jump; Ex.png

Super Combo

Spin Drive Smasher
Qcf.png Qcf.png + K.png

Ultra Combos

Gyro Drive Smasher
Qcf.png Qcf.png + 3k.png
CQC (Cammy Quick Combination)
Qcb.png Qcb.png + 3p.png
Counters only against certain attacks

Frame Data

Move Values Frame Count Frame Advantage
Move Name Block (HL) Damage Stun Super Meter Gain Cancel Ability Startup Active Recovery On Guard On Hit Block Stun Hit Stun Notes
Standing Close Attacks
Jab.gif HL 25 50 20 ch/sp/su 3 2 8 +1 +4 10 13
Strong.gif HL 70[60] 100 40 sp/su 4 2+2 15 +2 +6 20 24
Fierce.gif HL 100[80] 200 60 sp/su 4 2+2 15 -1 +3 17 21
Short.gif HL 25 50 20 ch/sp/su 4 2 8 +1 +4 10 13
Forward.gif HL 65 100 40 sp/su 4 3 17 -6 -3 13 16
Roundhouse.gif HL 110 200 60 - 9 5 24 -11 -7 17 21
Standing Far Attacks
Jab.gif HL 25 50 20 ch/sp/su 3 3 7 +1 +4 10 13
Strong.gif HL 70 100 40 sp/su 7 4 14 -4 -1 13 16
Fierce.gif HL 120 200 60 - 7 2 19 -3 +1 17 21
Short.gif HL 30 50 20 sp/su 4 3 6 +2 +5 10 13
Forward.gif HL 70 100 40 - 7 2 13 -1 +2 13 16
Roundhouse.gif HL 110 200 60 - 8 2 22 -6 -2 17 21
Crouching Attacks
Jab.gif HL 20 50 20 ch/sp/su 3 2 8 +1 +4 10 13
Strong.gif HL 65 100 40 sp/su 5 4 10 0 +3 13 16
Fierce.gif HL 90 200 60 - 6 4 12 +2 +7 17 22 Forces stand
Short.gif L 25 50 20 ch/sp/su 3 3 9 -1 +2 10 13
Forward.gif L 65 100 40 sp/su 6 4 12 -2 +1 13 16
Roundhouse.gif L 95 150 60 - 7 2 24 -8 - 17 - untechable knockdown
Straight Up Jump Attacks
Jab.gif H 50 50 20 - 4 4 - - - 8 11 startup leg projectile invincibility
Strong.gif H 80 100 40 - 5 4 - - - 10 13 startup leg projectile invincibility
Fierce.gif H 100 200 60 - 5 3 - - - 16 20 startup leg projectile invincibility
Short.gif H 30 50 20 - 5 5 - - - 8 11 startup leg projectile invincibility
Forward.gif H 70 100 40 - 5 7 - - - 11 15 startup leg projectile invincibility
Roundhouse.gif H 100 200 60 - 5 3 - - - 15 18 startup leg projectile invincibility
Angled Jump Attacks
Jab.gif H 50 50 20 - 4 5 - - - 8 11 startup leg projectile invincibility
Strong.gif H 80 100 40 - 5 3 - - - 11 15 startup leg projectile invincibility
Fierce.gif H 100 200 60 - 6 4 - - - 15 18 startup leg projectile invincibility
Short.gif H 30 50 20 - 4 7 - - - 8 11 startup leg projectile invincibility
Forward.gif H 70 100 40 - 5 4 - - - 11 15 startup leg projectile invincibility
Roundhouse.gif H 100 200 60 - 6 5 - - - 15 18 startup leg projectile invincibility
Focus Attacks
Focus Attack LVL 1 H 60 100 20 da (10~17)​+11 2 35 -21 -21 15 15 armor during charge, Launch.png vs air, 4f~release dash cancellable
Focus attack LVL 2 H 80 150 40 da (18~50)​+11 2 35 -15 - 21 - armor during charge, Crumple.png vs ground, Launch.png vs air (fully hittable), 4f~release dash cancellable
Focus attack LVL 3 H 120 200 60 da 51+14 2 35 - - - - 1-64f armor, armor break, Crumple.png vs ground, Launch.png vs air (fully hittable), 4~51f dash cancellable
Forward Throw 0.8 140 130 40 - 3 2 20 - - - - untechable knockdown
Back Throw.png 0.8 135 140 40 - 3 2 20 - - - - untechable knockdown
Air Throw 1.0 150 150 40 - 5 2 - - - - - untechable knockdown
Special Moves
Cannon Spike Short.gif HL 100[120] 100[150] 30/40 su 5 2+19 20+12 -30 - 20 - 1~4f invincible, 5f unthrowable + upper body invincible, 7~45f airborne, launch, grounded part juggles(1x)
Cannon Spike Forward.gif HL 100[140] 100[180] 30/40 su 5 2+24 18+12 -30 - 20 - 1~5f invincible, 7~48f airborne, launch, grounded part juggles(1x)
Cannon Spike Roundhouse.gif HL 100[160] 100[200] 30/40 su 5 2+29 17+12 -30 - 20 - 1~5f invincible, 7~52f airborne, launch, grounded part juggles(1x)
Cannon Spike EX.gif HL 150[95] 200[100] -250/0 su 5 2+24 18+12 -30 - 20 - 1~6f invincible, 7~48f airborne, launch, airborne part juggles(1x)
Spiral Arrow Short.gif L 100 150 30/30 - 7 19 4+5 -17 - 20 - 14~29f airborne, launch
Spiral Arrow Forward.gif L 120 150 30/30 - 7 19 4+5 -17 - 20 - 14~29f airborne, launch
Spiral Arrow Roundhouse.gif L 80*60 100*80 30/​30*30 su 7 7*12 4+5 -10 - 20 24*- 14~29f airborne, 2nd hit launch, 1st hit cancellable
Spiral Arrow EX.gif L 100*60 100*100 -250/0 su 7 7*12 4+5 -10 - 20 24*- 2~25f projectile invincible, 14~29f airborne, 2nd hit launch, 1st hit cancellable
Spin Knuckle Jab.gif HL 80*80 100*100 30/​20*20 su 35 3*8 9 +4 - 20 24*- 1f strike invincible, 2~25f mid-body invincibility + lower body projectile invincibility, 6~25f airborne, Armor break, 1st hit Launch.png vs air, 2nd hit launch, 1st hit cancellable
Spin Knuckle Strong.gif HL 80*80 100*100 30/​20*20 su 33 3*8 10 +3 - 20 24*- 1f strike invincible, 2~24f mid-body invincibility + lower body projectile invincibility, 6~24f airborne, Armor break, 1st hit Launch.png vs air, 2nd hit launch, 1st hit cancellable
Spin Knuckle Fierce.gif HL 80*80 100*100 30/​20*20 su 36 3*8 10 +3 - 20 24*- 1f strike invincible, 2~27f mid-body invincibility + lower body projectile invincibility, 6~27f airborne, Armor break, 1st hit Launch.png vs air, 2nd hit launch, 1st hit cancellable
Spin Knuckle EX.gif HL 80*80 100*100 -250/0 su 33 3*8 10 +3 - 20 24*- 1~25f strike invincible, 6~24f airborne, Armor break, 1st hit Launch.png vs air, 2nd hit launch, 1st hit cancellable
Razor's Edge Slicer Jab.gif L 100 150 30/30 su 53+10 9 13 -1 - 20 - 7~62f airborne, 31~53f cancellable into grab, launch
Razor's Edge Slicer Strong.gif L 100 150 30/30 su 45+10 9 13 -1 - 20 - 7~53f airborne, 31~45f cancellable into grab, launch
Razor's Edge Slicer Fierce.gif L 100 150 30/30 su 39+10 9 13 -1 - 20 - 7~48f airborne, 31~39f cancellable into grab, launch
Razor's Edge Slicer EX.gif L 120 200 -250/0 su 43+10 9 13 -1 - 20 - 7~52f airborne, 31~43f cancellable into grab, launch
Fatal Leg Twister 1.0 130 140 0/40 - 31+1 1 until ground +5 - - - - untechable knockdown
Crossed Scissors 1.0 140 150 0/40 - 31+1 1 until ground +5 - - - - untechable knockdown
Cannon Strike HL 60 100 10/20 - 12[17] 11[3] until ground +5[5] [+8] [+11] 15 18 recovery after landing, brackets represent Instant.png air cannon strike
Cannon Strike EX.gif HL 80 100 -250/0 - 12[17] 11[3] until ground +4[4] [+14] [+18] 20 24 recovery after landing, brackets represent Instant.png air cannon strike
Super Combo
Super Combo HL 40x6​*110 0 -1000/0 - 1+5​[1+4] 6*6*6​(3)2*2​(2)2​(11)8 30+21 -35 - ? - 1~6f invincible, 7~26f 46~83f airborne, juggle, 1st~6th hit Launch.png vs air (untechable), 7th hit Launch.png (untechable), see notes below
Ultra Combos
Ultra Combo 1 HL 30x6​*210​[30x5​*330] 0 0/0 - 1+9 6*6*6​(3)2*2​(2)2​(11)8 30+21 -35 - ? - 1~10f invincible, 11~34f 50~87f airborne, juggle, 1st~6th hit Launch.png vs air (untechable), 7th hit Launch.png (untechable), 5th hit vs ground triggers full animation
Ultra Combo 2 - 470 0 0/0 - 1+0 35 61 - - - -
Move Name Block (HL) Damage Stun Super Meter Gain Cancel Ability Startup Active Recovery On Guard On Hit Block Stun Hit Stun Notes
Move Values Frame Count Frame Advantage
  • Depending on the opponent's animation, Cammy's Super is sometimes registered as hitting a frame earlier than it appears on-screen. For example:
    • It cannot punish Akuma f+MP on block (-5f), but can punish Makoto MP/HP Oroshi on block (also -5f).
    • It cannot link (no cancelling) after a far standing LK (+5f), but can link after a counterhit LP (also +5f) from the same distance.
    • It can appear to counterhit moves out of their first active frame, which normally does not happen.

Move Analysis

Normal Moves


Unique Attacks


Normal Throws


Focus Attack


Special Moves

  • Spiral Arrow

D,DF,F + K EX Version: D,DF,F + KK

The Kick Button pressed determines the power and range of your Cannon Drills. Hard Kick travels the longest distance and does the most damage. Medium Kick has a bit less range and damage.

EX Special Properties: 1st – 25th frames are projectile invincible.

Damage Comparison: Light (Short) = 100 | Medium (Forward) = 120 | Hard (Roundhouse) =140 | EX Version = 160

  • Cannon Spike

F,D,DF + K

EX Version: F,D,DF + KK

The range of the Cannon Spike is determined by which kick button is pressed (Short = minimum range & Roundhouse = maximum range)

EX Special Properties:

Damage Comparison: Light (Short) = 100 | Medium (Forward) = 100 | Hard (Roundhouse) = 100| EX Version = 150

  • Cannon Strike

D,DB,B + K (while jumping forward)

EX version: D,DB,B + KK

Very important to Cammy's arsenal, a lot of her pressure and mixups stem from this and the TK version

EX Special Properties: EX version can be done while jumping in any direction

Damage Comparison: Light (Short) = 60 | Medium (Forward) = 60 | Hard (Roundhouse) = 60 | EX Version = 80

  • Cannon Strike: Tiger Knee'd "TK" Version

D,DB,B,UF + K (it is important to input this cleanly and go from back straight to up forward)

EX Version: D,DB,B,UF + KK

The TK CS motion allows Cammy to spam her Cannon Strike on the ground. Just as her in-air version, this is a great pressure tool for Cammy and can be used to punish opponents that spam crouch-techs. This move is essential.

EX Special Properties: Can combo into EX TK CS

  • Quick Spin Knuckle


EX Version: F,DF,D,DB,B + PP

The range of the Quick Spin Knuckle is determined by which punch button is pressed (Jab = minimum range & Fierce = maximum range) The move is cancellable on the first hit and goes through projectiles.

EX Special Properties: Armor breaking

Damage Comparison: Light (Jab) = 160 | Medium (Strong) = 160 | Hard (Fierce) = 160| EX Version = 160

  • Hooligan Combination


EX Version: B,DB,D,DF,F,UF + PP

The range and height arc of the Hooligan Combination are determined by which punch button is pressed. (Jab = minimum range/highest arc & Fierce = maximum range/lowest arc)

There are three follow-ups once Hooligan Combination has been activated:

Fatal Leg Twister/Crossed Scissors (+) – The throw follow-up is the most common use of the Hooligan Combination. Note: Characters must be standing or in-air for the throw to grab your opponent. It will not grab a crouching character

Razor’s Edge Slicer (no inputs entered) – If no buttons are pressed after activating the Hooligan Combination, the Razor’s Edge Slicer will be activate when Cammy approaches the ground. This is a slide that if not blocked, will knock down your opponent. You can also land Ultra 1 if successfully landed mid screen.

Empty Hooligan – (+) – When you press lp+lk and you are not near the opponent, Cammy will cancel the Hooligan Combination and land on her feet. Once landed, there is virtually no recovery.

EX Special Properties: Using EX-Hooligan Combination will direct (track) Cammy directly to your opponent anywhere on the screen. The arc/height of the move is also much greater than its normal counterpart. The speed is also increased.

Damage Comparison (Razor's Edge): Light (Jab) = 100 | Medium (Strong) = 100 | Hard (Fierce) = 100| EX Version = 120

Damage Comparison (Fatal Leg Twister/Crossed Scissors): 130 | All versions for Crossed Scissors (aerial grab) = 140

Super Combos

  • Spin Drive Smasher (Super)


Cammy’s Super has very low start-up and hits her opponents low. Best if used in a combo or to punish fireballs up close. 1st through 6th frames are invincible.

Note: Cammy sometimes will heavily rely on her EX meter to perform EX-Cannon Strikes, FADCs and EX-Hooligans. Just because you might have a full Super meter, doesn’t mean you have to use her Super unless you know it will finish off your opponent.

Damage = 350 (on full hit)

Ultra Combos

  • Gyro Drive Smasher (Ultra 1)


Cammy’s Ultra 1is very effective against projectile characters, as it will pass through projectiles. just like her Super, Gyro Drive Smasher has a quick start-up. 1st through 10th frames are invincible.

This ultra can be used within a combo, but the complete animation is not always given depending on how the Ultra was used within a combo. (example: Cannon Spike xx FADC (backdash), Gyro Driver Smasher will not end in a complete ultra sequence)

Damage = 480 (on full hit)

  • Cammy Quick Combination – CQC (Ultra 2)


The CQC Ultra is a counter ultra. Once activated, Cammy stands in place and the Ultra will only connect with the opponent if she is attacked by a non-armor breaking move. She is also vulnerable to throws once CQC is activated.

Damage = 470

The Basics


  • Strengths

Cammy’s fast dashes and walking speed allows her to close the distance on her opponents with ease. Coupled with her Spiral Arrow (at the correct distances), Cammy can ensure that she is in the face of her opponents when she wants to be. In addition, she can use these abilities to get past projectiles with ease.

She also has a fairly quick focus attack that can be used within footsie range to help keep her opponents in check.

Cammy has the ability to instantly cancel her jump into a Cannon Strike (also called a TKCS), to where it appears the Cannon Strike is performed while on the ground. This move allows her to maintain substantial pressure on her opponents and also provides one of the best mix-ups out of all the characters in Super Street Fighter 4.

Thanks to the fast start-up of Cammy’s Ultra 1 (Gyro Drive Smasher), it can be used on reaction to punish many blocked and whiffed moves.

  • Weaknesses

Cammy’s cannot combo into full ultra off of a juggle.

Her armor-breaking move (Quick Spin Knuckle) has slow start-up and can be easily punished if your sees it coming.

Cammy cannot do a non-EX Cannon Strike when doing a neutral or backwards jump. With a majority of her moves being highly punishable on block (when up close), this can make it difficult against really defensive (turtling) characters. Visit the match-up thread to find character specific tips on how to break their defense.

Below average stamina and stun.

  • Vitals

Stamina (Health) – 950 Stun – 950

Advanced Strategy

DJ-B13's Advanced Cammy Play Tutorial

These series of videos could also go under the strategy section, however every player hoping to become better at Cammy should watch these:

Part 1 [1]
Part 2 [2]
Part 3 [3]
Part 4 [4]
Part 5 [5]
Part 6 [6]
Part 7 [7]
Part 8 [8]

Option Selects

  • Safe Jumps:

1) After a hard knockdown jump in with a safe-jump rh or fierce and buffer in a qcf + rh just as you would land. then immediately press cr.hp. this option select is great against characters with poor wake-up options as they can't stuff your fake jump, if they backdash that get's eaten by SA and if they get hit you have started a cr.fp > cr. mk xx SA combo. The best part about this option select is the distance that SA covers, so it will catch backdashes, backflips from vega and most teleports. Video Reference [9]

2) Same setup as before only this time buffer a dp into your jump in, this will help you catch characters with a slow dp or other moves that are invincible on start-up, it should catch bison if he tries to escape with ex headstomp or ex DR, and if they try to focus AA you just have to hit your rh button one more time to stuff that with a dp since the motion is allready done. Video Reference [10]

  • Cannon Strikes:

This setup is a bit trickier because even on whiff the strike does have SOME landing frames, however you just have to figure out the timing for this to make it work because when you hit or have it blocked you get additional landing frames.

3) Cannon strike buffer either SA or DP and hit your rh button at the first available frame if you whiff, then immediately hit cr.fp (doing it fast enough for the fp to combo is very tricky so it's easier to start this one with using combo's). this one is designed to make them stick it out in your mix-ups, if they jump back away from strike's you can option select a dp and punish them for that, if they backdash you can punish with arrow. basically this forces them to choose a option that involves staying near you rather than attempting to escape. this should catch all teleports that move backwards but will lose to teleports done through cammy.

4) Same style setup as before only this time you buffer a ultra, follow immediately by (i'm simply not fast enough to buffer a ultra and still combo a cr.fp just yet) this one is great. first of all what better way to send a clear message than by punishing with a ultra? on top of that this actually catches akuma's back PPP teleport if done right (not for full damage though)

Video Reference For 3 & 4 [11]

5) Same setup only option select a dash, this way you can option select a backdash just in case they teleport through you and you get a free ultra setup. this can be done with either backdash or forward dash and it allows you to visually see something like a akuma teleport and punish them with a full ultra. Video Reference [12]

  • Anti-Dive Kicks

6) For other cammy's or for rufus matches, when they are doing their dive-kick/throw mixup instead of using the standard option select tech where a cr. lk comes out to be eaten faster than a crispy cream donut at a weight watchers convention. instead you add a fp or a mp to the mix so your pushing lk lp and mp or fp. this way if they go for the throw you tech it, and if they go for the dive-kick they eat either a mp or a fp to their face for their troubles. be wary about doing this everytime though because if they figure out your using this that much then you can be sure to eat either a ex messiah or a cannon spike for your troubles, or they will simply jump over you and use your normal move to provide them cover to set up a jump/cross up etc. Video Reference [13]

7) cr.MK option select SA (can be used for dp/super if you want) This one is really simple, your going to just outside of range (the most important part of this option select, get comfortable whiffing it by a tiny bit) and buffer a special motion into it (i use spiral arrow) if the move whiffs nothing will come out cause the special is buffered into active and recovery frames. however if they hit a button at the last second, or try to move forward the SA will immediately knock them down. it's not game breaking, but every bit helps. i'll post a vid up later for this one. Video Reference [14]

8) TK CS option select ultra 2 This one is just like the other tkcs option selects only with qcb's instead of forward, it's all about timing like the other ones. the follow up is your choice, you can put any button you want as the other move to come out on block/hit. Video Reference [15]


Bread and Butters

  • cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.LK/cr.LP/st.LP/st.LK xx Spiral Arrow

This is Cammy’s main BnB combo. There are several variations to this combo and some are character specific. The first hit lands low, which means that your opponent must block low to avoid getting hit. Great combo for beginners/newcomers to Cammy.

Important: To perform this combo effectively, you will have to leave a slight pause between the second and third button press. The reason for this is due to the fact that you must link the normal you plan on cancelling into the Spiral Arrow. (Example:, cr.lp (slight pause) xx Spiral Arrow)

  •, cr.MP/cr.MK xx Spiral Arrow

This is a good combo with great damage output. Better used for intermediate players.

  • cr.HP, st.LP/cr.LK/st.MP/cr.MK xx Spiral Arrow

This is Cammy’s most damaging BnB combo. There are several variations of this combo and some are character specific. Better used for advanced players.

  • st.HP xx Spiral Arrow/Cannon Spike

It is best to use this combo as a punishing combo (whiffed DPs, etc)

  • cr.MK xx Spiral Arrow

Just as the combo above, this is a great combo to punish whiffed moves when the character is just within sweep range.

Hit Confirm Combos

  • N/A

Dizzy / Focus Crumple Combos

  • N/A

FADC Combos

  • N/A

Advanced Combos

  • N/A

Combos Into Supers

  • N/A

Combos Into Ultras

  • N/A


Vs. Abel

To Be Written (TBW)

Vs. Adon

Jaguar Kick

There are two versions:

Ground version

-Breaks armor.

-All versions are safe (almost unpunishable (Lk technically is -3) on block).

-Regular versions have slighly below average priority below it and in front of it, EX version has high priority, but knocks down.

-All versions have HUGE startup (20+), so they easily get beaten by far Hk.

-Lk version has most horisontal range, Mk has average horisontal range, Hk has almost AA like attackbox, and looks to be useless because of 20+ frame starup, Ex version has Mk verson range and Hk version hight.

-Very easy to crouch under Lk, harder under Mk and EX, and impossible under Hk versions.

-EX version hits as overhead.

Air version

It is somewhat simmilar to Cstrike, but has a lot of fundamental differences.

-The hitbox has low priority below, and slighly below average in front of it. Sadly it is very hard to use a normal AA against it (unlike CStrike), because he does the flip before the attackbox comes out, so he usually avoids your normal AA.

-It has very long horisontal attackbox, so he can use it from a far distance.

-Just like CStrike Air JK gives frame advantage on block and on hit.

-Adon gets less frame advantage from Air JK than Cammy gets from CStrike, and there's a big pushback on hit, so he has less options after connecting Air JK.

-It is very hard to connect Air JK on crouching Cammy, if it does connect he can only do cr. Mk xx EX Rising Jaguar, every other Rising Jaguar will whiff. So surprisingly it is better to block Air JK low, even if it gives Adon more frame advantage on block.

-Air Jaguar Kick can cross-up crouching Cammy in the corner. I don't know if there are any other setups.

-Best normals to beat it are: st. Mp (cl. or far), cl. Mk, n. J. Lk (preemptive), I do not recommend cr. Hp.

-EX version has high priority, but knocks down.

-Adon can do Air JK from n. J. but he can't do it from jump back (not even EX).

-The key difference between the two moves (Air JK and CStrike) is recovery. CStrike is very hard to punish on whiff or use FA against it, Air JK has HUGE recovery, like 10+ frames (I think it is 12, but I'm not sure), so you actually can use FA as a punish. Every whiffed Air Jk is a free SA or Ultra for you. The problem is his ground JK as it does break armor.

Here's the trick: set Adon to english (I haven't tried him in japanese, so it might be the same), and just listen, when he says Jaguar Kick, that is the ground version (far Hk FTW), when he doesn't that means he did an Air version (free lvl 2 FA from close, SA from mid range and HK Super or Ultra 1 ANYWHERE on screen). Just try both versions in the training mode, so you could easily tell the difference between the two.

Jaguar Tooth

-All regular versions have exceptionally low priority from the front, so you can use ANY stand normal to beat it.

-Ex version has higher priority from the fornt but lower priority under it, and it also is much faster. He can connect U2 from it in the corner.

-Very hard to air throw JT.

-All versions have HUGE recovery on whiff, so any whiffed JT is a free HK SA, Super or Ultra from mid range. And Mk, Hk or EX JT (EX isn't homing) is a free Ultra 1 from ANY range on recovery. Punishing EX version is hard, because it rarely whiffs, and is REALLY fast.

Rising Jaguar

-Hk, and Ex are good reversals/AA's (at least for now).

-All versions are FADC'able

-Lk and Ex cross over crouching Cammy, EX version crosses over standing Cammy.

-Lk version has no invincibility, and Mk has reduced hitbox on startup.

-The higher the version is, the less horisontal hitbox it has (it is easier to crouch under Hk version than Mk version, EX version is an exception though).


Far HK has more range than Cammy's far HK, but also has more startup and has more vulnerable hitbox on whiff (has less total recovery though), hits twice from closer range, from far range does only 80 damage. Has a 3 frame cr. Jab. Overhead is slow but hits twice.

Wakeup game

MK, HK and EX Rising Jaguar MK and EX versions work well (if autocorrected) on cross-up j. Lk (HK usually hits once). Cross-up CStrike (after backthrow with MK CStrike), avoids or stuffs any reversal he has. LK and MK versions get stuffed with crouch meaties (cr. Mp, cr. Mk).

Avoiding Rising Jaguar

RJ is a very good reversal, but it is no CSpike. Its AA use is limited because of its vertical range and weird angle. It is very effective against instant CStrike, but it is quite ineffective against dealayed CStrike. RJ done late (so it still has invincibility frames) often whiffs against delayed CStrike, or hits once for low damage. If done early, every version gets beaten by CStrike (MK and HK CStrike, air to air). When doing delayed CStrike aim for Adon's forehead, it is the perfect angle for delayed CStrike. Most of the time RJ will whiff, if done late.

--Carpark [16]

  • Vs. Akuma


  • Vs. Balrog

Rush boxer down at the start. Rushing him down doesn't mean start dashing up and spamming tkcs or jump in with dive kicks. You have to be smart, kind of like fighting Guile. Jumping in and moving around randomly will get you killed quick. A good trick against boxer is to walk up just outside sweep range and block. From here Balrog doesn't have a lot of options, he can either: Dash Punch or variation, be dumb and spam non hitting normals, jump in, walk forward (throw or normals), turtle it out

Make sure you're ready for all 5 scenarios. Your main objective is to score 1 knockdown. Any kind of knockdown will do. If you score a knockdown you're well on your way on taking the round. From here Boxer has to guess:

  • Crossup short (combo if it hits)
  • Meaty Dive Kicks (combo if it hits)
  • Throw (back or forward works well)

If you land either a dive kick or a crossup, make sure you land in HK spiral arrow. After spiral arrow hold up forward and begin the mixup again (dive kick or crossup) and follow through with a combo. If you land a forward throw, it's a good bet to go for the MP hooligan mixup. After back throw go for ambiguous crossup into HK spiral arrow to keep boxer guessing on his wakeup.

You either timed something wrong or you're really unlucky if he headbutts you out of anything. (Dive kicks can be headbutted, MP hooligan goes over most headbutts)

The idea is to keep this bullshit up until you (or boxer) gets meter. When you have meter you win. You get to DP FADC on his attack and you immediately take away his momentum. Make sure you don't eat an ultra since being cornered by boxer just sucks.

Things to note:

  • If they spam jab, after any landed cannon strike mash DP. Chances are you'll land a counterhit DP and go for that sako spiral arrow to stay on top of them.
  • If they stand tech... start spamming TKCS in blockstrings. Big damage into spiral arrow = mixups
  • If they turtle - go for tick throw setups and frame traps.
  • A patient Cammy is the Cammy that wins the match. You just need 1 knockdown to take out their entire health bar.

  • Vs. Blanka


  • Vs. C. Viper


  • Vs. Cammy


  • Vs. Chun Li


  • Vs. Cody


  • Vs. Dan


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  • Vs. Dudley


  • Vs. E. Honda


  • Vs. El Fuerte


  • Vs. Fei Long


  • Vs. Gen


  • Vs. Gouken


  • Vs. Guile


  • Vs. Guy


  • Vs. Hakan


  • Vs. Ibuki

1) Focus backdash kunai pressure (this forces 50/50 in the sense that the Ibuki can't hitconfirm rather that hat to guess sweep/Raida or hope for hit/block to punish...she CANNOT option select this, makes life alot easier. This destroys her fake 50/50 vortex...same with Deejay.

2) If Ibuki EVER EX DP's during a string or just ever in front of you FOCUS...if she throws the kunai wait if she doesn't throw it....either way FREE lvl2 focus into combo....

3) Cross up LK/meaty dive kick pressure into hit confirm SA combos...prevents her command dash or any other wake up escape if done right.

4) TKCS full screen to build meter (for fun you can LP Hooligan to go over the kunais to build more meter)....once you have it just wait....she throws kunai...just be buffering the hell out of EX Hooligan as soon as she throws...BAM! free knockdown...she has a good amount of float time and recovery on this.


The following matchup information was provided by MingoDynasty and has been slightly edited to cover his strategy of Cammy vs Ibuki. The source can be viewed on the shoryuken forums here: [17]

Far range: (across the screen)

If Ibuki is not doing a good job of kunai zoning or is solely trying to kunai zone you from near full screen instead of mixing in a footsies game, then feel free to just TKCS spam for meter, preferably until you have at least 1 bar for EX CStrike, or 2 bars for CSpike FADC. The more meter you have, the easier your rushdown game is going to be. If you feel like actually starting the match, then you can walk or dash up to a closer range, but always, always be wary of Ibuki's jump back kunai.

Mid range: (the poking game)

Note: this is pretty much going to be the default range unless one or both players are rushdown happy or instead decide to play a mobility game.

Preferred pokes here are cr.MK, st.MK, and st.HK. Out of those three pokes, only cr.MK can actually be cancelled into a special (usually SA). After getting hit (or counterhit) with st.MK, she may walk up and take advantage of her +2 frame advantage and try to close the gap and start pressure. It may be tempting to do a quick poke to stop her advance but she can always stop (baiting a poke) and do st.LP buffered with HSA. Other uncommon but still useful pokes include st.LP and Uncommon because of their small range and priority, but still can be useful due to cancellability.

Something to note: very good Cammys can use SA as a poke when they are spaced 100% correctly. What actually happens is that if you're hit at the very end of the SA animation, you get pushed back with a little bit of blockstun while Cammy recovers freely, similar to Dictator's scissors kicks. However, even then it's used very sparingly as poke since it's not very easy to space it perfectly, especially against high mobility characters like Ibuki.

Pokes countering other pokes: (thanks Kazuhiro)

Against cr.MK, I found out that f.LK is a pretty good counter poke in this situation. Since the foot Ibuki uses to do f.LK is the one that would normally be hit by Cammy's cr.MK, it beats it pretty convincingly because it's airborne and make Cammy's move whiff. LK or MK Tsumuji is another poke that can be good against her cr.MK for the same reason as f.LK. Though, to use it properly, Ibuki needs to stay out of Cammy's cr.MK range because of the slow startup of the move and the fact that she advances while doing the move. To be honest, If the opponent is cr.MK happy with her, I would just stay out of her cr.MK range and look for a whiff punish with sweep or cr.MP xx MK Tsumuji [buffered] just because everything you have is either too slow to rival her limb or gets beat.

Against st.MK, Ibuki's cr.MK and slide works wonders as counter pokes because they both lowers her hitbox to a point where Cammy's st.MK completely whiffs. Too bad Ibuki's cr.MK can't be canceled because in this situation, it would be godlike. cr.RH and cr.MP can be used too, but it doesn't lower her hitbox as much as the other so it might get beaten.

Against st.RH, take advantage of the recovery frames of that move and punish with sweep accordingly. Everything you have either gets beat or trades and the trade is never ever in your favor. Hover between this move's range and out and whiff punish with your cr.RH for the knockdown. There are no real counter poke that I know against this move.

Close range: (rushdown; this is where shit happens)

Here's how her default mixup game works. If she throws, you obviously need to tech. But if she does TKCS, she's in the air and unthrowable. Even if you do option select crouch tech, she's not throwing you, so your low short will come out, and get hit (or counterhit?) by her TKCS. Once something connects, she finishes with her bnb cr.LK , cr.LP , cr.LK xx HSA combo and continues. (other bnbs include , cr.MP and cr.HP , cr.MK. It all depends on the height of the TKCS done)

Side note about her TKCS pressure: Ibuki's cr.LK has a strangely fairly tall hitbox. If you're mashing it fast enough you might even stuff her TKCS. To account for this Cammy will have to do delayed TKCS which should stuff any sort of cr.LK attempt.

Stuffing TKCS pressure: you can use cr.LP or st.LP or reversal raida (depending if she did instant TKCS or slightly delayed or what). But again this is all part of the mixup. cr.LP and st.LP will get beat by her tick throw (common setups: after cr.LK or cr.LP strings, after, or after cr.HP) and raida will get counterhit by frame traps. Side note: you may think nj.MK is good here, but against dive kick pressure, it's probably best to stay on the ground else get CSpiked or just plain comboed when you land. The only way you're going to hit Cammy is if you mash MK as soon as you jump, as most Cammys will not dive kick high in their jump arc.

Going back to frame traps, some of her best normals to start a frame trap are (+2 on block), and cr.HP (also +2 on block). For cr.HP, the main benefit is because of the pushback, she's at the perfect range for a whiffed cr.LK. After a cr.HP she will probably input a cr.LK and buffer HSA. If you thought she's going for a tick throw and you option select crouch tech, your cr.LK will come out and get stuffed by her cr.LK followed by HSA knockdown. For her she will follow up with like st.LP x2 and buffer HSA. If she sees any of those standing jabs hit, she'll cancel into HSA.

Once you're knockdowned she will likely crossup with j.LK or a CStrike of her choosing. j.LK is about her only decent/good crossup normal. If she uses j.LK, most of the time she's using it to crossup (block the other way). If she uses CStrike, most of the time she's using it to stay in front of you and hit you with that (block regularly). Depending on the jump and your wakeup, though, hk.CStrike may be able to cross up in a few situations.

Additionally, after a back throw, she may go for another crossup involving CStrike at the arc or near the arc of her jump over you. Depending on the CStrike used and when she uses it in her jump arc, and when she jumps (sounds similar to Ibuki's vortex, no?), you'll have to block one way or the other, if she lands and goes for a bnb. Or she may not go for a bnb. She may go for a throw or just land and TKCS. Whatever case, it lets her continue her mixup.

Extra notes: (take note of this shit)

Cammy's Hooligan setups

Intro: Despite what many Ibukis in this thread think, good Cammys do not mindlessly spam hooligans. They know how punishable that shit is. And they know how easily they can be countered if they're predictable. Good Cammys will almost always set themselves up for hooligan mixups to complement their mixup arsenal. In almost every setup, it's after a knockdown (hint hint).

How the hooligan setup works, is that as soon as you wakeup from a knockdown, there's 1 frame of you standing up, even if you crouch block. It's this 1 frame of you standing where Cammy can hooligan and throw you to the ground with her legs. To counter this, you will have to reversal a move that's immune to throws, like raida or kazegiri. Alternatively, you can mash a crouching normal like jab/short so when you wakeup, you're instantly crouching and won't get thrown. But raida/kazegiri is probably better since it actually knocks Cammy down instead of just avoiding her. Lastly you can also take advantage of your backdash invincibility frames to get away, but Cammy will still end up in your face.

These are Cammy's most common setups:

Setup 1: off a forward throw. Cammy can input a mp.Hooligan and catch you on your untechable wakeup.

Setup 2: after a hit CSpike. Cammy can input a hp.Hooligan and catch you on your techable knockdown, if you tech. You can also opt to stay on the ground but you probably won't react fast enough, or you'll just tech out of habit.

Setup 3: after certain block strings (eg: st.LP x3). Cammy can input a mp.Hooligan and catch you walking back or dashing back to get away from her pressure. Even if you crouch under it, she recovers deceptively quick and will still be in your face.

Useless moves: (you should almost never use these moves)

Razor's Edge: you probably don't know this since this is probably Cammy's most useless move. It's the move Cammy does when she goes for a hooligan but doesn't press throw sometime during her animation. She ends up doing a slide which does less damage than the actual hooligan throw (rofl). In addition to being as slow and reactable as SBF, Cammy can in some situations, link her U1 (no animation) afterwards, but if you get hit by this move you probably deserve it. Have you ever seen a single game where Sakonoko used it? I haven't either.

SBF: even your grandma can probably react fast enough to counter this. Anything within Cammy's hitbox right before she bitch smacks you with her back hand will counterhit Cammy. This move must have the longest startup out of all the moves in the game. Something to note; she can actually combo into her U1 (no animation though) if this move connects. But damn if this dumb move hits you, you probably deserve getting hit with her ultra as well. Good Cammys will maybe use this move once in a blue moon, in this matchup anyways.

CSpike without FADC: Ibuki can punish this with neckbreaker or U2. Worst case scenario, Ibuki can dash up and do TC4 , st.LP , st.MK xx hp.Necbreaker for 300 something dmg and a vortex setup. Don't expect many unsafe CSpikes from good Cammys.

Option Selects: (what pros do)

Safe jump j.HP or j.HK option select HSA, CSpike, or U1. She can also do the same option selects with CStrike, so be careful of backdashing out of her TKCS pressure, for fear of option select ultra against a good Cammy.

Something to note about option selecting U1 against Ibuki; part of Ibuki's backdash is airborne. If U1 were to hit her there, she'd only get hit once and then Cammy flies away with the rest of her ultra. There seems to be a specific, delayed timing such that U1 would catch Ibuki at the end of her backdash so you get the full hits and animation. Learning this timing just to option select U1 shouldn't be a priority unless your Sako though. Option select HSA or MSA will do just fine and is a lot easier.

Good Cammys will buffer/optionselect HSA in alot of their pokes. Example: purposely whiff cr.LK, st.LP, st.MP, or cr.MK and buffer HSA. If her poke hits, HSA will come out for the knockdown.

Ibuki has a good backdash. In order to punish it in the middle of your strings, you can do something like cr.LK xx U1. If cr.LK is blocked, another cr.LK will come out and chain. If cr.LK whiffs, U1 will come out and punish the backdash. If you don't have U1, you can also option select with SA: cr.LK xx MSA or HSA. The trick here is to end your SA input in DF. (thanks CoosCoos)

Option Selects Part 2: safe jumps

More Information on Option Select Situations

I found that off forward throws, backthrows, and HSA knockdowns (the three main setups for safe jumps in this matchup), there's at least 5 options for Cammy to do a safe jump

-each of the CStrikes

-j.HP or j.HK


followed by 3 or so option selects to choose from




Forward Throw

Most notably, off a forward throw, it seems HK command dash is the way to go, followed by slide/neckbreaker. Only an early CStrike can stuff it, and if you can react fast enough, that kind of CStrike can get stuffed by EX kazegiri.

Back Throw

Off a back throw, Cammy's safe jump of choice is with j.LK. It stuffs all of Ibuki's options since it's meaty and low and recovers before EX kazegiri comes out. But the one thing that doesn't beat it is a simple FA dash (toward where Cammy jumped from). I'm not 100% sure if this is viable, since j.LK does look fairly ambiguous. Cammy could possibly empty jump and then reaction punish your backdash.


For HSA knockdowns, your best bet is to randomize your wakeup tech, especially randomizing the number of frames you stay on the ground before teching to abuse the tech window. This really really throws off Cammy's timing, no matter what option select she tries. If you don't tech, Cammy can still attempt CStrike crossups so this isn't exactly in your favor.


These are probably the best options Cammy has for these situations, but really, it's like option selecting against Dictator. It's a 50/50 chance. Some things beat others, some other things beat that. Like for example, in Ibuki vs Dictator, Neckbreaker option select beats his Teleport, but loses to his EX psychocrusher.

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  • Vs. Ken


  • Vs. M. Bison


  • Vs. Makoto


  • Vs. Rose


  • Vs. Rufus


  • Vs. Ryu

On the Ground:

cr.MK -> FB is punishable by super on block

cr.MK -> You can focus, absorb the cr.MK, release and hit before the FB startup animation for a counter hit focus crumple

cr.HK is extremely punishable (SA, Super, Ultra 1)

Anti-Air Options:

Cannon Spike is her best anti-air but cr.HP works pretty well on close jump ins.

On Knockdown:

Cannon Strike stuffs almost all of his wakeup options with exclusion of EX DP. Mix up the ambiguous crossover Cannon Strike with the TK Counter Strike and delayed TK CS

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  • Vs. Sakura


  • Vs. Seth


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  • Vs. Zangief