Bob Wilson(RBFF)

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Bob Wilson is high risk character that can put in himself in a lot of dangerous situations and put himself up for punishes even on hit. That being said, Bob can still win but it's a tough fight.

Move List


Falcon: F + C (Perform when close)

Hornet Attack: DF,DF + C (Perform during Falcon)

Command Moves

H. Hedgehog: F + A (Perform during a dash)

Eagle Step: D + B (Perform in the air)

Elephant Tusk: DF + C

Lynx Fang: U + C (Perform when opponent is down)

Flying Fish: Tap C repeatedly (Perform when you are down)

Special Moves

Monkey Dance: F,D,DF + B

Rolling Turtle: D,DB,B + B

Bison Horn: D,U + C (Charge down)

Wild Wolf: B,F + B (Charge back)

S-Power Move

Dangerous Wolf: F,B,DB,D,DF,F + BC

P-Power Move

Mad Spin Wolf: D,DB,B,D,DB,B + C

Wolf Fang: Tap C repeatedly (Perform during Mad Spin Wolf)



Chain Legend:
(St.A or Cr. A or St.B or Cr.B) links into (St.B) into (St. C or F+C or DB+C or DF+C) or (St.C)
(Cl. C) links into (St.C) into (St.C) into (St.C) into (U/UF+C) or (St.C) into (Any Move)

Combo1: C,C,C,C,C,(f,d,df+B)
Combo2: A,B,f+C,D,(d,db,b+C)
Combo3: Jump A, JumpC, A x5, B, db+C, (f,d,df+B)
S.Power Combo: C,C,C,C,C,(f,b,db,d,df,f+BC)
S.Power combo: Jump C, (b,f+B), crouch A, C, S.Power
P.Power combo: Ax5, B, db+C, P.Power
P.Power Combo: Questions are still raised over this combo but 1 one these can really work.
   *1: While Opponent is in mid air ,hit them with Bob's b,f+B then go into
   *2: Throw the opponent with f+C ,then quickly do up-forward,up-forward+C
        and go into P.Power
   *3: Or Simply do the P.Power after hitting his combo



Vs. Terry Bogard

If the Terry Player throws out Burning Knuckles. You can safely crouch to make it whiff and punish.