Blue Mary(RBFF)

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Blue Mary is a character that is heavily reliant on throws to score some big damage as well as throwing in some counters for good measure. She requires good reaction and knowing matchups well in order to use her full power.

Move List


Lock Kick: B + C (Performed in close range)

Leg Lock: B,F + C (Performed in close range)

Command Moves

Crouching Punch: DF + A

Double Rolling: B + B

Fire Kick: D,U + C

Foot Stomp: D + C (Perform when opponent is down)

Leg Drop: U + C (Perform when opponent is down)

Special Moves

Spin Fall: D,DF,F + A

Straight Slice: B,F + B (Charge back)

Stun Fang: B,F + B (Perform during Straight Slice)

Vertical Arrow: F,D,DF + B

M. Snatcher: F,D,DF + B (Perform during Vertical Arrow)

Stun Gun Smasher: D,DB,B + C

M. Head Buster: D,DB,B + B

M. Spider: D,DF,F + C

Quick Sway: D,DB,B + A

Back Drop: B + A (Perform during Quick Sway)

Face Rock: B + B (Perform during Back Drop)

S-Power Move

M. Typhoon: F,B,DB,D,DF,F + BC

P-Power Move

M. Driving Smasher: F,B,DB,D,DF,F + C (Perform in close range)



Chain Legend
(St.A or St. B or Cr.B) link into (St.B or Cr. B) into (F+C) into (Mary Snatcher)
(St.A or St. B or Cr.B) link into (St.B or Cr. B) into (St.C or B+C or D+C or DF+C or DB+C) into (Any Move for B+C DB+C)
(St.A) link into (St.C) into (Any Move)
Combo1: Crouch B x2,crouch C,(b,f+B),(b,f+B)
Combo2: A,C,(f,d,df+B),(f,d,df+B)
Combo3: Jump B, Jump C, A, A, crouch B, db+C, (b,f+B), (b,f+B)
Combo4: (d,df,f+A), crouch B x2, db+C, (b,f+B), (b,f+B)
Combo5: A,A,B,f+C, (f,d,df+B)
Combo6: (in corner) Jump B, Jump C, A,A,A,B,f+C, (f,d,df+B)x2

P.Power Combo: Jump C,P.Power



Vs. Terry Bogard

If the Terry Player throws out Burning Knuckles. You can safely crouch to make it whiff and punish.