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Getting Started

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury is a 2.5D fighting game released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002 (and original XBOX as Bloody Roar Extreme in 2003) and was developed by Hudson Soft. This game was released under the title Bloody Roar Extreme in Japan with minor updates and bug fixes for both the GameCube and original XBOX. This game can be played with a minimum of 4 buttons however 7 are active by default. Bloody Roar: Primal Fury's story events allegedly take place sometime after Bloody Roar 3, however the story itself is loosely connected with the previous events that took place throughout the series. "With human-Zoanthrope relations still unstable, a place called the Kingdom of Zoanthropes is founded to help end oppression and conflict. Roughly 80 percent of its residents are Zoanthropes, though both Zoanthropes and humans are considered equal. This new land, however, relies heavily on Zoanthrope soldiers and mercenaries as a source of income, selling their service to various foreign countries. Rumors also persist that the Kingdom is conducting some sort of experiments on Zoanthropes, all while some citizens object to its authoritarian rule, threatening the ideal of peace for all Zoanthropes. In an effort to demonstrate their mercenaries' strength to foreign powers and train additional soldiers, the Kingdom holds a Zoanthrope fighting tournament, with the winner earning the title of "Strongest Zoanthrope" and a large cash prize." - Story : Osamu Kagoshima /CARAMEL MAMA from the original Bloody Roar website.

The Characters

The Tier List

Banned : Uranus

S : Cronos, Xion, Alice, Yugo

A+: Jenny, Shenlong, Fang, Long, Gado

A : Ganesha, Uriko, Stun, Kohryu

B : Marvel, Bakuryu, Busuzima


Brex controls.png

A = Kick -> K

B = Punch -> P

X = Beast -> B

Y = Guard -> G (is also considered an "attack" button for the purpose of this wiki)

L = Side-step in towards the screen

R = Side-step away from the screen

Z = Hyper Transformation

Side-stepping can also be performed by holding P/KG (Punch or Kick and Guard buttons) while holding up or down. This is not possible on the North American Version of Primal Fury. You must use the shoulder buttons to side-step, or acquire the Japanese Version.

Hyper transformation can also be performed by holding down P/KG while pressing B (Beast button)

Standard Layout & Notation

NOTE : Layout is in reference to an arcade cabinet, not a GameCube controller.

  7  8  9          ( P )( K )( B )
  4  5  6         ( G ) \    \    \
  1  2  3              \Punch Kick Beast

Universal Commands

Brex gamecube.png

Walking = 4 and 6

Dashing = 44 and 66 (unless stated as running)

Jumping = 7 (away) 8 (neutral) 9 (toward)

Crouching = 2

Crouch walking = 1 or 3

Ducking = 22 (and hold)

Rolling = 6,4,2,8 (hold while grounded)

Throwing = 6G

Rising Attack = K (while knocked down, button can be mashed but not held)

Basic Command Throw = 236G (except Shina/Marvel who has a 270 degree P motion which only hits low, ALL other command throws only hit High)

Block Attacks = 214P/K (character dependent)

Quick Recovery = rotate the joystick (grounded stun only)

Air Recovery P/K/B/G (only G allows directional teching, button can be mashed but not held)


Ability Plus - Ability Plus is a trait that characters receive when entering hyper beast such as super armour, life steal or other effects, each character gains 2 unique traits and they last for as long as you are in hyper form.

Air Recovery - When being launched into the air it is possible to escape by pressing any of the 4 face buttons P,K,B or G. Only G allows for directional teching. It is also possible to use air recovery when receiving knockback. You cannot tech from a spinfall air launch.

Beast Change - Every character has 3 forms : human, beast, and hyper form. The term "Beast Change" will appear at the bottom of the screen when you are capable of entering into your beast form. Hyper Form can be activated at any time however you will receive damage upon transforming based on how much of your beast gauge is empty.

Beast Drive - Beast Drives are the most powerful Beast moves in the game. Most characters are limited to only having 2 of these attacks at their disposal. The joystick motion to activate a Beast Drive is 236236 (double quarter-circle forward) and 214214 (double quarter-circle backward) but some characters have a third Beast Drive and have specific motions or requirements that need to be met to execute them. Beast Drives can only be used once if you are in Beast Form but as many times as possible in Hyper Form until your meter runs out. Beast Drives will completely fill any remaining blue meter that is left in your Life Meter.

Beast Form - It is possible to enter your Beast Form only when your meter is 50% full (blue meter completely filled, changes into a yellow meter) and a few things change when in this form. Your character now has the ability to jump cancel. Cancel points are added to a few of your P and K strings. The blue portion of your Life Meter will begin to refill. Any attack you block will cause chip damage to your Beast Meter at the bottom of the screen. In this form it is possible to perform a single Beast Drive. You will immediately revert to Human Form with 0% meter upon using a Beast Drive regardless if it makes contact or not. You also will revert back to Human Form on the first knockdown or launcher you receive when your Beast Meter is depleted. Depleted Beast Meter alone won't revert you to Human Form unless your Life Meter is also depleted.

Beast Meter - The small meter at the bottom of the screen fills gradually as time passes and can enter 3 different states. Blue is when you are in Human Form and the meter is filling up. Yellow is either when you are currently in Beast Form or if you are capable of transforming which is further indicated by the "Beast Change" text next to it. Flashing red/white meter is when you are in Hyper Form and this meter is strictly time-based, meaning incoming attacks do not reduce the amount of time you have to spend in Hyper Form. This meter can also be filled (with varying amounts based on the interaction) by whiffing attacks, dealing damage, taking damage, pressing B when you can't transform. Beast Meter will also fill dramatically faster when low on health.

Block Attack - These type of attacks always have a green electricity field around the user and are designed to stop High/Mid attack pressure. Normally when attacking your opponent you no longer have any ability to block but Block Attacks still allow you to Light Block and strike the opposition simultaneously. Block Attacks are a 214 motion and use P or K depending on which character you are using.

Blocking - Bloody Roar has a tiered blocking system : Unblockable, Light Block, Heavy Block. Light Block is always on when standing still or crouching. Heavy Block is on when you are holding 4 (backwards) or G (designated block/guard button) and any incoming attack will have longer guard stun including attacks that can normally be blocked with Light Block. This design punishes early evasion attempts and overly defensive play. You cannot block throws.

Cancel Points - Certain attacks have a property that allows you to cancel the end lag of your attack animation into a command move. These attacks are usually in the middle of a long attack string but not always. Tranforming into your beast form will give additional cancel points to your character. To discover what cancel points your character has you must go into Training Mode and perform a string of attacks. You can determine a cancel point if any of the H/M/L segments are highlighted.

Command Moves - Any move that requires more than one direction to be held is a command move. Common joystick motions such as 236 (quarter-circle forward) and 214 (quarter-circle back) are command moves. Joystick motions such as 46, 64, and 28 are also command moves but not all characters have these motions assigned to them.

Command Throw - Any throw in the game that is not performed by holding 6 and pressing G is a command throw. Every character except for Marvel has a 236G command throw and can be broken by pressing 6G. All command throws, except for Marvel's, hit High which means they can be crouched or ducked under. Marvel's command throw is a 270 degree motion, only hits Low, and can be broken by pressing 8G.

Counter - Moves that require the user to receive an incoming attack in order for the move to execute are counter-based moves. This is not to be confused with the "Counter Hit" term. Yugo's 214K and Uranus's ducking P are a few examples of counter-based moves.

Counter Hit - This is a reward the attacking player receives when you throw out a move to interrupt the beginning of your opponent's attack. Counter hits reward with extra damage and stun duration. The character receiving the counter hit also may enter a more vulnerable state, such as a spinfall or knockdown instead of a standard launch or stagger, than if they were to be hit by the same exact attack normally.

Ducking - Pressing and holding 22 will cause the character to go into a ducking stance. There are 3 moves that can be performed from this stance, one for each non-Guard/Grab face button. The ducking stance has a limited duration and your character will eventually return to a crouching position.

Face Button - Any of the 4 primary inputs (Punch, Kick, Beast, Guard) that required to be able to play the game.

Input Strings - A lot of moves in Primal Fury are based on attack strings (sometimes called attack chains) instead of single hit attacks. Just because these moves string together does not mean they also combo. Input strings are great for adding grounded pressure but often do not hit hard enough to combo efficiently.

Jump(Air) Cancel - The ability to be able to jump into the air immediately after an opponent is airborne is called a jump cancel. Jump cancels cancel the end lag of the move that launched your opponent and is primarily used to continue your combo while in the air. The only character that is capable of jump canceling in Human Form is Uranus otherwise only characters in their Beast and Hyper forms are able to jump cancel.

Knockback - A status that causes the receiving player to be pushed away and towards the ground. This commonly occurs when an attacking player is interrupted by a beast transformation but many other moves also have this condition. Air recovery can be used if a wall is not directly behind you.

Launch - A status that causes the receiving player to be sent high up into the air. Most airborne launches are possible to escape with Air Recovery. Launches that include a spinfall animation are untechable however and can only be escaped with a Hyper Form transformation.

Life Meter - The green meter at the top of the screen is your character's current health. About 30% of reduced health is returned to the meter in the form of a "blue meter" which heals over time when in Beast Form. This blue meter completely fills upon using a Beast Drive.

Light Block - By default, your character will always have their guard up. Hold 2 To apply Light Block against Low attacks. Block Attacks have Light Block active during the startup animation. Receiving a Heavy Attack with Light Block active will cause a guard break to occur.

Evasion - The term used for the dodging/parry system of Primal Fury. Any incoming attack (that is not a throw) can be evaded by pressing G right before the attack would connect. A successful evasion can only be performed in a neutral or crouching neutral stance. You can also evade while walking forward or backward too but not when your guard is up, while you are attacking, being attacked, recovering from an attack, etc.

Guard Break - When an incoming attack is Heavy and the guard being applied is Light, the receiving player will go into a vulnerable stagger. This stagger has a finite time and cannot be shortened by applying Quick Recovery.

Heavy Attack - Attacks that create a specific audio cue and yellow circular light around the hands or feet of the attack. These attacks are typically slower and capable of causing a Launch or Knockback and will cause the receiving player to suffer a Guard Break if the attack is blocked with Light Guard.

Heavy Block - Holding 4 (or 1 for Heavy Block on crouch) will cause the defending player to put up a guard capable of blocking incoming Heavy Attacks. Heavy Block can be used to block moves that can be blocked with Light Block however you will suffer from a longer block stun duration to punish improper, excessive blocking or mistimed evasion attempts. Only unblockable attacks and throws can go through Heavy Block.

Human Form - Typically the weakest form to be in is the Human Form. You only have access to your P and K attacks and pressing B will only increase meter. You cannot jump cancel (unless you are Uranus) and your blue Life Meter will not refill. Almost all characters take the most damage while in Human Form with the exception of Cronos in Beast Form and Uranus in Hyper Form.

Hyper Form - Typically the strongest form to be in is the Hyper Form. Hyper Form has all of the benefits of being in Beast Form plus more. In Hyper Form, your Beast Meter drains based on a timer, meaning being attacked will no longer reduce your Beast Meter. Beast Drives can be performed continuously as long as you retain Hyper Form. Time also completely stops which is beneficial for a last second comeback mechanic. Each character also receives unique abilities only in their Hyper Form.

Quick Recovery - Also known as Lever Recovery in Bloody Roar 3, rotating the joystick during ground-based stun will allow the user to escape quicker than usual. Quick Recovery cannot apply to all ground-based stun, such as a Guard Break to reduce the stun duration.

Reverse Facing - Characters will not automatically fixate onto an opponent's exact position and can be turned around with their back facing the opposition. Reverse Facing stances limit the character to only 6 attacks, one for each striking Face Button and standing/crouching positions. Damage and hit stun duration received is increased when being attacked from behind.

Rising Attack - One of the few invincible moves in the game that every character is capable of performing. Rising Attacks are performed by pressing K while grounded (rapidly press for consistency, does not have any affect on timing) and cause the player to perform a flip kick off of the ground. These attacks act similarly to "wake-up Shoryukens" because they act as reversals, invincible startup and massive end lag these moves have and are only capable to perform when prone. Rising Attacks sharply cut down the amount of time spent on the ground with the cost of being very vulnerable with the end lag.

Sidestep - A basic function of the game that allows players to move inward or away from the screen. This mechanic dramatically affects the gameplay depending on which regional version of the game is being played.

Spinfall - A form of a Launch that the opponent is incapable of escaping from with Air Recovery. As the terminology implies, the receiving player violently spins in the air for the duration of the launch and it can only be escaped by performing a Hyper Form transformation.

Throw Reject Miss - If a throw is attempted and the incorrect input is received, a secondary yet correct input will be ignored by the game even if the throw tech window would have still been available upon pressing. You can mash a specific input if you are expecting a specific throw to come out but remember you can't change your input once the throw sequence is initiated.

Throwing - Attacks that cannot be blocked or evaded but broken. They require the use of G (in most cases but not always the Face Button is G) and can almost always be broken by holding a direction or performing a specific input. Throws that are in Beast Drives, such as Uranus's and Stun's 214214B Beast Drive, and throws that are from behind can never be broken.

Tripping - Some attacks that strike Low are capable of lowering a person to the ground without causing a knockdown. Tripped opponents are treated the same as crouching opponents. The duration of the tripping animation can be shortened with Quick Recovery.

Unblockables - Some moves in this game (that are not throws) cannot be blocked at all. However these unblockable moves can also be evaded with correct timing. A few common examples of unblockable moves are any character's Rising Attack (K while grounded) and Stun's forward motion Beast Drive.

Zoanthropes - Humans that possess the ability to transform into beasts are called zoanthropes. There are three types of zoanthropes : ones who were born with active genes granting them the ability to transform, ones who had latent genes with which their abilities were artificially activated, and ones who were originally human but were genetically modified to become zoanthropes. Every playable character in the Bloody Roar series is considered to be a zoanthrope.

Game Mechanics

High / Mid / Low Attacks

Primal Fury/Extreme uses a H/M/L system to determine how incoming attacks are handled. Some moves can have more than one level of elevation, changing how the move interacts.

High hitting attacks won't hit crouching or ducking unless it is also Mid. H/M attacks will hit crouching but not ducking. Moves such as Shenlong's back-facing K only hits High but the move itself could be interpreted as a Mid from its appearance alone and as a result can be crouched to avoid.

Mid level attacks will hit crouching opponents but not ducking opponents unless it is both Mid and Low. M/L attacks must be blocked low and cannot be avoided while ducking.

Low hitting attacks can be blocked crouching but not while ducking. Ducking while receiving an incoming low attack rewards the attacking player with increased damage and stun duration.

Guarding & Dodging / Parry System

Primal Fury/Extreme uses a tiered blocking system. Blocking attacks is dependent on what properties the incoming move has and what level of block your character performs.

Light block is always on when no direction is being held and your character is in a neutral stance. Your character will automatically defend themselves against any moves that are not heavy attacks or throws. Low hitting attacks must be blocked while crouching but remember that you only need to hold down to light block low attacks. Heavy block is performed by either holding down Guard or back to block. All attacks, including non-heavy attacks, blocked by heavy block will cause the defending player to receive more guard stun. This design punishes opponents who are overly fearful of heavy attacks or miss timing a dodge/parry attempt. Heavy low hitting attacks, although uncommon, require heavy crouch blocking (which is performed by holding either down and back or down and Guard)

Dodging/Parrying (referred to as Evasion in-game) is possible to perform against any incoming attack (with the exception of grabs which can only be broken, not evaded) by pressing Guard right before an attack would connect. Successful dodging rewards the defending player by allowing them to act immediately after an incoming attack with no guard stun.

Block Attacks are attacks that have a green electric field around your character. These attacks act as if you have light block properties still active while attacking at the same time. This allows you to stop someone's light attack pressure string but you will also still be guard broken by heavy attacks. Heavy Attack Heavy hitting attacks will cause your opponent to suffer a guard break when applied to a light guard. These moves also typically launch or cause knockback when there is no guard being applied. These attacks must be blocked with heavy block or dodged.

Cancel Point System

Many characters in Primal Fury/Extreme have long strings of attacks. These attack strings can be inputted very quickly and will still come out. Many of these attack strings also do not combo on their own and there is no indicator for combos that aren't true. Go into Training Mode and set the opponent's "Quick Recovery" to ON and "Air Recovery" to ALL to see exactly when an opponent is capable of escaping.

Cancel points are properties of a certain attack that allows you to cancel into a command move with proper timing. There is no indicator of what attacks can be canceled during regular play and must be memorized by viewing them in Training Mode. Command moves are any moves that require more than one direction being held to input them (46, 64, 28, and 82 motions are also considered command moves but not all characters have them).

Teching & Recovery

There are 2 basic methods of being able to escape un-true combos however are utilized in completely different scenarios: aerial-based recovery and grounded-based recovery.

Aerial-based recovery is performed by pressing any of the face buttons (P/K/B/G) when your character is capable of teching after being launched. While recovering in the air you can mash the buttons to escape. Mashing out does not allow you to escape quicker but merely gives you the best opportunity of escaping as soon as possible since pressing and holding any face button waiting for the tech window does not work. With aerial-based recovery it is possible to tech in multiple directions such as towards the opponent, away from the opponent, in towards the screen, and away from the screen, but it is ONLY possible with the G button. Any other face button will force a neutral tech.

Ground-based recovery refers to what the game calls "Quick Recovery" in Training Mode (also called Lever Recovery in Bloody Roar 3) and is performed by rotating the joystick in either direction. Any instance you are attacked while your feet remain on the floor is usually a good instance to attempt a Quick Recovery however only certain variations of being stunned are affected by Quick Recovery. Unique moves like Jenny's or Busuzima's command throw can also be escaped early in this manner. Having your guard broken by a heavy attack cannot be shortened by Quick Recovery and anytime your feet leave the floor (including if it were a ground bounce) Quick Recovery will not work.

Facing Backwards

While facing away from your opponent (with your back turned towards them) there are a few important differences to make note of. Every character has 6 unique moves while turned around. You have 2 additional moves per attacking button, one standing and one crouching. These inputs become your 2or5P/2or5K/2or5B while turned around. You have no guard whatsoever when you are facing away however you are still capable of dodging incoming attacks. You will also receive more damage and hit stun while being struck from behind. It is possible to perform any command move while facing away with the command move buffering technique however hitting any directional input towards the opponent will make your character turn to face them.

Command Throws & How to Break

Bloody Roar Primal Fury/Extreme has a complex command throw system from the previous installment in the series Bloody Roar 3, which initially introduced the ability to jump cancel. Bloody Roar 3 did have command throws however they were unbreakable and were limited to only a select few characters. Primal Fury/Extreme gives command throws to every character (except for Shina/Marvel who has a 270° motion grab with P that only hits low) and every command grab hits high meaning they can be crouched or ducked to avoid.

The only instances in which a grab cannot be broken is when you are thrown from behind or if the grab is within a Beast Drive (the game's 236236 or 214214 special attack). It is possible (but without any indication from the game) to suffer from a Throw Reject Miss in which you will be locked out of breaking the throw if you attempt it incorrectly on the initial input, even if you attempt to press the correct input afterwards.

What this means that if the first input you select to throw break is incorrect, inputting the correct sequence immediately after will be ignored by the game and the attack will continue normally. Throw breaks can be button mashed as long as you are mashing the correct input. Crouched standard throws can also be broken if you release holding down before you press a button to throw break.

Lastly, for command throws that have branching throws to them (Stun and Ganesha are the only 2 in the game with branching command throws) pressing B (Beast Button) will NOT work.

How to break out of the following throws :

Standard Throw (6G) = any attack button no direction (even for crouched throws, let go of 2 before pressing a button)

Command Throw (236G) = 6 and any attack button

Reverse Command (214G) = 4 and any attack button

Shina's/Marvel's (270°P) = 8 and any attack button

Stun and Ganesha have command throws that lead into other throws. All of these throws can be broken under specific circumstances.

Stun's Command Throw 1 - 236G > 214G

236G can be broken normally by holding forward and pressing any attack button however 214G cannot be broken by holding back and pressing any attack button. You input 6P/K/G (B no longer works in this situation) specifically to break the second section. This specific command throw also has a mixup built into it. If the attacking player chooses to not input the second part of the input but the defending player does, they will be left prone to attack.

Example video :

Stun's Command Throw 2 - 63214G > 22G > 28G

214G (also half-circle back, HCB) can be broken by holding 4 and pressing any attack button. The second and third sections can be broken by imitating the inputs.

Ganesha's Command Throw 1 - 236G > 46G

236G can be broken normally by holding forward and pressing any attack button however you must input 6P/K/G specifically to break the second section.

Ganesha's Command Throw 2 - 41236G > 22G > 28G

The first section of this throw can be broken by holding forward and pressing any attack button. The second and third sections inputs must be 2P/K/G and 8P/K/G in order to break them.

Ganesha's Command Throw 2.5 - 41236G > 6321478G

This first section is identical to the previous command throw however it branches into another throw input allowing Ganesha to have throw mixups. You must press 8P/K/G to escape.

Ganesha's Command Throw 3 - 214G

Because this throw ends in a backward motion, you can also hold 4 and press any attack button to escape.

Ganesha's Command Throw 4 - 2141236G

This throw (quarter circle back half circle forward , qcb hcf) is a launcher for Ganesha. Because it ends in a forward motion, you can also hold forward and press any attack button to escape.

Advanced Techniques

Cancel Point Canceling

It is possible to cancel any command move in the game by pressing G right before the move were to come out. You can input a command move during a cancel point in your attack strings where available and cancel the command move to return to a neutral stance. This technique allows you to safely pressure your opponent with attack strings by canceling the end lag where a blocked attack would have normally resulted in a punish otherwise.

For example, Yugo can perform a PPP or 6P6P6P string without any end lag by canceling a command move at the very end of it. The input would look like PPP > 214P(G) or 6P6P6P > 214P(G). It is very important to remember the cancel points of both yourself and your opponent's and G must be pressed before the command move connects as opposed to as soon as possible in the input string.

Side-Note : Since any command move can be used to cancel with this method, you can choose to use a command move with a silent startup to keep your opponent guessing when you will be ending your attack string. You can also use audio cues to fake out your opponent as well if your character benefits from doing it.

For example, Stun's 214P has a very long startup but a distinct audio cue, which will continue to play even if the move is canceled. Upon hearing this your opponent may choose to block low on reaction. After canceling Stun's 214P, you can then throw out a 236B which hits mid (meaning it acts as an overhead) and has a much quicker startup with more confidence.

Stun's 236B has a large amount of end lag and doesn't even guard break (which means it is NOT a heavy attack) so it is very easy to block by doing absolutely nothing. But the reward for landing it forces a corner situation, which is exactly what you want to happen as Stun. A good Stun player needs to constantly be scaring the opponent into making bad decisions to win and it is easier to achieve if the opponent has less potential to escape.

Double Backdashing

Pressing 44 in quick succession will cause your character to perform a backdash. Your character as no guard at all during a backdash, making it very unsafe to use up close. You can cancel your backdashing momentum by pressing and holding Guard.

If you let go of a quickly pressed Guard during your backdash, your character will perform an additional backdash. This can only be done twice and attempting to triple backdash will return your character to a neutral state. All characters can double backdash but it varies in who benefits depending on the startup time of the character's backdash.

For example Alice, beast Kohryu, and human Uranus all have exceptional double backdash movement whereas Busuzima, Ganesha, and beast Uranus have very poor double backdashes.

It is also possible to perform a double forward dash with the same timing however failing to do it correctly will result in a throw attempt, leaving yourself open to attack.


Jump cancels are performed by pressing any jumping direction after you have successfully launched your opponent in the air. You can actually regain control of your character on the ground during the pre-jump animation by inputting another non-jumping directional input before your character leaves the ground. The input might look/feel like 896 or 874 but 82 also works.

Video Tutorial by Captain Sheepy :

Remember that you can only un-jump cancel if you can jump cancel in the first place. Human form characters (aside from Uranus) cannot un-jump.

Command Move Buffering

Buffering command moves requires knowledge on how to properly perform the un-jumping technique. It is possible to perform un-jumping and attack with a command move when you return to a neutral stance, but it is even simpler to use the un-jumping technique as a method of buffering command moves.

To begin the technique you must first launch your opponent in the air. As you are launching your opponent with the exact same timing as un-jumping, enter a command move (for example 236P), and lastly with the Punch button still being held, let go of 6 and hold 8. If timed correctly, the command move will come out after a launched opponent regardless if the move is supposed to be command cancelable or not.

Example video :

Remember that you can only buffer command moves if you are able to jump cancel in the first place. Uranus is the only character that can buffer command moves in human form.


There are a few instances in which infinites can exist in Primal Fury/Extreme and are very difficult to perform however they all are a result of ground bounces.

After a certain number of hits, an opponent will be launched lower and closer to the ground to prevent infinites from existing. Ground bounces are completely unaffected by the hit counter and any move(s) that can combo a ground bounce into itself can effectively become an infinite.

Example video :

Game Version Differences

There are a total of 4 different versions of this game, 3 of which carry the name "Extreme" instead of Primal Fury. Most of the game changes are based on the region in which the game was sold. For example, Bloody Roar Extreme on the XBOX for the US/International releases included Fang as an unlockable character. However this copy does not have any of the game-changing updates such as the notoriously broken sidestepping or character updates. Bloody Roar Extreme in Japan (for both the GameCube and XBOX releases) have fixed sidestepping and other minor bug fixes and patches.

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